Zero Tolerance to Acceptable Risk


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  • The evidence against eating meat has been staggering for years now. At this point, it's pure ignorance to deny the facts. So, in my opinion, if people still choose to consume meat in today's animal agriculture machine, then let them. They have only themselves to blame for the consequences. But then again, even if you put this information in the meat section in every grocery store & fast food chain, then see the reaction, I'm sure nothing would change. People just DON'T want to accept the facts.

  • counterarguments… Pros of jumping off a bridge… I wont have to listen to you talk shit. Cons I will die a horrible death. Another con I could live as a cripple.

    If you know something is true there is no counter argument. It is known meat kills people when eaten long term. The point of short videos is to get the message out. If you want a long video just type his name in he has done loads of videos on nutrition in full length. This is the result of data from clinical studies.

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