Will Big Cannabis Turn into Big Tobacco?


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  • I'd say that analysis is right, when I inhaled my first joint I probably got high from the nicotine not even from the cannabis, mostly cause I didn't smoke before that. And since smoking tobacco is more prevalent, available and addictive it's a way harder habit to kick.

  • No legalization without education. Speak openly about the potential risks and allow people to make an informed decison whether or not to use which drug and how.

  • Dr. Greger i am your fan ,from 1 months now since i discover your internet site,i start vegan diet and lost 5 kilograms for 25 days.But i tried Keto diet and want to ask what is your oppinion about Keto diet,is this method to make people buy more meat trick? Is it better diet than plant based diet,can you comparris the diets.

  • Smoking anything is stupid, and this is one of your worst videos, bringing up corrupt and inaccurate data, bullshit only 2% of teens smoked weed before legalization in Colorado, but for those sort of statistics you have to realize there's next to no way of collecting accurate data on usage of an illegal substance. If you're going to wander into politics you need to give it a little more thought, it's not as cut-and-dry as health.

  • Less science and more editorializing. It's a disappointing trend that continues in this series of videos. I start to wonder more and more if the science has been compromised by the politics of the presenter.

  • Put your weed in a vaporizer, vaping is a lot less harmful then smoking weed. With vaping the weed does not combust so you also do not get the harmful crap (like tar) you inhale when you combust weed. And even more harmful effects if you combust weed AND tabacco. And this pesticide thing does worry me, i mean biologic would seem more healthy.

  • I wish you would look into the positive effects of ingested cannabis oil rather than cherry picking studies about weed smoke… CBD oil is very helpful for a plethora of conditions. I've seen it work in the lives of many of my loved ones for arthritis, PTSD and cancer. I'm ususally a big fan of these videos but we need a little balance. I agree smoking pot isn't good for us but please report on the whole spectrum here Doc…

  • Your videos on weed are actually horrible. Please talk about Cbd and other cannabinoids and their positive health benefits. These plants have been used for thousands of years and are built into the functionality of our bodies, although smoking may not be the healthiest option due to smoke I haven't seen videos covering other forms of consuming cannabis like oil, vape, consumption and rubs.

  • marijuana will never be legalized because then we would be able to grow industrial hemp and have the most nutritious seeds for food, building materials, non-toxic plastics, paint, insulation, fiber for clothing that would put cotton production out of business, fuel for homes and transportation, purify the air and soil, stop deforestation and we wouldn't need to go to war for the petroleum companies. now we wouldn't want that, would we ?

  • I live in a legal state. I make an edible by decarbing the flower and then warming it in coconut oil. I pour that into a candy mould and make uniform (dosed) nuggets that I keep in the fridge. The retail cannabis stores around here carry so many more products that do not involve smoking. There are many options for medicating with cannabis and smoking does not have to be one. I certainly prefer using it in lieu of the opioids and sleeping pills my doctor gave me.

  • We are about to legalize this in Canada this summer. No one is talking about the issues for the local community, and the terrible mental health consequences of heavy use. No one is ready for this, and I do not believe the population is smart enough to know how to deal with this properly. We are not like the Dutch, who are unbelievably practical on all issues. All they are talking about, is who is going to make the biggest profits!

  • Starting a mushroom patch outside is much less predictable than inside, because there's so many more independent and dependent variables… Same with legalizing ganja.

    Cannabis is a Herb/Tree with unique plant compounds that can be abused if overused or combusted, a lot of herbs have the same potential, a potent herb with tree-like biomass is something we can either form symbiosis with by utilizing it for all applications or we can ban it from life; as if, to serve us, is this planets only function.
    So let us grow mushrooms off it, cast your votes, and the garden mushrooms will cast mycelium onto it's dead, dried, and hydrated biomass… and then awaken to the paradigm shift.

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