Why is Meat a Risk Factor for Diabetes?


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  • I've treated a proportion (you have to know who and why) of my clients with type 2 diabetes with a paleo diet with great success accompanied by weight loss and new found stamina. And the meat is grass fed (no sugar or additives added) and not processed…mostly lamb and buffalo. It's called personalized nutrition, not this one size fits all . Otherwise eat your organic veggies till you're green in the face and stop eating out of a box or bag and get off your butt and your sugar levels will go down. One man's food is another one's poison Dr Gregor's posts will effect certain sub populations but not all. There was a study with American natives with Type 2 diabetes who were put on a diet that mimicked one they ate over 2000 years ago (before corn)…buffalo meat and certain root vegetables and fruits seeds etc…guess what happened?

  • wow its so crazy how stupid americans will eat ANIMALS but have a problem with eating plant based foods……… WOW!!!!  LEAVE IT TO STUPID FAT AMERICANS TO BE STUPID AND FAT!!!!!!!!!

  • World's average meat consumption is 133 grams per person per day. India's average meat consumption is only 12 grams per person per day, less than 10% of world's average.

    World's average diabetes prevalence rate is 8.3% of population. India's average diabetes prevalence rate is 9.11% of population.

    Let's compare India, a country among world's lowest meat consumptions, to some of world's highest meat consumption nations.

    (Diabetes prevalence comparative, % of population, 2014 International Diabetes Federation data). Total All Meats Consumption in grams/person/day, 2011 UN data.

    India (9) 12 <<< lowest meat consumption, one of highest diabetes rates!!*

    Iceland (3) 238 <<< high meat consumption, lowest diabetes rate.

    Lithuania (4) 200

    United Kingdom (5) 226
    Belarus (5) 216
    Belgium (5) 210
    Poland (5) 207
    Kazakhstan (5) 191
    Norway (5) 181
    Israel (5) 279
    Luxembourg (5) 271
    France (5) 243
    Italy (5) 237
    Greece (5) 221
    Sweden (5) 224
    Turkmenistan (5) 158

    Argentina  (6) 279
    Ireland (6) 220
    Denmark (6) 206
    Switzerland (6) 205
    Finland (6) 204
    Uruguay (6) 190
    Estonia (6) 165

    Austria (7) 291
    Malta (7) 232
    Slovenia (7) 225
    Venezuela (7) 223
    Czech Republic (7) 220
    Cyprus (7) 218
    Venezuela (7) 184
    Republic of Korea (7) 170

    Australia (8) 332
    Samoa (8) 264
    Spain (8) 255
    Canada (8) 253
    Saint Lucia (8) 245
    Germany (8) 241
    Russian Federation (8) 183
    Panama (8) 177

    New Zealand (9) 348
    USA (9) 322
    Brazil (9) 255
    Brunei Darussalam (9) 236
    South Africa (9) 163

  • Dumb question, why aren't most of the carnivorous body builders of the last four decades diabetics, or dying of cancer? Back then, they ate large amounts of eggs, beef, etc. We know exercise is good for you, but it also raises IGF1.

  • When will people remove the Log from their eyes so they can help others remove the dust from others eyes? MEAT is a last resort food! Just because we can pump it out on a conveyor belt doesn't change that FACT. They have gotten us hooked on this stuff and that's why most people are hooked on drugs. Instead of appreciating the blessing we abuse with passion. Now we need more people like Dr. Greger to teach humans common sense again.

  • Organic meat from grass fed cows is extremely healthy.
    Eggs are superb way to get healthy fat and sulfur.
    There are no saturated fat in a clocked artery

  • Diabetes Res Clin Pract. 2007 May;76(2):290-6. Epub 2006 Nov 13.
    Zero prevalence of diabetes in camel milk consuming Raica community of north-west Rajasthan, India.

    In the present study, the prevalence of diabetes in Raica community consuming camel milk (RCCM, n=501) was 0%; Raica community not consuming camel milk (RCNCM, n=554) was 0.7%; non-Raica community consuming milk (NRCCM, n=515) was 0.4% and non-Raica community not consuming camel milk (NRCNCM, n=529) was 5.5%. Stepwise logistic regression analysis showed that consumption of camel milk was statistically highly significant as protective factor for diabetes. Multiple logistic regression analysis revealed that camel milk consumption and community factor were associated with decreased prevalence of diabetes.

  • I am anti meat and haven't eaten it for 15 years, but just curious why diabetes is so common in Indians (Asian decent)…the largest vegetarian population in the world??

  • Here's an important additional factor for why meat consumption might increase the incidence of diabetes:  the insulinogenic factor.   Meat is low glycemic, but very high insulinogenic.   Meat forces the pancreas to secrete lots of insulin even though meat consumption causes very little rise in blood sugar.  More insulin secretion,  especially if the blood stream is carrying animal fat,  results in insulin resistance,,  which is what type 2 diabetes is all about.

  • He said a lot of maybe's, possibilities, and nothing he said was certain or proven. Human beings have always eaten meat. Our gut is designed to process meat. He should pay more attention to the huge affect sugar especially Fructose in our foods is having on obesity and diabetes instead of rabbiting on about something that we are designed to eat.

  • Ναι, το γεγονός αυτό είναι πραγματικά ανησυχητικό. Υπάρχουν τρόποι για το πώς να μειώσει κάτω από αυτόν τον παράγοντα κινδύνου για διαβήτη υπάρχει.

  • this is amazing I have all of my blood test as a diabetes since 2000 I have kept track and have categorized my inflammation markers… sorry this according to my markers is Bullshit. Diabetes is carbohydrate intoxication, Vegans sure are idiots and peopole who beleive this nonsense are lemmings.

  • DR. Greggor, or is it mr hyde? Perhaps a Charlatan, you state studies where has these so called studies found and who supported their funding? hoe many people are useless vegans on these panels. Last question where is the funding for a trial on said your findings and the results of diabetics on the paleo diet? We will never see that because all the talk of inflammation leads to is the greatest culprit for inflammation in the body is Sugar. Your a schill for vegans and Peta, A charlatan. Get a 10,000 person trial 5k on your stupid guidelines and 5k on a paleo all diabetic with aic ranges over ten Lets see who has better results, I already know My diabetes is in near remission from a switch to paleo over crap from nutritionist in the past. What a fraud!

  • Thank you for quantifying all this evidence linking diabetes 2 and obesity to meat and dairy consumption…Funny thing my mom has always read health based books and she told me that toxins are stored in the fat of animals. This video has just supported and explained well many of the health facts I've heard and then some.

  • Trying to find the link to the exact study Dr. Greger is using in this viedo for a reference to show a friend proof that meat highly effects and causes diabetes. Anyone know? Thanks 🙂

  • A Totally nonsensical video ! Cherry picked data !

    It is the rubbish USDA food pyramid written by an unscientific vegan staffer of the McGovern commission in 1977 !


    Two men all meat diet for one year 1930 by Walter S McLean and Eugene F Du Bois

    Nina Teicholz: Red meat and health


    Why vegans dislike Jordan Peterson ( Awesome argument— its a BELIEF DUH)


    Did America Get Fat by Listening to Government Experts?

    David diamond -An update on demonization and deceptive research of saturated fat


    In defense of the carbohydrate insulin model of weight gain


    Dietary sugars stimulate fatty acid synthesis in adults.
    Randomized controlled trial
    Parks EJ, et al. J Nutr. 2008.


    1977 McGovern commission report – The birth of the rubbish USDA food pyramid!


    How Big Government Backed Bad Science and Made Americans Fat: New at Reason


    The differences between plant and animal proteins

    A brief history of why we get fat, why we hate it

    Dr Gary Fettke :The role of nutrition in everything

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