Why Do Vegan Women Have 5x Fewer Twins?

The hormones naturally found in foods of animal origin may help explain why women who eat conventional diets are five times more likely to give birth to twins …


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  • Is there a study comparing vegan women in europe and US in regards to twin rates? I mean does the more strict regulations of Europe helps in this regard? or this higher rate happens with any kind of animal product consumption? 

  • This past July I gave up my vegan diet and have since gained 14 pounds. On top of that, I have been sick twice within the last five months since I began consuming animal products; once in late October and now in late December. The reason why this is significant is because I have not been sick in years. The last time I was sick was when I was 16-years-old when I caught the H1N1 flu. I am now 23, feeling miserable with a cold. This all may seem minor, but the changes in my body and immune system is making me seriously reconsider readopting my vegan diet. I felt way healthier with more energy and I used to sleep far better through the night before I completely altered my diet. I am not eating unhealthy now in terms of overly processed junk, I have just been consuming a lot of meat and dairy. 

  • I hate to be the math jerk, but one can't have five times fewer of anything. If you have one set of twins, five times fewer is negative four sets of twins. It's impossible. You can have one-fifth as many or eighty percent fewer. Sorry, dad was a math teacher and I'm used to being very precise about numbers. I know people know what is meant in the video. Sigh. I am a jerk.

  • I often seem to produce 2+ oocytes per cycle… This has not changed as a vegan.
    I did consume a lot of cheese, and ice cream in my life before I became a vegan. They were two of the staple foods in my diet.
    But, if hormones in the milk caused it, shouldn't it have reduced while vegan?

    Also, you said sexual hormones… What about garlic (increases testosterone), and tofu (increases estrogen)? Of course, not all vegan women eat tofu, or eat a lot thereof.

    I don't eat much tofu personally. I must simply be genetically predispositioned to have multiples.
    Hopefully, the signs of multiple oocytes will prove right, so that when I do ever get to have kids, it will make up for having started at a later age.
    I experience such things as double-ovulations, and multiple ovulations in a cycle. I've even experienced multiple times this year, multiple double-ovulations in one cycle.

  • I’ve recently adopted a vegan lifestyle after watching your “how not to die” video. I’ve been instructed by family and friends that this will adversely impact my fertility and chances of conceiving. I have been told to incorporate meats and dairy if I ever want to have children. I was under the impression that a plant based diet was indeed the healthier route as long as I supplemented with vitamin B12. Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.

  • why is this beeing related to the diet i wonder,because it is so yes but what i mean is dont look at the diet alone for this but also the energie balance and the puurer energie you put in youre body duo to veganism.
    maybe twins dont come in with vegans so much because the goal of twins is to soften the hearts of people and the hearts and compassions lv of vegans is already high where it is lower with none vegans,so although the diet is a factor this might be more about a compassion lesson.
    maybe youre looking at the wrong things youre searching for material stuf to explain things when you should be looking at the energetic/emotional/compassion lv ?

  • Awww man! I’ve been eating a plant based diet for about 6 months now and while I’m not even dating anyone and therefore can’t get pregnant I’m still bummed because eventually I want twins!!! This stinks 😔

  • Hormones are just chains of amino acids and fats like cholesterol so they are most likely not making it through the highly acidic stomach intact. The other possibility is that vegan women don't have enough fat to support the growth of 2 fetuses.

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