Why Do Plant-Based Diets Help Rheumatoid Arthritis?


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  • Amazing!! Makes sense from what I saw so far from people who are suffering, they all had long standing problems with urinary tract infection.

  • I went vegan after months of research into how I could relieve my RA symptoms and it has had a profound effect on my pain levels. I talk a lot about it on my channel.

    Thank you for making this video!!

  • Hi Dr. Greger,
    I'm looking for what conventional doctors are calling a “miracle” for my 70y/o mother who suffers from advanced rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, peripheral neuropathy(non-diabetic, doctors don’t know what caused it, but she now needs a walker), possible gluten allergy, all kinds of food allergies (dating back to when she was a little girl), TIAs…and the list goes on.  
    For decades, she's been nothing more than a guinea pig to conventional doctors, who just treat the symptoms and NEVER attempt to address the cause (in my opinion leaky gut IS the root cause of all her ailments).  Anyhow, she's now on prednisone, yet again as the latest RA med seems to no longer be masking the symptoms.  
    Unfortunately, she has Medicare/Medicaid, which has prevented her from seeing an ND in Rhode Island.  I’ve managed to get her off dairy and red meat and am trying to move her to a full plant-based diet.  However, she also as diverticulitis and bean allergies (along with a long list of other foods, possibly even nightshades), which makes it extremely difficult.
    She's been in and out of the hospital and no longer has a primary as he has left the practice (not that I think he’d help anyway. Her Rheumatologist already told her he doesn’t know what else to do for her).  I am aware of the Washington D.C. Med Center that PCRM is opening in November, but I fear that her health is beginning to spiral down rapidly because of the RA and continuous prednisone prescriptions (she is now suffering from daily, consistent, fever & chills from RA.  Her joints are extremely swollen now. She’s having daily migraines, and is now on an antibiotic for her first ever UTI.).  I truly do feel that her health could drastically improve, if not reverse, with a plant-based dietary regime and cleanse/detox to start.  
    I, however, am no expert and know that she needs to do that with the guidance of a certified medical professional, who needs to have a good understanding of ALL her allergies.  
    With that said, I am looking for some guidance as she needs help ASAP! Anything you can recommend… Doctors or PCRM.org type MDs in the New England area? What Blood test/panels should I request the doctor perform? Treatments? ANY other suggestions or resources would be truly appreciated!  
    Thanks in advance
     ~ Katherine

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  • My husband's cousin was diagnose with RH and he eats meat and high fat and does not eat starch and has been in remission ever since. My daughter was diagnosed with RH and she got rid of certain plant foods and eats both meat and certain plant foods and her RH symptoms went into remission.

  • What about thyroid imbalance or diseases? or that women have a reproductive system different from men. Menstruation and even hormone problems. I know this is research but i don't believe UTI is just the single issue to causing or help producing RA. Maybe everyone is unique in their chronic illness and diseases to how they started the symptoms?

  • REQUEST: CHINESE subtitles. It could really help out some people i know who have no knowledge of English whatsoever. Some of Dr. Greger's vids have chinese subs which is really great. I hope more will come in the future. My gratitude goes out to the people who invest their time to do this.

  • Wow! Mind blown. I was diagnosed after I had my third c-section. After this horrible surgery I contracted a vicious uti and I felt it never went away after treatments. I wonder if that is why sometimes antibiotics treatments help some RA patients.

  • I have had strep but not UTI. Any thoughts on my RA. I've also thought, I had two types of pneumonia when I was a baby. Curious to learn more to manage this better.

  • This was very timely. I am trying to encourage my friend to give WFPB a try. She is suffering from very painful RA! 🙂 THANK YOU FOR ALL THE WORLD YOU DO!!!!!

  • Neck pain and disintegrating discs on my back have already been an issue for me. I have also arthritis. This arthritis treatment solution http://www.healthighway.com/m0pp
    helps me eliminate the pain on my neck, back, and sides. This will help me do my daily work without disruptions. With help from proper diet and also prevention of inflammation-causing food, your condition will enhance a lot.

  • Omg this makes sense! I used to get chronic UTI and then accidentally discovered my vegan diet relieved my joint pain but had no idea they were connected. Amazing!

  • I'm 21 and I've been on a WFPB diet for 9 months after 2 years on a normal vegan diet. Somehow I have developed arthritis symptoms in the past 3 months. I don't eat gluten by the way. I'm really confused and upset.

  • I have had RA for 4 years now and am finally off all meds for 7 weeks now. Except nsaids just to bridge the gap. Just started vegan diet and wanted to know if drinking WINE is ok? Not a lot but like a glass a day. I'm 33 yrs old male and weigh about 170

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  • I went vegan because I was getting severe pain in my left hip ( I already had arthritis in my lower back). I was taking the max dose of Ibuprofen with the max dose of Paracetamol 4 times a day. Within 1 week of going vegan the pain in my hip had gone and I was off the medication. After 5 months of going vegan I feel great but still have some lesser pain in my lower back (it has been a long term condition). Anyone starting to get arthritis should seriously consider a vegan diet.

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    There is NO NO NO way at all that this information is true. You’ve obviously read something wrong or your getting your information off the back of a 🥣 box.


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