Why BPA Hasn’t Been Banned


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  • It's interesting that the amount that are found in the average human body is the same amount that lowers our hormones so dramatically. The conspiracy theorists are going to have a field day with this.

  • Avoid plastic at all costs (even when lower than 2.2 cents ;p ). Choose glass instead. Besides, buying can food shouldn´t be the best option, not only because of the chemicals, but ´´in natura´´ should always be 1st choice.

  • Again with the pop up head! Off with his head! if you are going to continue to do that at least stop walking on the treadmill while you are being filmed. It's just bad.

  • I need HELPPPPP!!! I'm in a nutritional dilemma!! I'm 5'11 130 lbs and trying to gain weight on a vegan diet. The best and easiest way for me to gain is to eat a ton of peanuts, cashews, and almonds. However, doing this throws my Omega 6:3 ratio out of wack (so much Omega 6 in nuts)! Is this okay considering the main source of Omega 6 is whole foods or must I change something???

  • I study food technology as a module in college and I asked my lecturer about this because we were studying canned food, and she down right dismissed it, she wouldn't even admit it was in canned food..but then again she also believed canned food was as nutritious as fresh food. Shows how brain washed even these 'intellectuals' are!

  • This is what I get. BPAs are still used in cans despite the potential health risk, because manufacturers do not want to spend 2 cent more on alternates (which equates to 50 cents more for consumers); and lose out to competition who stick with BPAs. And since BPA does not kill immediately, no one cares whether or not you use it; so why they just use it. Interesting.

  • Wow. Okay, so I've been using old Gatorade bottles as water bottles for years because I always lose my water bottles. And my mom and friends get on me about it. But maybe I… shouldn't worry about it? I also use plastic storage containers and eat a LOT of canned food…

    I guess I'll just keep at it…

  • tfw I used to eat a ton of tuna as a kid, also ate a lot of fast food as a teenager and I've pretty much had acne that I thought was incurable since then. Only thing that's gotten rid of my acne is going vegan and applying a solution containing peppermint oil and green tea to the acne.

  • Does anyone know if Dr. Greger has a video on the dangers of chicken breast? I remember reading a piece explaining that chicken breast, lean meats, are just as harmful as any other meat and still has a heavy fat content although I can't find anything to support that at this time. I'm trying to get my family, mainly my father who's had a stroke and one heart attack, to switch from a meat eating lifestyle to a plant-based lifestyle. really appreciate all the help and support. thanks.

  • When it comes to situations like this, it's always best to do your own due diligence. Nobody is going to do it for you. With new research coming out showing that the replacement for BPA, Bisphenol-S may be just as bad for you, I would go with a reputably made metal drinking bottle.

  • I make a joke when people ask why they don't just use safer chemicals, i say because it would cost a penny more.. I was very close. How profoundly sociopathic and completely avaricious,. When I say I hate people it's because most people are either sheeple or predators.. or some combination.. then when you do a little searching you uncover that they are far worse than you actually thought.. far beyond disgusting and tragic.

  • Everyone saying it's ones decision to buy bpa- or whatever-free, I can only agree parcially. Because: hypothetically yes, you are free to choose and buy what you desire. But on the other hand, people (not excluding me) are so easily manipulated or at least confused, it's hard to ask for an actual choice if there's even more (or only) two. Options are found everywhere (I'm speeking both of place and time) when and how and why should one decide? We tend to therefore go the (seeming to us) easiest way, or ine making sense. And sense is very subjective.

    Hence, it cannot only be an individuals choice to make a judgement towards an option, but it also has to be made by the society, becoming a conglomerate, a hive-vote, leaning towards a higher idea of what is or is not to be. Nevertheless, the choice made by an individual should never only rely on the decision made by the society, but also question its "why". Not killing or raping shouldn't, for example, only not be commited because it is forbidden, but because of ones own gained moral reasons. And again, the society, regardless of an individuals opinion, has to find some kind of ruling, whether something is right or wrong.

    It's a balance-act and not easily obtained immediately, but through time and many tiny steps.

    AND because of that, it's always important to regain or refresh alleged kwnoledge, reevaluate. Maybe go another route. Maybe convince more people to go the same way. Get another view on something from a societies point of view.

  • I think it's all because scum rises to the top. In other words the CEOs and other executives at corporations worship Lucifer as their Jesus. Bunch of satanic pedophile murderous thugs who poison our food for pleasure. They Delight in doing what is unnatural. They Delight in serving Satan, their savior. And it doesn't help when ignorant people play the stock market in order to increase their stupid portfolios. You are contributing to the poisoning of millions of people. Rather billions. All because you want more and more and more. Greedy Psychopaths.

  • http://www.efsa.europa.eu/en/press/news/150121
    "No consumer health risk from bisphenol A exposure"
    "To be as open and transparent as possible, EFSA thoroughly consulted and engaged with national authorities and stakeholders during this risk assessment to ensure that the widest possible range of scientific views and information were considered."

    A.K.A We spoke to our companies that tin TUNA and they said fudge the numbers!
    Regulators are not here to help us, we have to take it into our own hands.

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