Whole Grains May Work As Well As Drugs


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  • Doc, does sprouted fenugreek seeds count as a dark leafy green? I've got a bet on this, and I need your help, please, sir! Thanks…

  • lower than eating the white rice, NOT lower than eating NONE OF IT.  SKIP the grains and you will drop your risk dramatically.  This is styled to make it LOOK as if eating whole grains are actually GOOD FOR YOU.. but they are NOT!  Listen closely and actually LOOK at the study and you will see the truth.

  • When it comes to bread, I'm still confused as to whether whole grain flour is as good as whole grains? I am able to get flour-less from Trader Joe's and I'm thinking that's the best way to go.

    I get that a certain portion of the population didn't acquire the ability to digest grains, but I absolutely thrive on them!

  • your videos are so addictive to watch! ive watched at least 20 in the last few hours! thank you so much for this interesting content- im trying to better myself, and food is a major part of that 🙂

  • Dr. Gregor, Does the high arsenic content in brown rice make it comparatively worse than white rice, say, if eaten regularly with a vegetarian stir fry?

  • I understand this, the whole food chain is infected on some level with the GMO tech. Then add the chemicals that are sprayed on the crops, add to this the residues from the chemtrails you are doomed to eat grain at all.We live in a different time not the 1960's. We are in a very toxic toxic era. And please do not forget Fukisima, we are getting radiation from Japan. You can eat your grains but I wont.

  • Oh except for CC cookie whom I agree with entirely
    We dont know about the whole Gmo thingand Id rather not .
    ..but even though most of our food has been tampered with ad adfinitum…
    we still must eat . So be careful , pay attention , pay your dime and take your best shot .
    Good Luck .

  • Isn't there a video Dr. Greger produced called, "What about the China study?" In the video he cited that the meat consumption tripled in 2000. White rice and fruit lower all those diseases. DON'T ARGUE UNTIL YOU WATCH, PLEASE!

  • Is Cheerios whole grain oats. I have a box of Cheerios and it says that it is GMO free, preservative free, and basically natural oats. So, I just eat a handful right out of the box. Does anyone see any problems with Cheerios. And, another question, isn't bread fattening. It seems like even whole grain bread might be fattening. I cut out bread about 2 months ago.

  • This is actually dangerous advice (to eat whole grains).

    Modern grains are just processed junk only recently introduced within the industrial era (the grains eaten prior to that point were VASTLY different) and are all GMO, pesticide ridden, gluten loaded, junk food.

    The opposite of what Gregor is saying is actual true, if you remove grains from your diet than it becomes as effective as taking a drug. The problem is that grains are extremely addictive (thanks to their opioid like addictive compounds) hence why almost everyone (even those with lot's of diseases) eat whole grains/wheat bread on a daily basis yet still remain sick.

    There is absolutely nothing that is beneficial in grains that you can not find in abundance in other natural plant based foods, especially dark green leafy vegetables.

    I've been grain free for over a week now and I feel at such ease it's amazing. The benefits from removing grains can be potentially life saving for some people.

  • The USA Rice Federation says, "Studies show that including white or brown rice in the diet provides measureable health benefits that outweigh the potential risks associated with exposure to trace levels of arsenic." Consumer Reports food safety experts believe those levels do carry a risk.

  • it's been about two years since I had froot loops, they used to be my favorite, but after changing my diet, a bowl of steel cut oatmeal with bananas, pecans, and cinnamon sounds more appetizing

  • Eat plant based whole foods. If you're naturally skinny and/or an athlete you can eat more grains and potatoes. If you naturally hold fat, cut them down/out. All of these comments make me sick. Everyone is different. We should all eat a shit ton of veggies, fruit, and fungi. If you need more calories, eat grains. After you become diabetic, your body doesn't process sugars and starches as well BECAUSE OF THE FAT BLOCKING insulin receptors. You should eat mainly vegetables and fungi (some low glycemic fruit) at this point, but the lipids will be cleared in time. Eventually, grains can be reintroduced. That is if you have type 2. Type 1 is caused by environmental factors (stress, smoking, whatnot) and gene expression. A study in India proved plant based whole food diets along with stress managment (meditation and breathing exercises A.K.A. oxygen therapy) to down regulate 452 "bad" genes and up regulate 48 "good" genes in over 50 cancer patiets with no radiation, surgery, or chemo. Not all of the bad genes were cancer related, but rather diabetes type 1 and other diseases. My sister beat stage 4 liver cancer with a change in diet (not even vegan, but whole foods, but I still reccomend avoiding animal products for heart health and preventing t2d), oxygen therapy, and meditation/prayer. Read some scholarly journals with your own eyeballs instead of blogs and second hand articles, you uneducated, blathering guppies.

  • Eziekiel Bread is sprouted grains. Eat lots of that along with 2 bowls of oatmeal evert day, with berries, amla, pumpkin spices, cardamom,black pepper, almonds, peppermint leaves, kidney beans, ground flaxseed, sometimes ground sunflower seeds, purple sweet potato, and carob powder. Pack as much nutrition in 1 bowl. No wheat belly, no weight gain, blood work gets better and better each time I go to Dr's. Every 6 months. If have gluten problem, heal gut bacteria 1st, with whole food plants, and tons of antioxidant/fiber rich food, then slowly add some sprouted whole grains. Worked for me.

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