Who Says Eggs Aren’t Healthy or Safe?


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  • 1) High dietary cholesterol is not linked to increased risk in coronary heart disease, nor is it linked to high serum cholesterol (Finnish study in 2016), so much so that many recommendations around the world now don’t have limits for intake dietary cholesterol.
    2) High fat in food (and a high fat diet) can be actually beneficial, not detrimental. This is the old way of thinking nutritionally, where high fat anything was vilified. This benefit comes from combining it with low carb foods. It’s the high sugar and high carb foods that you have to watch out for. (See ketosis)
    3) If you’re worried about salmonella from eating an egg (less than 200th of a percent), you probably have bigger problems in your life

    It’s also important to note that the definition of healthy is defined by certain parameters which since 2015 have been sought out to be changed to a more robust definition. If you change the parameters, you change the foods in and out of those parameters.

    If you’re against eggs because of ethical concerns, that’s all fine and well, but nutritionally, eating eggs I’m itself isn’t the end of the world people, nor does the evidence now show that it’s unhealthy

  • Wait so according to the USDA any food with more than 1g saturated fat per 100g cannot be considered healthy?
    This includes nuts, seeds, avocados and durian.
    The USDA is f*cked up!

  • They're not healthy at all and who gives a shit if they were, there's a victim at the other end, no pun intended. People eating flesh, hen periods and sucking on cow pus like they're zombies breastfeeding =P

  • the cholesterol's probably fine in a keto diet, on another note, I'd love to work for the USDA…just look at how often they get to say no, and deny these marketers xD

  • Beep help from the plant based eaters here. Looking for a list to give a friend who wants to stay off statins showing options of foods that have more protein per calorie than eggs.

  • Trying switching to egg whites & see what happens to cholesterol. Ate eggs forever & finally dropped yolks. Cholesterol moved to perfection. They said you can eat 10 eggs/week. I promise 2-3 will jack your cholesterol. Egg whites are safe & excellent protein.

  • "Can't say they are nutritious"
    How about this other video where people ask the vegan experts.

    The so called expert says they are very very rich in nutrients…

    And people feel they are "well informed", lol

    This is just one of many mistakes I've caught in this whole dieting war logic.

  • I love scramble eggs for breakfast w sour cream & butter nobody lives forever so try selling us your dr bullshit ! More ppl die for dr s than any food or gun related study ! See Big Pharmacy & STFU

  • There is nothing wrong with eggs. If there were the Indians in India would be falling over with heart disease as would the vegetarian 7th day Adventists and most of the Blue Zone folks. And none of them are dying from that disease.

  • Doc, the nutrition guidelines are wrong. These same guidelines say that we should be eating lots of cereal, flour, and processed carbs. These guidelines only got us fatter and sicker. If you believe the government is looking out for your health, you really need to wake up. The guidelines are lobby influenced and simply wrong.

  • If I eat eggs a lot, I get red pimple like marks on my body.

    I honestly think they just say this and that about certain stuff to increase production.

  • Doctor… can you please explain the new study that concluded an egg a day is actually good for heart health. I have no stake in the game but this smells of industry financed research.

  • Very disapointed on this video. Clicked also on a few studies you give under video and of coures it makes me laugh that someone like you doctor or doctor wanna be gives us such a bad links. I mean second study comparing eggs to cigarets is just hilarious. It is observational study therefore we all now that its value is almost zero. And when someone gives me such a bad resource to back up some title its just bad.

    I took some time and click on a few more studies from your webside and i must say it is absolutely horrific from you because you misguide people with bad science. in almost every study i open from your website there is a conclusion ( hypotesis, if, maybe, should be more investigated and so on). Studies you give us are observatinal and epidemic ones. This are not valid to talk serious,

    To all the people reading this: First step should be understanding things. Understand how science works and what is a real value study otherwise you are fooled on every corner of your life. If you dont know how something works that is best for doctors like this one to mess up with you.

    BTW: nothing against vegan or veganisem as long they keep me alone.

  • I have been eating 2 eggs a day for 5 decades and I dont have heart disease. My last total cholesteral was 160 and my ratio is great. I havn't gotten sick from salmonella. I dont understand why I have not gotten sick yet. Im 62 years old and I take vitamins too. I eat vegetarian 3 days a week. I eat alot of vegetables. I exercise and I eat so many dangerous eggs. I was hoping to hear eggs were good. They contain L cysteine which coverts to Glutathione the master antioxidant and eggs are loaded with choline which is great for the brain. I know they are not great in all regards but I have relatives that luved to their ninties and believed in eating soft boiled eggs daily. They did not have heart disease. I dont know what to think.

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