Which Spices Fight Inflammation?


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  • If turmeric gets any more good press the pharmaceutical industry is going to have to get it banned. I use it every day to reduce the inflammation pinching my radial and CT nerves. Cook it in veggies with anti-inflammatory properties of their own and you will never go back to the pills, I got off of all of mine. Some dishes I can mix in some Rosemary too, but with cloves and ginger I usually reserve those for something less bitter then leafy greens, they are better suited to something mildly sweet.

  • I've recently had my initial experience with cloves. I added what I thought was a small amount to my smoothie, 1 heaping tablespoon. Wow! That stuff is quite powerful, made my mouth numb and my smoothie was just barely eatable. I would start with a few cloves at most for your first try.

  • Curcumin or tumeric is a very drying medicine and not suitable for people with sjogren's syndrome with dry mouth and dry eyes. Curcumin is so drying that it can cause constipation in some people. Normal ginger is a better choice in such situation.

  • Does anyone know if it matters whether white or yellow turmeric is best? I know yellow is the standard, but white is far easier to handle given the huge roots you can obtain… and the lack of staining!

  • Actually, we could assume that the better health achieved by people around the Mediterranean is due to the high consumption of spices, particularly Rosemary, and not because of wine consumption.

  • Herbalism teaches us that of course there are herbs that mitigate inflammation. In this case clove, ginger, rosemary, and turmeric are anti inflammatory, but TNFa will not measure other effects. Oregano is antibacterial and up regulates the immune system. Black pepper is a strong mood enhancer and antioxidant. Cayenne is a strong tonic, immune support, and can be used topically on large flesh wounds. Cumin contains some of the highest ORAC points out of all foods because of its incredible ability neutralize free radicals; therefore cooking cumin seeds in oil, like in Indian food, helps neutralize the radical species produces from heated, oxidized oil. Paprika contain high amounts of vitamin A which is great when mixed with saturated fats and cholesterol for maintaining healthy eyes, liver, nerve synapsids, and neurons. Rosemary is an effective estrogen remover to prevent excess estrogen accumulating in the body from plastics, soy, and nonstick pans. Sage can protect against Alzheimer's and is effective to remedy digestive disturbances. So moral of the story? Eat herbs! Anti inflammatory herbs are great, no doubt, but increasing the total amount of used herbs will be beneficial through synergistic relationships between herbs that have not been completely studied, and it will keep the taste buds constantly stimulated.

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  • I went vegan to try and relieve my RA symptoms and even reverse the disease as claimed by this and many online doctors, after nearly two years there has been no difference in the pain levels. I shall remain vegan for ethical reasons but going vegan as a cure for these vile conditions is just rubbish.

  • Natural TNF blockers do not necessarily have a better side effect profile, they are probably just less potent so the side effects are not as noticeable.

  • How I get the best results against inflammation? Take all 4 spices together in combination with black pepper? Or change every day another? Or eat as much as possibel like 5 spoons a day?
    Usually got Humira TNF alpha blocker as supplement once a week…. but now have a break since 5 weeks and dont wanna start again. Because of lots of sideeffects.
    Eat vegan.

  • look at the rates of inflammatory diseases in countries that use Tumeric heavy in their traditional cuisine. You will find correlation. You will also find lower obesity rates…that may or may not be related but I personally think it is. The chain of events that tumeric sets off on a cellular level has benefits that simply start with a reduction in inflammatory markers. cool thing about all this is you dont need alot to gain the benefits. I hate Tumeric but if you add just a dash to chili or any savory foods, you dont taste it anyway….just makes your dish orange. Tumeric is an ancient medicinal spice that westerners are just finally starting to warm up to.

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