Which Is a Better Breakfast – Cereal or Oatmeal?


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  • Wondering what to eat for breakfast if cereal is off the table (so to speak ;)? I’ve got a couple smoothies on rotation: A Better Breakfast (https://nutritionfacts.org/video/a-better-breakfast) and Dr. Greger in the Kitchen: My New Favorite Beverage (https://nutritionfacts.org/video/dr-greger-in-the-kitchen-my-new-favorite-beverage/).

    And of course, whole grains are a great replacement for cereal. Check out this great cooking video of the Morning Grain Bowls from the How Not to Die Cookbook: https://nutritionfacts.org/recipe/morning-grain-bowls/.

  • A breakfast of juicy fruit like Mandarins beats oatmeal by a mile. Food structure again, but this time due to the most important detail: the garbage your body (your cells not just your colon- that's only a small part) has to eliminate. A meal of 20 Mandarin oranges like I had this morning beats the crap out of 700 calories of steel cut oatmeal or even oat groats (a much more whole food that oatmeal) also in the amount of ACTUAL usable energy because there is such a tiny "brokers fee" in assimilating it compared to oatmeal. When I use to eat cooked food 18 years ago I was still at the bottom of the food chain lol (I was a WFPB eater thinking that they I was eating healthfully) I still got tired at night, needed more sleep (sure- digestion takes soooo much more energy when you eat cooked stuff no matter how "low the glycemic index" or "nutritious" etc, still got cold, flu, headaches, stomach upset, rash, pimples, body odors, congestion, runny nose, sore throat etc. etc. on a regular basis no matter how SLIGHTLY. But 100% raw focusing on fruit both juicy and more substantial, I did not suffer cold, flu or 100 so called common symptoms for 17 years IN A ROW. That's right. Not a one sleepless night. Not a single headache no matter matter how small. Literally had a box of tissues last 17 years (still have not used the whole thing). Threw out that bottle of aspirin 18 years ago. Yup. But yes, food structure is more important than "nutrition" by far, provided one obeys the fundamentals of nutrition. Don't forget that the REAL definition of "healthy" is NOT SUFFERING ANY CHRONIC DISEASE> for at least 5, 10 15 years IN A ROW BRO!

  • I like granola (raw oats) with almond milk…and with fruit and nuts. I like cooked oats too but I have to put butter and sugar on it to eat it.

    So, oatmeal or raw oats: cooked or uncooked better? The raw form can make you constipated; you can eat more oats when they are cooked? I guess it's just a personal choice!

  • Neither. Don't eat grains of any type, period. They are an unnatural food.
    For veggies, eat root vegetables (beet, carrot, potato, sweet potato) and fermented vegetables (kimchi, tempeh).
    Not talking out of my hat, but from 30 years experience.

  • FYI Spaghetti is an extruded food. So the association that processing, such as extrusion, doesn't fit the narrative of increasing GI. The association that similar foods perform differently based on matrix fails to show measures of calories, protein, fat, or fibre; all of which impact glycemic index. Additionally, the glycemic index is moot when tested in the context of a meal, as food volume and water also contribute to satiety and satiation.

    Those error bars on the oats vs oat flour don't appear to be significantly different.

    Also note, the Ludwig study with 12 obese children were matched for energy, but for some reason differed in sweetness (Dextrose in high GI vs Fructose in low GI), also the addition of lactase in the high GI (not practical). One could argue that satiety cues could be associated with fructose; that if sweet cravings are satisfied earlier, you will overeat less sweet things later (i.e. the platter they were offered).

  • Eggs are better than both. You should try eating some for breakfast and get back to your residency requirements so we can learn how to be a doctor.

  • So many tell you not to eat even steel cut oats, I can eat them around 7AM, and if I listen to my "stomach clock" I will not be remotely hungry for a solid 6-7 hours. Eating nothing in between. That's with being pre-diabetic as well.

  • This guy isn't a doctor so I don't know why he refers to himself as a doctor , secondly promoting foods that have anti nutritional properties shows us that this emaciated guy with arms no bigger than an eight year old girl… Knows nothing about nutrition, nutrient dense foods and should clearly stop projecting a false narrative on to the unsuspecting masses who don't bother to do their own research but rather take a person's word for something….

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