Wheatgrass Juice for Ulcerative Colitis


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  • if you don't like the taste of plain wheatgrass try juicing it was an apple or two it tastes sweeter and helps remove some of the bitter flavor that you can get in wheatgrass but you still get all of the benefits because you're still getting the wheat grass

  • Yes, wheatgrass powder orgainc non gmo will heal GI ulcers and keep the GI tract working properly, just mix a little of your favorite juice to the mix 🙂

  • Thank you for all the info on UC. I've been working on controlling it with a plant based diet (& some meds) all thanks to your information! I have less pain and I'm finally feeling somewhat normal!!

  • Dear Dr. Greger, thank you for the useful information as always. I have a question about menstrual cycles – I have been on the plant-based lifestyle for nearly 2 months (no added oil, completely vegan, lots of vegetables, fruit, potatoes) and I haven't had my period for 2 months. I make sure I eat enough, at least 2400 cal, I don't exercise too much (moderate jogging 2-3 times a week, yoga), I was on the pill between the ages of 15-18 and I'm 20 now, since quitting my period has been irregular (28-45 days), but I did get it each month. I have also had worsened acne since starting plant-based. Do you have any advice, what should I do to get my period and heal my hormones overall? (I guess it's hormones, when it's both my period and acne). I would so appreciate it if you'd read this comment. Thank you so much for everything you do and for all the amazing information you provide us with.

  • That is retarded, you recommend to juice and drink grass! There are no researched consequences of drinking it for a long period of time, so what if it reduced inflammation in the guts by a tiny bit, it may destroy your other organs! People should follow conventional treatment, there is no data on how the juice may react with the treatment! Medicine is science, follow medical treatments and you'll be fine in most cases.

  • OK, wheat grass juicer machine folks, the ball is in your court, now! Pony Up for some fresh research. Let's get the ball rolling by helping Americans get healthy & trim, cut the fat out of our extremely diminishing health care dollars. Sucking up healthcare because of bad habits is NOT patriotic. Fat and sick Americans can not adequately address precarious situations. Get healthy, it's your "good citizen" duty.

  • Why are you always alluding to the supposed fact that there's no money in plant products? Of course millions could be off wheatberries if enough consumers wanted the product. It's strange and fishy you always make it a point to make remarks about money.

  • Doc Greger and anyone else interested in palatable wheat grass juice: given that one is growing it correctly (some good online instruction for this is available for this and some books by Kulvinskas and Wigmore give good instructions), then here is something that can give you a successful and tasty crop: humic acid. I use a humic acid powder (1/4t) which is sold as a dietary mineral supplement mixed in 1pt. water in a bicycle bottle. Shake it up well and then apply to your wheat grass crop in the growing flat after each watering. Makes the grass healthy, seems to prevent molding at the base of the plants and makes the juice very delicious. Really!

  • Dr. G… why does dr. McDougall say the body is not meant to eat grass and he says not to eat or drink wheatgrass can you help us out on this one ?thank you

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