What’s the Best Mouthwash?


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  • Cool, so let me get this straight. You can get kill plaque bacteria with green tea, but not remove the plaque itself. And you get to stain your teeth from swishing around tea in your mouth.

    So basically you get to kill some oral bacteria, keep the plaque, AND stain your teeth yellow. Win, win  I guess. What kind of a idiot even makes a video about this lol. Obviously he is looking for views to make the money from it if he is getting this desperate for material.

  • Green tea also contains the proven oral health promoting agent… fluoride. In non-neglible amounts.

    Guess what, it works. Including when ingested.

    (That inflammation/antioxidative hypothesis is interesting, but not well tested.)

    I'd say that certain polyols like sorbitol, xylitol might also be quite effective. Eugenol likely too. (But careful with it, at high concentration it is toxic.)
    Heck, all of the above ingredients are used in modern toothpastes.

    As to amla specifically, ellagitannins in it could be effective antimicrobials and tumour suppressors. Possibly also green tea tannins too.
    Not enough good trials though.
    (Please don't buy into ayurvedic woo.)

  • I like to use 1.5% H2O2 as a mouthwash. Sure I might be non-selectively killing everything, but I know my breath stays non-offensive all day. Also I use a fluoride-free toothpaste, but I do rinse with regular tap water, which ours has natural fluoride in the water, so hopefully it's already bonded to calcium. I try to avoid all sources of fluoride and aluminum for consumption. So, I guess I will see the result of this in years to come. In my opinion my teeth have got better. They are no longer hot/cold or pressure sensitive.

  • Flossing all the time is sometimes useless due to sad technique, even though the floss was actually in there. Ask your dental pro to observe your floss technique on one or two front teeth. It's worth picking up a tweak to get way better results for yr work.

  • If your gums are pretty deep underneath, no mouthwash will reach the depths, because inflamed tissues weep a clear tasteless fluid called GCF, gingival crevicular fluid. The mouthwash can't get deep enough because it can't "go upstream". Unless you run it in there with a syringe or water-jet device filled with undiluted mouthwash.

  • DID YOU KNOW?: plaque on teeth is soft scummy whitish stuff. SOFT. It is not tartar, mineral, calcium, or hard! Did you know that? PLAQUE IS GOOEY. (it's true. They went and chose a word for it that rhymes with 'crack' and sounds like rock. Shoulda named it 'schmuzz' or something.)

  • Dr. Greger: thank you for your passion and for sharing that passion with us. We've all heard 'You are what you eat," but it never really sunk in until I read " How Not to Die." Not a meat eater but I knew nothing about the benefits of a plant based diet…"until now." I don't know how you keep up with all of your videos, lectures, writings and your general devotion to your topic. So, I can only heed your advice and say 'thank you,' while I cut my turmeric. God bless…

  • This is so true!! Try drinking green tea at night and your mouth doesn't smell in the morning!! (provided that you don't eat anything afterward) This is such a great substitute for mouthwash – which I don't like using because of the "burn" it creates in my buccal mucosa.

  • Very interesting stuff about green tea. As always, many thanks for the video.

    I do a mouthwash mixed with 1 cup aloe juice, 1 cup distilled water, 1 tbsp baking soda and five drops of (high quality) peppermint essential oil.

    When I had bleeding gums (a few year ago), I tried "The Natural Dentist" mouthwash and it was the only one out of all the mouthwashes that I tried that worked well and cleared it up. I did a little online research, and figured out how to make one on my own. (above recipe)

    I'm not sure if this is scientifically proven to work also, I've been curious if there is any health issues with this practice but it has seemed to work very well for me.

  • Why did chlorhexadene turn my mouth black? It didn't happen to my husband or mother. I thought maybe related to all the blueberries I eat! Scary. Glad I stopped using it (a few years ago).

    On the other hand, a couple weeks after starting amla powder in my breakfast, I started experiencing extreme dental sensitivity. Maybe it's so acidic that it's burning everything off my teeth? Could be something else totally.

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