What is the Ideal White Blood Cell Count?


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  • Bad joke [6:06]: "Bone marrow of those eating traditional plant-based diet has the capacity to create as many white [blood] cells as needed but suffers from understimulation. They're just not smoking enough cigarettes and (Hah) eating… as many inflammatory foods." —Michael Greger.

  • What about high CRP levels? I am concerned as I was told this is a sign of heart disease. I have very high CRP and would love to get it to the normal range. Any information about CRP what it is, what it means, how can it be lowered would be appreciated.

  • Right after I went vegan, about two years ago my WBC was at 4.0 & a few months ago it was 3.1. I've been vegan for two years and before that vegetarian. Don't smoke, don't drink and my vit B12 is normal range. This last time my doctor referred me to a hematologist and the hematologist found nothing wrong. They tested my WBC three weeks later and it jumped to 4.2! The only change in my life style was that I added an additional 80g of fat per day into my diet at the time (since I was doing a raw vegan cleanse) and needed A LOT of fat in my diet to make it sustainable for me. Before that I followed a HCLF diet. It's interesting now knowing what I've experienced and seeing the correlation between fat, inflammation and WBC. Dr. G keep up the good work!

  • My recent blood test came back with a WBC of 4.1. Honestly a bit surprising to me, considering I'm asthmatic and suffering from allergies quite a bit in the summer. Also I suffer from anxiety causing me stress, which can raise WBC.
    So I have pretty much constant low grade inflammation, but according to my lab results a WBC on the lower end of the normal range (they noted normal range as 4.0-10.0). Not quite sure how that works.

  • Huh, I am always getting flagged for low WBC on my blood work. I was sent to hematologist for dropping under 4 several times. Not a vegan though, I just don't eat much processed food. Looks like nothing to worry about. In fact quite the opposite.

  • Cold water exposure and winter swimming is supposed to be healthy. But it also increases white blood cell count. How do the two things go together and would you recommend the practice based on these findings? Is a high white blood cell count maybe only a marker of unhealthy inflammation when it comes from a bad diet? And if it is caused by another natural stress-factor like cold it is no unhealthy?

  • Is a white cell count of 12400 something to worry about? I've had upper respiratory infection in the form of sore throat and ear pain for 6 weeks just isn't going away. Dr said it was viral . My red sells are also always above the range and I suffer with low ferritin.

  • I eat low carb high fat (every meal is fatty meat + veggies) and my wbc count always sits between 3.6-3.8. I would assume what we LCHF and vegetarians/vegans have in common is that we all are health focused so we eliminate processed foods, exercise, don't smoke, etc.

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