What is the Healthiest Diet?


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  • Fats are different, for instance Omega-3, there are three kinds of it. The two healthy ones, which we mainly get through fish are called DHA & EPA. The one that we can't synthesize, ALA, is the one that we get from plants, mainly flaxseed. When you hear some vegetarian shouting out loud "But this is suuuuper packed with omega-3", it's usually in the form of ALA and not useful for you. The same goes with saturated fats, which is talked about in this short clip, the saturated fat in dairy is healthy for you, and will lower your bad cholesterol (cholesterol also comes in good and bad forms). Bacon fat? Not so good. Take care, use your brains and don't listen to guys like the one in the video, but to youtube comments instead. #CharlatansEverywhere

  • Doctor Greger, thank you for everything you do.
    My family never promoted veggies to me, if they did, they doused the salad in ranch. I grew up obese. Every day when I would lay down in bed, my fat surrounding my neck and on my neck would just suffocate me.
    The worst part was, I was so addicted to processed meats and sugary foods that I thought that I could never give it up, even though it was killing me.
    At age fourteen, my cholesterol was at a whopping level of 200. I felt so groggy and so unhealthy but "Protein made you lean and carbohydrates made you fat." Don't even get me started on extreme calorie restriction for weight loss. Been there, done that, became malnourished and even more sick.

    I listened to the diet industry and just got even more sick and more depressed, because all I wanted was a banana but the industry had told me that sugar made me fat.

    Eight months ago I went on a fully plant based diet with no animal proteins and my cholesterol has never been lower in my life. I've never been able to maintain a healthy weight in my life. I wake up every morning full of energy and happy. Thank you for spreading such a positive and influential message. I will never be able to repay you for the good you have done in my life. Keep up the good work! I can't wait to see what point you'll reach in the next couple of years, and how well known you'll be!


  • Please please please do a video on keto (vegan) diets! Does research truly support the claim that a keto diet prevents or starves cancer cells, reduces appetite, and what exactly happens to any excess fat calories we eat if our bodies aren't able to convert them to stored energy? I've been a hclf plant-based vegan for three years now and I really like the claims that the keto community makes but I'm still not 100% sold. Additionally, I've been eating low carb high fat plant-based for a month now and I haven't lost any fat / weight. I haven't done any cardio exercise in awhile, but I do walk about 14-18 miles a week. I feel like I'm on a defeatist path. I eat only until I feel full and the excess weight still won't come off. In the past, I always had to drastically reduce my calories (~900 daily) to effect weight loss. I was hoping that those days were over but it seems I'll have to go that route again, which is ED triggering for me. I'm 5'3" and I've been stuck at 109 lbs. since August. Ugh

  • Dr.Gregor can you make a video on if unsulphured coconut shreds are healthy and if so what makes it mad or good. It would be really interesting to get your input on whether medium chain saturated fatty acids are really better for you than long chain. Thanks

  • This is a very nicely animated video and I've been vegan for 4 years myself and wouldn't want to go back. BUT promoting a vegan diet as the healthiest diet is wishful thinking and misguided idealism in my opinion. You can make a vegan diet very healthy, yes. Given you're smart about its shortcomings, such as B12, iron, zinc and selenium, not to mention EPA/DHA. But that's the thing: you have to really know what you're doing. From what I've gathered as a nutrition student (I just started, I'm by no means an expert. But it's definitely broadened my perspective), the healthiest diet would be to ditch dairy completely and have fish and meat a couple of times per month. Strictly theoretically nutritionally speaking. Then of course you'd really have to watch where you're getting those animals from but that's doable if you put in the kind of effort people put into a healthy vegan diet as well. As much as I personally dislike it and as much as our modern ways of production have both disgraced and ruined it nutritionally, meat in itself is not an unhealthy food. Add a variety of legumes, leafy greens, seeds and vitamin D supplements on top of that and you're good.
    Personally, I'm vegan for ethical and environmental reasons and I stand by that. But a vegan diet is neither the only nor is it the best way to be healthy. There's still not enough research on this to make any statements this absolute. I'd very much appreciate it if we could steer the discussion around nutrition away from extremes and ideals and the desire to be right, but that's the issue with humans and science. Science is logical whereas humans can approach and name and sometimes identify logic – but in the end we're still ruled by our emotions.

  • Hello Dr Gregor, I am studying to be a student dietitian in Australia and in the Australian guidelines to healthy eating (which is evidenced based) there are 5 core food groups one being lean meats, legumes, nuts, tofu etc and another group dairy. My question is that excluding these food groups completely a good idea? Wouldn't moderation of these food groups be ok like 3 serves of 65g of lean meat or the recommended serves of dairy? As iron,zinc, protein are possible to get in a plant based diet but make it much harder to achieve as there needs to be a lot of variety, especially for low socio-economic families. Certain people that are homebound will find it very difficult to meet their vitamin D requirements and B12 is impossible to get from a complete plant diet. I have always been taught to promote a balance diet, everything in moderation and not try to exclude certain food groups even discretionary food items, as this could distort someone's relationship with food. I know this video is 3 weeks old but any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  • Herbs are very high in nutrients & antioxidants and of course are actually Vegetables…People would have a much healthier diet if they used Herbs by Hand fulls , rather than pinches and sprinkles.

  • Nice summary video. Also it's good to enlighten the general public about how some of the food industry ( dairy,meat, soda drinks etc) act just like the smoking industry in trying to cover up the facts and confuse the general "consumer"regarding the ill health associated with eating to much of their products.

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