What Causes Insulin Resistance?


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  • So according to vegan science the problem is the fat between cells.. who cares if that fat is the result of de novo lipogenesis because of eating too much carbs? Just carb the fuck up and save the baby cows!!

  • Inflammation caused bye processed sugars and processed packaged high carb foods, fats from oils and a consistent bombardment of more than 25grams of processed sugars every day. Its not fat in the cell its as down right lie to push a personal agenda. Its the cell it's self. Yes the body can run on glucos but it prefers ketones because its a cleaner and more sustainable. Think about it. Every carb no matter was is converted into fat. Now the fat thats converted from the processed sugars and flour carbs is not easily used, its much harder for the liver to convert that back into energy. The animal saturated fats are easily converted so thats why the body prefers it.

  • Why do you need carbs that causes shit loads of detrimental consequences in your diet… If carbs are eliminated… There's no sugar in the blood… So why need insulin??? Stupid analysis…keto is carb free so insulin in not required… No carbs, no insulin production…. so no insulin resistance. You can have all the fat without worry of insulin or insulin resistance.

  • Hi doc; I watched few videos on insulin resistance. can you or any of your reader help me understand insulin resistance. Since the cells are insulin resistance to the insulin that is produced by the body, Insulin can't get into the cell doors because of insulin resistance to absorb for energy, how does taking insulin pills or injections open the cells doors to absorb the energy?

  • Warning to watchers of this video. This is just 1 study out of 7 and 6 or the 7 studies shows the complete opposite of what this study says. Take it from me, I did the complete opposite of what this Dr. is proposing and I dropped to a normal A1C. I dropped processed carbs and increased my fat. I'm calling BS on this one.

  • I'm super confused……https://youtu.be/IpedthIpUnY says just the opposite yet has worked for me with losing 40 lbs…now 195lbs now the same weight i was 27 years ago into and out of boot camp. Showing the diversity of peoples body types?…… I respect both of these Doctors and subscribe to both their channels. But why so drastic difference? Are we really that different?

  • hmm… a 70 year old study to explain that lower carb diets with higher fats causes insulin resistance… this video is clearly biased. There are dozens of studies in the last few years that shows lower carbohydrate diets improve insulin resistance. Just google "insulin resistance low carb". Dr. Greggor is very smart and gives lots of great evidence for eating healthy plants. He however loses his ability to think critically and analyze evidence independently whenever a study contradicts his baseline core values, which is – no meat in any circumstance, including fish, and all carbs must be fine.

    If someone found eating 1 piece of fish per month improved outcomes, he would not mention it. And yes, there are studies that show that mild amounts of low mercury fish improve health outcomes.

  • These studies do not address how low carb diets can reverse diabetes, many 2017 and 2016 studies are showing this. This video doesn't address how higher carb diets can be dangerous. The restriction of saturated fats to prevent cardiovascular disease is ONLY seen in high carb diets. A recent Cochrane Review article showed that when people aren't overdoing carbs, there is no study that has shown that these fats are worse. Fat is fine.

    Also, newer studies are showing that higher carb diets INCREASE fat in the blood stream. Triglycerides go UP UP UP. Dr. Greggor already knows what he is going to say in his videos. He's just making pro vegan videos rather than nutrtion videos. Yes, the vegan diet is excellent and better than almost every diet out there (compared to normal american diets). But we don't know if a heavy plant based diet + occasional small amounts of clean / non farm fed/ steroid given / abx ridden animal proteins is better, no different or worse. When Dr. Greggor mentions a study from 50 years ago, I stop listening now. There is a whole article in the New York Times that explained how for less than $10,000 scientists were bought to make false claims about sugar. Studies back then were not nearly the quality they are today. Let's repeat the studies or use current evidence. If it's so obvious, there should be a study in the last 10 years, even the last few years (2016 and beyond). Stop with this pro-vegan stuff and lets learn about food instead.

  • THIS IS A LIE!!!!!! I Am A Keto Winner!!! I Was A Prediabetic! No longer!!!
    *DO EAT FULL FAT SOUR CREAM.. Cream cheese Etc. ( ratio on calories and fat as close as you can get them)

    visit Dr Eric Berg on YouTube!!! He speaks TRUTH!!!

  • Ok I been on board with why fat causes type 2….but. if the insulin doesn't unlock the "door" to let the glucose in….why does shooting more insulin in you bloodstream make it work?

  • Does a majority plant based diet mean most of your calories are coming from veg? Or do you just think you're eating loads of veg, with the calorie count from your carbs being low.

    Let me explain. You can eat 200g of kale, which looks like loads, but only has around 100 calories. If you minus the fiber, only 2-3g of carbs.

    Then say you eat a handful of nuts. With the calorie content being say 300 calories and 30g of fat. See what I'm getting at here?Veg is really low calorie and low carb.

    How do you actually eat 2000+ calores of plant based food per day? Aren't you just going into ketosis and getting most of your energy from fats?

  • A ketogenic diet causes muscular insulin resistance, but this is a good thing because it preserves glucose for the brain. A ketogenic diet is low in dietary glucose. Insulin resistance does not necessarily lead to hyperglycaemia if there is little glucose intake and production. The insulin resistance caused by ketosis is reversible by reintroducing carbs into the diet over several days. An interesting question is what problems may result by consuming a diet high in both carbs and fat. Combining the two might be the cause of problems.

  • What a RETARDED Video! This guy is a liar and a fucking fraud! He works for the OWO and Big Pharma don’t trust this liar!

    Keto/Low Carb, High Fat>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>High Carb, Low Fat.

    I CAN’T BELIEVE this retard doctor would even DARE to make such an OBVIOUSLY BS video public!!!! That people believe this shit and eat it up is BEYOND ME!

  • I have been on Keto + Intermittent Fasting for 3.5 months. My fasting insulin is down 50%, my inflammation is gone, I've lost 45# of fat, my energy levels are thru the roof, my mind is clear of "fog". I'm not qualified to say who is right or wrong about the biochemistry, but my experience is that high-fat + very low-carb diets work amazingly well to lose fat and to increase athletic performance.

  • Why would your body want glucose in it cells if it's burning fat for energy in a high fat low carb diet? Is the glucose intolerance coming from a high glucose meal(s) from a person that has been on a high fat low sugar diet? How long does the glucose intolerance persist within a person on a high fat low sugar diet?

  • K. Cool. Now explain all of the cases of people on a Ketogenic diet reversing their instance of type-2 diabetes with a high-fat/low-carb diet.

    If you can explain that I'll be willing to listen. I've been through your website a bit and it definitely seems biased towards a very vegetarian/vegan way of thinking. This isn't an attack or a point of contention, I'm simply seeing information that contradicts much of the research on peer-reviewed studies that I've done so I'm curious as to what explanation you would have for that.

  • This video is endorsed by the American food industry, they want you to EAT MORE CARBS.

    I've dramatically increased my health and blood sugar and everything by doing the exact opposite of that this video says.

    The key is you have to regulate REFINED sugars and grains. Your body makes all the glucose it needs, you don't need DIETARY CARBS.

    Search Dr Jason fung whose an actual kidney doctor for his thoughts on this please, this video is trash in my opinion, the studies he's trying to cite are cherry picked cause you can find numerous studies where people with brain disorders (like epilepsy) went on A THERAPEUTIC ketogenic diet and amazing things happened

  • PS I do intermittent fasting and it helps my keto adaptation.

    I can empty my blood glucose quicker because I'll fast for 20-24 hours, do HIIT and I keep my carbs under 50g per day.

    And I'll out work and have more energy than all my carbed up Co workers


  • I discussed “amazing fivu com” to Type two diabetes sufferers. The person has been able to heal his diabetic issues and attained a 5.9 HA1c. The other gentleman has significantly enhanced, his standard fasting blood sugar is 110mg/dL and also he is out of complication from heart trauma, from losing his arms, legs, eye impairment or neuropathy.

  • What the hell kind of flat-earther conspiracy BS is this? Is this April Fool's day? Fat absolutely does not cause insulin resistance nor diabetes. Excessive carbohydrate in the diet does. This video is like the opposite of true. I'm truly baffled. I'd love to see the peer reviewed studies cited which demonstrate this mechanism.

  • But carbs also converts into fat if it is in excess. Incomplete information please read glucolysis, gluconeogenesis and conversion of glucose in to fat in liver leading to non alcoholic fatty liver.

  • Whatever the cause of insuline resistance and diabetes 2, the cure and answer is ketosis, lowering body weight, and you cant burn fat wit insuline presents, so you need to be in ketosis

  • To those of you that have indicated that increased insulin causes the insulin resistance: I have searched the internet and so far can not find an explanation (other than Dr Greger's fat inside the muscle cell) of how this resistance process works. If there is an alternate "resistance" process please explain how biochemically the insulin receptors are affected. Thanks.

  • This guy is as fruity as an apple orchard.

    He talks about how athletes load up on carbs to increase their fat stores in the tissue and then goes on to say that insulin resistance is caused by excess fat in the bloodstream.

    Any reputable doctor will tell you that you can lower your blood sugar by losing weight. If carbs store fat in the tissues, wouldn't it be common sense that if you continue to eat high amounts of carbs that more fat would be stored and your weight would increase?

    The main culprit of insulin resistance is chronic dehydration. Blood is normally 94% water. When you become dehydrated, it loses 8% of its water volume and this causes it to thicken. And it's because the blood is too thick that insulin can't get into the cells.

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