What Causes Insulin Resistance?


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  • Yea make since sugary and fatty foods cause diabetes ..just think about bad eating habits vs good just eat lean and green whole grain fruits nuts and beans at a caloric deficit drink plenty of water and exercise no need to commit to keto for weight loss

  • Where the evidence on high saturated fat with low carb cause insulin resistance? Im was on a high fat diet and switched to plants cause of this channel but the thing is i got tendinitis and my stool isnt good, also bloating

  • So let me understand this correctly.  Glucose needs to be invited into the cell by insulin.  Free fatty acids however can magically cross the cell membrane and "gum" up the process.  So is FFA the cause or the affect of a dysregulated process?

  • the problem isn't fat…the problem isn't carbs…the problem is fats and carbs together or fats and insulin spiking protein together…too much beef alone is no good…insulin with dietary fat in the bloodstream is bad…ketogenic diet done right does not cause diabetes/insulin resistance…if anything it clears fat from areas it shouldn't be…high carb low fat is definitely a good approach as it's foolproof way to not get insulin resistance/type 2 diabetes…

    name a single food that is both high in fats and carbs together…there is none…whole foods either are high in carbs or high in fats…it's the humans that have poorly combined the foods that are always in abundance that's the problem…our ancestors didn't have grocery stores…they ate what was provided to them by mother nature and the times of the season depending on where they live that might be fruits/vegetables…..or just fish/meat etc….

  • The reality is that science does not agree on what causes type 2. What we do know it that what definitely causes it are too many calories eaten too often. How do we know that? There has now been several studies on various forms of stomach reduction and bypass and within a few weeks of surgery no matter what they put in those walnut sized stomachs they're cured of type 2 and they are eating animal protein and fat but, cholesterol drops like a rock, LDL goes down, what's left are large fluffy particles and HDL moves up. Trigs almost disappear. That's the power of calorie restriction.

  • Screw the haters, insulin resistance and T2 diabetes were practically unheard of before the low carb craze in the 2000's..
    Everywhere you look at you see disgusting morbidly obese people choking on kale and avocados as they walk on the street, as they drive, at movie theaters.. makes me sick.
    It's impossible to buy healthy foods anymore, all you see in the dairy section at stores is 10% fat greek yogurt WTF!! What happened with the 0% fat yogurt with the candy on top that our grandparents used to eat?
    Sure, the bowl of chocolate cheerios that we've started our days with for generations might be more expensive and time consuming that the fried bacon and eggs kids these days eat, and they're even taking canned sardines as school lunch because it's cheap and more addictive than cocaine.. who cares that now we're seeing kids with T2 diabetes because of all the murder they're eating, right?

    It's not even necessary to get into the complicated science behind it that this video wonderfully explains, just look outside and the correlation is just too obvious..

    Save the baby cows!

  • This high carb – low carb trench war is so stupid.
    Low carb-high fat people doesn't eat carbs so there is now problem that the insulin resistence goes down.
    High carb without fat is no problem either. Because they don't eat much fat.
    Mixing fat and simple easy digestible carbs IS THE PROBLEM. If you mix it 50/50 or close to that. It makes you fat and shortens your life. Really fat and sluggish.
    Several big sientific studies has shown this in several different species of animals.
    There isn't one way to go, but two so please stop this jewenile mud slinging.

  • Hey everyone go on a real food eating plan and see for yourself how better you feel it doesn't matter if its high in fat, just think of real food. Then go to your doctor and get a blood test to confirm what your doing is good for you. Bonus, you will lose weight on the eating plan recommended:)

    It's simple!

    Most packaged food with a long 'used by date' is high in sugar and carbohydrates
    Fresh food is full of nutrients to give you energy, repair and promote growth to your body, google food:)

    Remember 'food companies' buy out doctors, nutritionists and professors to support there product. Food and drug companies support the Heart and diabetes associations and that is why their recommendation of food confuses everyone because it is a conflict of interest. Companies instil fear in the public on certain foods to give confidence to there own product.

    So if any of you are confused on which diet to go on just eat real food and see how you feel. Think of fresh food not stored on a shelf with a long 'used by date' with a description saying HEALTHY, LOW THIS and LOW THAT, remember just real food:)

  • I get it. Cells are duel fuel fat or glucose. They can run efficiently on fats when carb depleted and the system does not require insulin. Or on carbs when fat depleted. However,eat too many simple carbs your body produces triglycerides and stuffs the cell with free fatty acids and blocks insulin. Exercise is needed to deplete the intra-cellar fat to change over to carb/insulin fuel. Throw in a 16 hour daily fast and eat both with moderation with exercise and you are golden. That is why everyone is arguing…you are all correct! How to correct insulin resistance …that is the question.

  • Ha, I found it! I was wondering where people where getting these nonsense ideas about where insulin resistance comes from. When shit like this gets posted it makes educating patients ten times as difficult.

  • Here is a video that more accurately explains what happens with our energy delivery systems when they're broken. And that's what this is, energy distribution. When someone is in metabolic syndrome or pre diabetic or overweight etc, this is why. 

  • Read this –>
    Journal of Diabetes ResearchVol 2017 (2017), Article ID 8314852, 8 pages "Enhancing Exercise Responsiveness across Prediabetes Phenotypes by Targeting Insulin Sensitivity with Nutrition" (Review Article) Julian M. Gaitan,1 Arthur Weltman,1,2 and Steven K. Malin1,2,3

  • This clearly explains why so many people feel better on high carb low fat or…. high fat no carbs. Now, both reduce insulin resistance but which one is healthier long term? I've tried both ends of the theory and both time, my insulin resistance improved. I wish he did a video to explain the effects of high fat low carb (keto) on the body and another on the effects on high carb low fat.

  • This doesn't make any sense. All my clients raise their blood sugar when they eat carb, bread and pasta. This is crazy!!!!We been eating high carb since the nutritional recommendation since the 60s this doctor is fake!!! Eating fat doesn't increase the sugar. Doctor sarah hallberg actually reverse diabetes by giving more fats and reducing the carbs. If you follow the  advice of this doctor diabetes will get worse. Insulin resistance is due to the fat but this is due to increase in carbohydrates intake resulting to fat accumulation whereby sugar is converted to fats resulting to insulin resistance. Fat is not the culprit. its too much carb. To lower the fat in your body eat less carb, lose weight and then insulin becomes more effective.

  • What a bunch of crap. This video is misleading and pure misinformation. Notice that the supposedly 'high fat diet' that he points to in this video wasn't detailed? That's because it included carbohydrates in it. A nutritionally formulated ketogenic diet or a HFLC diet would have been a better example but then again they wouldn't be because fat doesn't cause an insulin response. Carbohydrates do. Insulin insensitivity or resistance is caused by too much insulin. Period. And since fat causes little to no insulin response it isn't the cause of insulin resistance. He tries to make the supposedly high fat diet the culprit but a healthy high fat diet has very little carbohydrates in it and they are in the form of green leafy vegetables. We'd all know if a ketogenic diet was making people fat or insulin resistant or pre-diabetic believe me.

  • How misleading is this! ! Being fat isn't a consequence of eating dietary fat.

    Insulin resistance isn't caused by being fat, being fat is a symptom of insulin resistance. This is a common lack of intellectual thought. It is like saying firemen cause all fires because they are present when fires occur.

    It's easier to think like that rather than compute the real cause and the word Fat being the same word used for dietary fat and people that have too much adipose tissue makes it more confusing.

  • The flaw with this video is that it claims fat is the root cause of insulin resistance which is flatly inaccurate. When one is glucose adapted fat becomes a problem but when one is in ketosis or is fat adapted there is no insulin resistance since there is very little insulin response. Gregor points  to a  'the high fat diet' in this video but doesn't produce what the macros are so this is really propaganda as opposed to a scientific look at the truth of insulin resistance. This video is science based.

  • It's very interesting what Dr. Greger says, but, I want to know, what kind of fat was used, What kind of fats, what kind of carbs used the two groups, because the carb group it has the advantage of magnesium, and that can influence and that result, carbs are loaded with more magnesium, which is critical for insulin resistence, ketogenic diet without to much veggies it can't be healthy, I want to know that, what Greger says is isntellingent, but I want to know that details, if you make a High fat-Low carb without veggies like broccoli, with too much veggies like that, that diet is unhealthy, simple. And I want some vegan tell me his numbers, insulin levels and blood sugar levels.

  • Your methodology is bad, your presentation of information is intellectually dishonest, and your website is a misnomer in the extreme. Fuck you.

  • Many in this thread agree with Dr Greger and many disagree with him. I am new to this debate and am type 2 diabetic and am not a medical person (am a retired computer programmer). I came into this thread with an open mind but leaning toward paleo but am now leaning toward Dr McDugall and Dr Greger (I did a lot of research on the internet and their evidence is very strong).
    To those that disagree with Dr. Greger: Many of you have indicated that increased insulin causes the receptors to malfunction. I want to know how your solution of lowering glucose intake and increasing fat in the diet clears the fat inside the muscle cells (which apparently is causing many of the insulin receptors to not function)? This is not a sarcastic question but a genuine desperate question that affects me and my loved ones. Please no name calling, I just need a two or three sentence response having a detailed technical explanation. Your sincere response is appreciated. If your explanation is valid and can be substantiated, I may lean back to Paleo. Thanks.

  • To those of you that have indicated that increased insulin causes the insulin resistance: I have searched the internet and so far can not find an explanation (other than Dr Greger's fat inside the muscle cell) of how this resistance process works. If there is an alternate "resistance" process please explain how biochemically the receptors are affected. Thanks.

  • This is true and not true. Our bodies can burn either insulin or glucose, but not both at the same time. If you are lean and have minimal fat stores, a high whole food carb diet with minimal fat is likely just as healthy as a very low carb, high fat diet is for the metabolically deranged and obese. We can easily see from traditional societies that both diets are healthy. What neither type of eating has is refined carbs (like bread) or sugar.

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