What Causes Diabetes?


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  • This is just so spined and so far from reality, that I can't even think, how this guy is not charged for further causing obesity epidemic with his religious vegan misinterpretation.

  • So if the beta cells are destroyed and they can not regenerate then what's the use? The time to cash in is imminent. Bummer, most things offer some measure of hope. HOW NOT TO DIE just told me I'm as good as dead!

  • Don't eat high amounts of sugar and fat at the same time. Why do vegans think there is only one way to accomplish this? I oxidize saturated fat all the time, like right now because I am fasting. Is your own fat a deadly toxin. Make me laugh some more.

  • In India, I've seen countless cases of vegans and vegetarians with T2D. Avoiding animal fats is just part of the equation. Using and heating artificially extracted cooking oils (even cold-pressed), sedentary lifestyle and inadequate sun exposure are just as important co-factors.

  • i would love to hear Dr. Greger address Dr. Rhonda Patrick's take on new science with animal protiens (or my inability to fully comprehend the science behind the connection between fat and carbs with diabetes, heart disease, and gene mutations.)

  • Elevated blood lipids is caused by a high carb low fat diet.

    A ketogenic diet rich in saturates lower blood lipid levels because…you're burning them for energy? This video is very poor in it's solid scientific backing imho

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  • When is fat bad? When triglyceride levels in the blood are chronically high. It's like glucose. When is glucose bad? When glucose levels in the blood are chronically high. You don't complain about glucose levels going up after a meal, but for some reason when triglycerides levels go up after eating it's the end of the world.

    But in a healthy person, triglyceride levels are down again within 4 to 6 hours after eating, just like glucose levels.

    Chronically high triglyceride levels however are another story, just like chronically high glucose levels. That is bad.

    Now I wonder what would cause chronically high triglyceride levels?

    Chronically high glucose levels are caused by the cells refusing to take up glucose. Basically they're saying: too much, I have enough. Is the same thing true for triglycerides? Do the cells simply refuse them because they had enough? Or maybe it's both? Once the cell is full of glycogen, it start to refuse both glucose and triglycerides?

    Adding everything up the condition of type 2 diabetes really is a condition of having too much energy stored in the blood and it can't go anywhere, so it stays in the blood. The triglycerides do make it to the fatcells eventually, but the glucose levels take much longer to drop.

    In this situation, the resulting insulin resistance causes the cells to not be able to fill their glycogen stores fast enough, so they start signaling that they're in need for nutrition. So people start eating again sooner, ending up eating or drinking something with sugar.

    Now, in this whole story I don't see how fat alone is the cause of insulin resistance. Neither do I see how glucose alone causes insulin resistance. There is something about the 2 of them together causing insulin resistance. But even then, that only really happens when you overeat every day. And the chance of overeating is more likely the more processed foods you eat and the less healthy food (vegetables specifically).

    This explains why extremes work so good in solving insulin resistance (provided you also remove processed food)…. These 2 extremes are high carb low fat and low carb high fat. In both these diets people lose weight and reduce insulin resistance.


    Because they both reduce the amount of energy stored in the blood. Both basically reduce one of the 2 macro energy nutrients, cutting the amount of energy stored in the blood in half to a level where the cells are able to clear the blood from excess energy without any problems, reducing the need for insulin resistance.

    It's not the source of energy that causes insulin resistance, it"s forcing too much energy into the blood that causes insulin resistance.

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