Watermelon for Sore Muscle Relief


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  • Since I started eating a high carb, low fat, whole food, vegan diet, I rarely get any muscle soreness no matter what activity I do.  I am not a marathon runner by any stretch, just some jogging, walking and bicycling.  So when I go for my 1st 1/2 hour crawl in the lake in the summer I used to expect to be very sore the next couple of days.  Not any more, doesn't bother me at all.

  • Doc I'm parralized an am getting a pimple or boil dont really know it has no head but it is getting big enough to cause a problem how can I deal with this without getting cut at docs I haven't asked my doctor yet

  • Haha how interesting!  Just yesterday (and today) I rode 23 miles on my bike in the sun and was pretty spent.  Had an entire watermelon right after the ride and went to sleep.  In the morning felt so good and fresh and ready to do it all over again!  Wonderful fruit for sure!

  • I know your question at the end is rhetorical, but profit margins in the watermelon game are horrendous.  Price per pound is typically $0.50 or less.  It would make someone a lot more money to try to create a chemical isolate.  Actual watermelon?  Come on!  Go buy a watermelon oreo.  I saw em for sale at Target the other day!

  • Not everybody likes watermelons unfortunately……..
    l-arganine is good, your body uses it to repair damaged tissue, I reckon it recovers me a lot quicker, maybe by 50%! 
    I find other fruits are useful for their anti-oxidant properties during the physical part of exercise. Got some cherries in the freezer……..

  • "Doping With Beet Juice. Beet Iskiate. Performance Enhancing Veggies" is a video I put together, inspired by Dr. Greger and Born To Run. Of course my iskiate blend has watermelon, and I use it before, during and after running ultras. 

  • Sweet , thanks I don't take any kind of drugs. But I do have sore muscles from the gym this morning and I also have a big Watermelon and I'm juicing it to night. Thanks smarty pants.

  • I can definitely feel the effects described here! No more muscle soreness, even after 50k of running in two days or 6 hour bike rides.

    BTW: Today I had 5lbs of watermelon plus the juice of the rind for breakfast 🙂

  • I don't understand why people thumbs down this informative video…I have tried it after every hard workout and I never get sore as before when I only had protein shakes…This fruit really works..

  • This really works. I was doing this really intense workout and based on previous experience, I thought I'd wake up incredibly sore. But I ate watermelon after my workout, a lot of it, and I felt amazing the next day.

  • So put it together. This basically means that if you are sedentary and eat watermelon, you would never really know that aspect about watermelon being great for muscle soreness. If you're like many people on an exercise program, you'd probably imagine that eating watermelon with all the carbs after a workout would be a bad idea as that seems to be the common understanding promoted to the general public. So again, you would never come to understand the value of watermelon for yourself as an athlete or trainer. Amazing information!!!!!

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