Waist Circumference Less Than Half Your Height


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  • While consuming animal products, processed foods, and the typical staples of the western diet, I had a 42" waist while 66" tall.

    Since then, however, I have adopted a 96.9% vegan lifestyle and now sport a 29" waist.

  • Can you tell me what plant based foods you eat and in which quantities? I am 99% Vegan and eat almost only whole foods but gained both fat and muscle after lifting weights for sometime. I was 34" before but now I am close to 39" at 70" height. But I do admit I do not get to eat enough fruits and veggies and I mostly eat tons of beans and whole grains while living a sedentary lifestyle.

    I wish there was a real study on how much protein a strength athlete really needs.

  • Quinoa is my main staple now, given it's a complete protein. So daily quinoa w/ black beans (for the iron, fiber, et al), mushrooms, onions, peas (again for the protein, although a bit more starchy/higher in sugar than I would like), sweat potatoes, and a 2.5-3lb salad of spinach/mach lettuce (higher in iron than spinach), sweet peppers, green peppers, carrots, red onions, tomatoes, broccoli, celery, etc. 🙂

    Almonds, macadamia nuts, pumpkin seeds (another great source of iron), chia seeds…

  • I do, however, supplement whey and vegan protein…whey is the last to go, as I can't stand the plant-based protein powders…or at least haven't found one that is very palatable. 😉

    Yea, grains get a lot of veggies/vegans in trouble in seems. I sometimes put raw oats/irish oats in a shake, but the only other grain I consume is plain popcorn…sans butter and salt.

  • Before I even read the comments I knew someone would say this to show how smart they are. But, when people say muscle is heavier that fat, what they mean is that it's denser than fat, obviously. That's the only possible interpretation, no need to state it.

  • Congratulations on your high level of success in maintaining a vegan diet! I eat a plant based diet as well. I also eat tons of beans and whole grains and live a mostly sedentary lifestyle. I am 68" tall and have a waist of 27", which I know I wouldn't have kept if I had continued to eat meat. The other thing that I love is just how much I can eat with no restrictions or watching my calorie intake at all or even controlling myself around snack foods. Even so, I'm healthier than I've ever been.

  • The boundary value is 0.5 but they considered the cut – off point should be one to two? That's up to four times the sensible value! Am I hearing that wrong, or are they saying people are so pathetic that they can't aim for a better target?

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