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  • Anogoya, I hope you can meet Doc in person some time…he is a warm and beautiful guy who gives the *nicest* hugs! love him and all he does for us and our fur-friends too!

  • I think mackerel has the highest amount of B12 so by eating that kind of fish you need to eat less. 450g of mackerel = 85 mcg of B12
    With sardines is even more so I'm a bit worried how will I manage that. And you also get 85gr of proteins and over 70gr of fat. Clams would probably be the best, they are a b12 bomb!

  • Mazadaja, yes, sardines are a bit richer AND they don't come with much mercury since they are so low on the food chain, that's the other good quality about them. I love the King Oscar double layer sardines in oil (I drain off all of the oil) with fresh lemon juice on Ryvita crackers. AND a green leafy salad to go with it.

  • Dr. Greger my name is Sherrick Duncan I am a husband and a father of four.

    I worked hard and saved up and made payment for years and now own two acres in Oklahoma and am starting to grow my own food so that I can get off of food stamps and section8 welfare.

    I did all this so we can afford to eat a mostly plant based diet (I would do all plant based but it conflicts with my 100% self sufficiency self reliance prepper goals) so I have a question.

    If I eat like 98% plant based but only eat as much animal products as absolutely necessary to get a self sufficienct b12 source off of eithet eggs or whatever the best animal product b12 source is how much and how often maximum/minimum would one person need to ingest of animal product a week, month, year to get there necessary b12?

    I am absolutely 100% unwilling to do b12 injections or sublingual drops or foods or drinks that are fortified because (UNLESS I can grow or produce the b12 supplements myself) which from my studies I cant, then it violates my self sufficiency goal.

    So my question is what is the maximum/minimum amount of whatever the animal product highest in b12 would I need to eat how much and how often only to get my b12 needs from our farm raised animals?

    In other words I want to know how much of and what animal product that i can produce myself to eat to get all my b12 but little enough of this animal product to get the absolute minimum to no damage to my body or health?

  • I suddenly realised that in other videos he kept emphasising how supplements DO NOT work and yet this B12, which can hardly be obtained from plants, conveniently works as a supplement. He said vitamin or mineral supplements did not work because "you cannot put nature into a pill", yet somehow this B12 alone, lack of which could make the vegetarian diet deadly, just works fine as a supplement?

  • I appreciate your work. I watch videos every morning. But, honestly, I believe that using racist slurs, twice, in your video is inappropriate and insensitive. Black people are watching and are supporting your work. I wonder if you would call mental ill patients, "débile” like they used to do in France back in the 19th century because it was the medical term used to describe these patients. I doubt it.

  • Update: excess b12 has been associated with lung cancer in men. So take your b12, but don't mega dose long term even tho this video told you there's little/no risk in taking too much. With the passage of time and new evidence since this video's production, we know more about this issue. "the long term use of high doses of B6 and B12 was associated with a two to four-fold increased risk of lung cancer compared to the risk of the disease in men and didn’t take the vitamins." This one study that concludes with a warning is not the final word, but it's enough of a warning to stop people form taking mega doses of B long term. Probably don't do that until there is some clarity on this cancer risk.

  • Taking high doses of vitamins B6 and B12 over the long term may be linked to a two- to four-fold increased risk of lung cancer in men compared to non-users, a recent study suggests.The risk was further elevated in men who smoked and took more than 20 milligrams of B6 or 55 micrograms of B12 a day for 10 years. Men who smoked and took B6 at this high of a dose were three times more likely to develop lung cancer, while men who took B12 at such high doses were about four times more likely compared to non-users.No such risk was identified in women

  • Love your channel. As a vegan, and whole foods advocate I think it is of the up most importance that we really drive home the importance of supplementing vitamin B12. This vital nutrient is essential for a healthy life. Deficiency of B12 can be disastrous, painful, and even cause death. Deficiency can ravage the body, and mind. B12 supplementation importance should never be taken lightly by meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans. Science tells us that 40% of Americans are B12 deficient. That means, that the deficient majority are meat eaters.

    I would love to see a video campaign among YouTube's vegan community to educate everyone about the importance of vitamin B12, and how meat eggs, and dairy are not the great sources everyone has been told because cooking destroys much of the B12 in those foods.

    Vitamin B12 is a product of bacteria that generally lives in healthy soils. It can be grown commercially similar to yeast. It is vegan.

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