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  • Vegan Daddy is all upset by this video how the Dr is pushing propaganda against veganism. That's funny since this Dr is one of the biggest proponents of a vegan diet. And he doesn't get his nutritional information from med school. He's been doing hard core research in this area – it's his main field.

  • Very bizarre how vegans and vegetarians pontificate about how healthy they are, they are so self-righteous about all the minutiae that they know, and dismissive of everyone else! My goodness! I am not sure I have been getting enough B12 now that I listen to several of these videos.

  • this is a pretty hillariously biased study and clearly bullshit how can 50+% of vegans be b12 defcient when 95% of vegans eat things like bread and cereal that are fortified with it and most vegans are realitively new to the vegan diet as well like less then 2 years and b12 deficiency takes 10+ years to develop 95% of vegans have not been vegan for 10+ years ether… … lmao this shit is a fucking joke ive been a raw vegan for 4 years who consumes no b12 fortified food and does not take b12 and got my b12 checked last week and my b12 levels are actually slightly ABOVE average… hmmm something seems seriously wrong about this study

  • B-12 is only one vitamin we know vegans are deficient in isnt this pandora's box? I It unlikely we know everything there is about meat nutrition could there be a lack of something less? If there is what does it effect longevity performance memory depression. This is just me but it seems many vegans are… well just anger   could it be cause by some other deficiency/ deficiencies? love to hear what you guys have to say.       Easily there is a strong behavioral element to this anger but humor me could it be bio chemical. Could vegans have a sub clinical hypohypoglycemia( if not a true medical condition could they just need to eat more frequently?  

  • Just curious…did they use the proper uMMA test? As you know, most B12 tests only measure how much is in the blood, not what is absorbed. Regardless, it's pretty obvious that everyone, vegan or otherwise, should be taking a METHYL B12 supplement in 2014.

  • Everything Here is 100% true and Indisputable. What he fails to mention and in my opinion tragically, Is that on the whole typical omnivores are critically deficient in not just one, but seven other (not b12) essential nutrients. That deficiency is potentially far greater in the risk to your health than a vitamin B 12 deficiency could possibly be. It is irresponsible for him to say that it is critical for vegans and vegetarians to take B12 supplements. He should just say "every human should take a multi vitamin quote and leave it at that.

  • What about getting B-12 from Spirulina(Algae) or Shilajit(rock mineral) ? 

    The 2nd one is basically soil based food. Doesn't b-12 come from soil?

  • As the supplement is probably coming from an animal source, could one say that a vegan taking a B12 supplement is no longer a vegan?

    I would not want to see the grain supply fortified with anything else. If we believe in organic and natural foods, we don't want things added to it!

  • 1) Water directly from nature like lakes and rivers, alges, especially irish moos, unwashed veggies and fruits from own garden and simple dirt from our own garden … all have vitamin B12.
    2) There are vegan supplements as sucking-tabletts and sprays, even injections to correct extremely low levels.
    3) Do remember, where we came from naturally and where we are now in our society. In Nature no Vegan would have to supplement anything! The water alone would do the job.

  • Ironically, the legendary food product "Marmite" is British invented in 1902…wonder if the Brits studied were not taking a common food product B12 supplement found in their own country's food store shelves? (of course, it is a acquired taste)… And, I rarely hear or read about Marmite or Vegemite as good sources of B12 on these vegan channels, perhaps I have not run into them.

  • I supplement with B12 – rather safe than sorry. Apparently one tablet once a week is enough. B12 is required in very small quantities. I also use a good deal of nutritional yeast in various recipes. Nutritional yeast is enriched with B12.

  • I was in multiple western European countries recently (although not Britain) and frequently bought soymilk and rice milk from grocery stores, and none of them were fortified with B12 or any other vitamins for that matter. In the USA most soymilk and almond milk products are fortified with B12. The lack of B12 in alternative milks may be why vegans have such low B12 levels in Britain. Although American vegans may be low also, but probably to a lesser degree.

  • I think it would be irresponsible to enrich more foods with man made versions of vitamins as they usually do that with the cheapest sources that are biologically unabsorbable or inappropriate for human health as they do now with flour, strip off the fiber and nutrients, bleach it treat with bromine and other poison, substitute I.e. Folic acid instead of folate, and all the other man tinkered vitamins that don't work inside the human body. I keep getting mixed messages on which b 12 is optimal, these doctors have differing opinions on a very important topic.

  • That just proves that half the people in Britain are ignorant and didn't do their research. My B12 intake is 1500% of daily recommended value from fortified foods alone. More than I ever could possibly consume when eating meat and dairy.

  • Got it drink B12 supplements made our of suage crap all ur life till you die good job explaining that the slowest 2 minutes of my life smh

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