Urinary Tract Infections from Eating Chicken


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  • I just saw Dominion and one of the many things that got lodged in my memory is how all these animals are forced to live on top of their own feces for most of their short lives. It's not cost effective to actually sanitize their living quarters regularly. After realizing that, it is easy to come to the conclusion that it's not safe to eat any animal products. Plants have some safety concerns, but nothing like this.

  • Thank You Dr Gregor, My mother is 87 and eats chicken all the time.  She has bladder infections all the time, seems like every month.  Each time, trips to the doctor and each time same result, nothing.

  • Yeah, so maybe we should just stop eating everything. No more recalls from all those vegan foods either, listeria, etc. Or, we could just learn to wash our hands before eating. Then there is the idea that maybe keeping ourselves away from germs isn't such a good idea either. We need some immune resistance. Is our germaphobic attitude helping or hindering? There is probably some sort of balance needed. Do we ever see the dangers of vegetable disease spreading on this channel? I think what's amazing is the butchers at my local butcher store are healthy and have been working there all their lives. When you talk about the way we eat, it makes sense. When you use arguments like this, it's not very compelling, really. How many people die of urinary infections? Is it actually worth it to the people who like chicken? I have chicken about 3 times a week and have never gotten a urinary infection. I'm 67. It's so amazing I could have just touched someone else's shopping cart that touched chicken and gotten it.

  • Boosting your immunity with extracts of mushrooms might be suitable as well.

    I began to see the first ray of hope of relief from my chronic Lyme a week or two after I began taking this. I have since added other supplements but I will continue to take this for the foreseeable future.

    How do you really measure results? As near as my wife and I can tell we have experienced increased energy. You're talking about an 80 and 86 year old!!

    I have some autoimmune issues related to a mast cell activation disorder and I used to feel tired constantly. I take Cordyceps daily now. It really helps boost my energy. I actually have the energy to do the things I've neglected for months. I, also, like the sports/exercise performance enhancement it gives. I notice that I can work out harder and longer than I ever could before taking it.

    I have chronic bronchitis and taking these really seem to help. I have had no side effects except good ones.

    This along with Turkey Tail, Mitake and Chaga are my mushroom supplement to boost my T cells. Since I started taking these my cancer has not,progressed.

  • Firstly Dr. G. You're a legend secondly I think I might play this at a Halloween get-together as it really is horrific info. I have always questioned the handles on shopping trolley or baskets that is why my Mum always said to wash your hands as soon as you come on from the shops.

  • Another fear mongering video. 99 percent of the population eats chicken and have normal lives. Greger obviously has a political agenda to propagate and cherry picks his studies. I think I'll head over to Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch.

  • For many years UTI's were a regular problem for us. I am sure it is no coincidence that it has not occurred again over the past 2.5 years since we have adopted a healthy vegan diet. Eating no oil is hard, but eating no chicken is easy. Especially since learning about this connection. Dr. Michael Greger is awesome and humorous.

  • I was talking about this recently! I used to get UTIs rather often (once a month). When I went vegan, I stopped getting them completely. My doctors always told me I wasn’t drinking enough water so I upped my water intake (still eating meat). It still didn’t help. So when I went vegan I assumed I was consuming more water and that’s why I stopped getting them. I slipped up at the beginning of my vegan journey and had a burger and got a UTI. That’s when I made the connection. I’ve been trying to find research to prove this but there wasn’t very much out there. I wish doctors would have told me to stop consuming meat years ago. It would have spared me from all those days of discomfort. Sorry if this was too much information but I needed to share because I think it’s amazing that people are doing more research to prove this plant based diet helps not only heart disease, diabetes, so many other illnesses, BUT UTIs as well. Thank you Dr. !

  • When you vegan''s are done patting yourself on the heads for not eating meat. Chow down on the fact of plastic cabbage, genetically modified every plant sold in the U S.. for food consumption. Understab that the risk of being unhealthy due to the food we consume is still great with very little nutrient value due to depleted minerals in tbe soil, contaminated h2o, chem trails and those genetically modified favorites!

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