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  • Hi, Dr. Greger.
    Thank you for providing us beneficial information!!

    As for MSG, I was surprised to watch this updated data on MSG. So, you mean that MSG is harmless?? We don't need to concern about consuming it and can we intake it as much as possible?? Sorry to take your time, but I'd appreciate if you answer my question.

  • Many of the studies that attempt to debunk the 'MSG toxicity myth' are funded by the food industry! Really… Nutrition Facts, I thought you were better than this.

    I have a warning notice hanging in my kitchen that I made, reminding me never to use MSG and flavour enhancers again.

    A few years ago I purchased some powdered flavour enhancer (MSG) and began adding it to my cooking. (Designed to enhance the flavours of stews and casseroles etc..)

    Before I knew it, I was hooked on the umami taste and I never felt satiated.. I grew hungrier and hungrier and I craved the MSG hit. I craved the flavour enhancers in junk food.

    My arms became very weak and I gained weight and felt exhausted. I can only attribute these symptoms to MSG and all its hidden variants.

    But you listen to industry sponsored research. Testimonials are of no use to you. You know better.

    The last article I read on MSG concluded that some people are indeed sensitive and some aren't and there is a tipping point where symptoms begin. So it's not at all clear cut and is very dose dependent.

    My unquestioning respect for your 'authoritative' information channel has suddenly disappeared!

  • Dear Dr. Greger. I used to often eat this horrible instant soup with msg in it (over 15 years ago). One day my boyfriend noticed I was getting headaches about an hour after eating this soup and checked the labels (I was so not in tune with my body then it took another person to observe me and tell me what was going on), and told me it could be the msg. This got me on a long journey of getting rid of all the suspicious preservatives, live organic, going vegetarian first and in the end going vegan. Right now I'm in my 40s, but healthier and more vital than in my twenties and a big fan of your channel. If msg is not so bad, I see the irony of it and who knows, maybe it was that I just started eating less salt and healthier food and that that was the reason I didn't get those headaches anymore. On the other hand, I'd really be interested in knowing if you still see it the same way as in 2011, or that in 2018 you have new information. It won't make me abandon my whole food plant based diet anyway, but I'd just really like to know, also because I have several family members with fibro, fatigue, etc.

  • Anyone who would suffer the symptoms I get from MSG would not say it is safe. It screws up my heart beat. Messes up my digestion, and causes me to feel anxious, and depressed. It has literally put me in the emergency room. As I have gotten older the sensitivity has gotten much worse. I am certainly not the only one that has experience such issues with free glutamate. I think there needs to be way more research done. Unfortunately MSG by what ever name is a huge multi complex group of industries that are very powerful, and don't want any science coming forth that could hurt their profits. I try to avoid it, but they seem to put it in everything today under innocent names like citric acid, corn starch, and hundreds of other names.

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