Turning the Clock Back 14 Years


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  • great video once again. more and more evidence that we should all be eating a plant based diet. it's mind boggling how this information is kept on the down low, considering how if effects the health and well being of everyone.

  • Going plant based was easy!
    I went plant based 3.5 yrs ago and it would have to the best life changing move I have ever made…. The thought now of consuming meat is repulsive… I feel better inside and out.. Stop feeding corporations and start feeding yourself

  • Great video as always.  Something I'm curious about though. I saw your '40 year vegan dies' talk and you noted that 3 major studies showed that vegans don't live any longer. But you keep implying that the more closely people get to a vegan diet the longer they live (like this current video).  So have the facts changed since that early video? Have they done long term studies where they tracked vegans who got enough B12 and controlled their omega6/3 ratio beat that rap? At that time, you were conjecturing that was the problem. Now you are saying that you add 14 years? Thanks for any clarification!

  • Please, Please, Please could you do a video on Tinnitus and animal products free diet.  
    And a video on how thiamine found in coffee and chocolate can greatly contribute memory deterioration / dementia.

    Thank you so much for making these videos they are truly invaluable!

  • 1:15 This is remarkable, although not exactly new information. I recall one study, done at the end of the 20th century regarding Japanese immigrants. The Japanese have some of the lowest cancer rates in the world. Yet, when they emigrate to the US, living basically the same the lifestyle as they did in Japan, eating the same foods, having the same cultural traditions, etc., in less than a decade their cancer rates increase to that of the average American. So, is it the food or the environment? Fact is we don't know, nor do we have much control over either. Now, does this mean we shouldn't take control of our lifestyles? Of course not. Does it mean we should move to Japan (lol)? What it says to me is further study is needed, and more importantly action, to improve both our environment and our food supply.

    I haven't seen any subsequent studies on the subject, maybe the good doctor can bring us up to speed?

  • Great video, gets right to the point. Your weight, your diet, your exercise, and if course no smoking – these 4 simple things can dramatically improve one's life at any age.

  • I found it interesting that one of the articles cited was from Terry Wahls, who is an advocate for a paleo-like diet. While her protocol is primarily plant-based, she does advocate eliminating grains for the most part and including grass-fed meats, which is at odds with what Dr. Gregor normally champions. I have tons of respect for both doctors, but it does remind me of how complicated it is to navigate our own personal diets with any success.

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