Turmeric Curcumin, MGUS, and Multiple Myeloma


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  • Hello Dr Greger,

    Thank you for all the information and the knowledge you're sharing.

    Could you please explain in one of your next videos what is with chiken that makes it so evil for us. Thanks.

    Loulou (from France).

  • I just wanted to tell you that often I Google and YouTube a lot about MGUS. I found this video and watched it. I bought Turmeric and began adding it to my protein shakes and foods.
    I just went for my 3 month check and my IgG had reduced from the 2800 range to a 2700 range.
    I don't know if it was the Turmeric, but I know that I'm feeling different in my body and I WILL CONTINUE to add Turmeric to my diet.
    Thank you for making this video and I would love to watch more that you've made!

  • I didn't know that pickled veggies were a negative. This video tells me that the best route to go is raw food vegan. However, since I am trying avoid nuts and oils, what do I do for a salad dressing?

  • Hey I was wondering if you ever read anything about needing to heat turmeric to get the most health benefits from it or if the heating(cooking) process will destroy it's properties. Someone at work mentioned that, but I cannot seem to find any information on that. I use it daily when cooking, but I will usually add it at the end. Any info appreciated.

  • Excellent video!
    Did any medical professional encountered a MGUS patient suffering from hemiparesis ? Did curcumin & VIT D3 helped? Thank you very much for the info and if you could link me to any publication on the topic I would be most grateful.

  • why do white people always compare their health to African-Americans, we're at the bottom of every society on the earth, yet, of all the other races on the planet white doctors continually Jump all the way down to the bottom to compare their health to ours. Why not compare yourselves to the next closest nation that closest to you in terms of having the best access to health care and healthy diet, like the Japanese. I don't get it.

  • I like this Dr. Greger's findings but not ALL is valid. People do what works for you. One can't generalize we don't live in each other's body. Always generalizing with studies, especially rat based studies. I am not a rat! Retarded scientist and their rats, go marry one and don't tell me findings using your rats.
    I for one will eat pickle if I feel like it. It does not annoy me.

  • my face was having pimples, dark spot and wrinkles, an Indian lady bring me a turmeric so that I can try it and see if it can't work for me, guys now is like am dreaming, my face is smooth and beautiful, I started using it middle of November last year, I Google it and find that you can use it for many things.

  • Better not let big pharma hear you talking about natural products. The CDC, AMA, FDA, CIA, FBI, who are all corrupt, will be all over you. They want chemo, radiation, and surgery. That is how the NWO is able to cull the population.

  • This is why you know they lie to us about everything.  I don't believe nothing they say about religion,  jesus,  all of it is a game to keep us off balanced mentally and physically.

  • James George1 second ago
    I know why no beef @cheese products because recently they tested the dairy animals in California and found 89 percent of the animals have Leuchemia in their blood so kids are getting leuchemia… I quit it a few years ago I don't want cancer

  • My mother had Sjogrens Syndrome and Raynaud's that led to Multiple Myeloma. Chemo killed her. Not one person has ever been cured of multiple myeloma by having Chemo. If I get it, I would do the diet and alternative cures, and homemade GcMAF. At least my last year on Earth would be 100% better than the suffering my mom endured during her last year of life.

  • Dr. Virginia Wuerthele-Caspe Livingston, M.D. Investigated a pleomorphic bacteria that is similar to tuberculosis and leprosy, that she called Progenitor cryptocides mycobacterium. This pathogen can produce a growth hormone similar to HCG, that allows it to hide from our immune system. She thought that up to 30 % of chickens were contaminated with this pathogen. This pathogen is not completely killed by cooking. This infection could explain increases in cancer from consuming chicken.

    This microbe is also linked to damage of the lining of blood vessels, heart damage, scleroderma, and lupus.

  • I am an indian lady from chennai. We for years use two pinch of turmeric in all items except sweets, there are some turmeric powder we use on face, full feet, my elder look bit yellow but they had good skin, smooth, no cracks on feet etc. After few hours it fades.

    Turmeric is divine auspicious, we offer it to married ladies who husband is alive, windows use it as medicine.

    The planet Jupiter is all knowledge wisdom, he is the teacher of all divine beings, his glance or astrological aspect on your zodiac removes all blemishes, negative forces, nullify the evil aspect of other planets.
    His blessing give matrimonial ties or marriage. He is yellow in color.

    Turmeric has lots of cure, if you have sore throat, add turmeric in milk or water, gargle it and swallow, in no time you are cured. Good for cold dry caugh so turmeric milk 2/3 black pepper.

    Along with med have suitable food. And pray to Lord Saturn, he helps to cure skin problem, not the christian Satan.

    Let us eat natural food and turn vegetarian. Yes, herbivores animals look beautiful kind and healthy too.

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