Turmeric Curcumin and Osteoarthritis


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  • I have an ankle and I just can't trust it…it's fine sometimes and other times it's so painful I can hardly walk. Thank god I found this vid because I really want a natural treatment.
    Otherwise I would have had to go on meds

  • I have been off my Naproxen 500mg(had been on it for several years)…for 9 months since i eliminated dairy especially Milk from my diet, i have significally increased beans fruits and vegetables to my diet along with a cup of golden milk (made with a non dairy nut milk) the Osteo pain in my hips,spine has gone from severe pain down to hardly noticeable or an occasional twinge…i am an overweight female in my early 50's and i feel like i've been granted a second chance, i've joined a gym and am working on weight loss..its a slow process but im getting there. Foods do heal. 

  • Hello!! How much tumerick is needed for a man that weight is about 180 pounds and suffer from pains in joints nees, sholders, neck, arms, hands and neck!! He's 35 stoped drinking milk since a year almost !!

  • I have RA as both my parents did. My finger joints would ache and swell and enlarge and my little fingers felt like they were broken for months at a time. That is until I started taking turmeric, basic curry powder, a few years ago. Stiffness and pain are now gone and I can lift weights again pain free. It's been a Godsend and I don't have to take immune suppressing drugs to fight my RA, some which can cause far worse things to happen.

  • Please do share with me the amount you take per day and how often. I just received my shipment of this organic product/inflamation and ginger, awaiting for the cinnamon/diabities to arrive. i read about the great benefits all the time, but no one including the businesses ever say how much to take and how often

  • After five months of dietary changes, cutting out dairy and adding more fruit and vegs plus turmeric, I wish I could notice a difference, but I honestly don't.

  • I was born with cartilage deterioration disease – even with this diagnosis, I can not get a osteoarthritis diagnosis from doctors because Im "much too young" – Im 43 and have been a sufferer since age 5. Ive had joint issues and arthritis symptoms since I was just 5 years old. I suffer during storms and winters. My joints also have issues with popping and collapsing – I fall A LOT because my knees dont "lock" when I step down, instead I just follow through to the ground. Ive been vegan for almost 2 years now. That said, Im not getting better. I do consume tumeric but not on a grand scale. I am not being heard by my doctors and Im frustrated. Im in NYC – any recommendations?

  • Interesting… In south korea, We used to eat 'Sea Squirt' – raw inner meat / Brew soup with it's skin. Skin part have chondroitin sulfate, It help to relieve(even prevent) osteoarthriitis too. Turmeric is good way to go with rice & curry.

  • I wear a rain coat and that has solved my arthritis problem. Complete recovery but it is a hassle on sunny days because people ask me "why are you wearing that stupid rain coat"? Oh well, if it works, do it. That's all I tell them.

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