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  • Gary Taubes is an unreliable source of nutritional information. He presents skewed information and probably has an agenda that isn't related to improve the health of the general population.
    For instance, he opposes the recommendation to cut down sodium from the diet of the general popultion, which sounds fishy since there's clear evidence that sodium has an accumulative effect on the rise of blood pressure, and a number of other health issues such as bone demineralization.

  • You need to find better sources. Try folks like Caldwell Esselstyn, T. Colin Campbell, or John McDougall, and not those who base their beliefs on hearsay and feelings and testimonials.

  • Then go somewhere else. Many here enjoy the videos and presentation. Ironically I find your post more irritating, so I guess we should expect you to modify it in much the same way you expect others to change their presentation….

  • Why do you assume I didn't? Anyway, the recent research doesn't overturn the conclusions drawn by previous research, particularly when these are well stablished:
    "There is overwhelming evidence that our current high-salt intake is the major factor increasing blood pressure (BP) and, thereby, a major cause of cardiovascular disease and kidney disease worldwide"
    – He FJ et al. WASH-world action on salt and health. Kidney International (2010) vol. 78 (8) pp. 745-53

  • (2/3) Gary Taubes' article showing his stubborn opposition to the salt reduction recommendations:
    – Taubes G. "The (political) science of salt." Science (1998) vol. 281 (5379) pp. 898-901, 903-7
    Some of the comments on Tubes' article:
    – Lenfant C. "Salt wars." Science (1998) vol. 281 (5385) pp. 1961
    Excerpt (continuation below):

  • (3/3) Excerpt (reference above):
    "Gary Taubes's article about dietary sodium and hypertension (News Focus, 14 Aug., p. 898) depicts the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) as sticking to a public policy position in favor of “universal salt reduction,” in spite of published data questioning salt's effect on blood pressure.
    Not so. NHLBI's recommendation for Americans to consume a moderate salt intake is based on a thorough, impartial, and continual review of the published science."

  • First, I don't consider Taubes a reliable source of anything. Period.
    Secondly, salt has been contested as a cause of issues and more of a marker that one is making poor food choices.
    In one of MANY places this is addressed is The McDougall Newsletter article entitled "Salt: The Scapegoat for the Western Diet", August 2008.

  • Also Caldwell. Esselstyn's comments on salt in Dr. McDougall's Health & Medical Ctr topic entitled "Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn on sugars & salt" echoes the same idea that its not the small amount you add that's the problem – rather its the processed food that is already excessively saturated with salt that is the problem. Source: An Interview with Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., M.D. by National Health Association

    Try reading better sources rather than debating a questionable source.

  • (1/3) You should read this seminal paper from a study of a large sample from 48 different groups around the world. The only populations who didn't experience a significative rise in blood pressure with age were those whose sodium intake were (for modern standards) very low. Unrelated to either food choices or lifestyle since there were other groups with similar diet, lifestyle and relatedness but high sodium intake who did experience a rise in their blood pressure with age. Open access (below):

  • (2/3) Whatever may say a particular doctor is hardly relevant, I rather believe in the actual data:
    – Intersalt Cooperative Research Group. "Intersalt: an international study of electrolyte excretion and blood pressure. Results for 24 hour urinary sodium and potassium excretion. Intersalt Cooperative Research Group." BMJ (1988) vol. 297 (6644) pp. 319-28

  • (3/3)This may also be of your interest:
    MacGregor and Wardener. Populations, salt and blood pressure. Salt Diet and Health (1998)pp.100-127
    And this:
    He and Macgregor. Reducing population salt intake worldwide: from evidence to implementation. Prog Cardiovasc Dis (2010) vol.52(5)pp.363-82

  • Yawn. I don't have the time nor the interest to source all of the studies that are now questioning salt's causal relationship with hypertension, etc. No one doubts the effects of the Abuse of sodium, but your continually trotting out one study has gotten old. But nice of you to show up out of context and pretend to know it all. You don't.

  • (1/2) You seem to have confused a scientific study with the latest Hollywood premiere. The conclusions of a scientific study is valid for as long as no other debunks them. Some of the most cited papers were published half century ago and their conclusions are still pretty valid. Anyway, here yo are an update of that populational study published 8 years later (continuation below):

  • (2/2) – Elliott P et al. "Intersalt revisited: further analyses of 24 hour sodium excretion and blood pressure within and across populations." Intersalt Cooperative Research Group. BMJ (1996) vol. 312 (7041) pp. 1249-53

  • Yawn. Still he misses the point. Salt, except in exceptional excessive amounts, is not only NOT the fundamental CAUSE of the problem, while its elimination IS a real problem.

  • The message regarding salt in moderate amts not being a primary cause of hypertension is borne out in MYRIAD studies. Conversely, diets lacking in sufficient salt have been shown to be problematic. Fly, Please take your personal hangup elsewhere.

  • You are a quack. Without references you are simply spouting BS.
    In contrast, i gave you a lot of references of papers published in specialized medical journals and the current official stance of the National Institure of Health, still a more reliable slource than te opinion of a nobody in the Internet.

  • Fkwad, I am under NO obligation to chase your BS claims around. You are the one trying to contradict myriad recent studies disputing the necessary causal nature of salt with hypertension.
    You have a problem with the studies presented, take this to the PROPER NutritionFacts dottt org site and present them there, you mouth breathing blowhard. But apparently you are too stupid or illiterate to read Greger's instructions. Until then – fk off Pancho.

  • Fascinating that you say not a word about the supportive research that shows that deficiencies in vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, or calcium can have the same effect as those 'sensitive' to sodium.. Or is myopia just one of your perceptual strengths?

  • … great video to show human susceptibility to foolishness. We are conditioned by mass scale marketing lies and generations of misinformation to crave and eat crap that makes us chronically ill. SAD!

    “A little nonsense, now and then, is relished by the wisest men”

    W. Wonka

  • Hi Doctor, I am really like ur channel. And now I need ur help…. I eat raw food until 4. In the morning I drink water, smoothies, juices or fruit and I don't have problems but when I eat rice, potatoes or vegetables I have a lot stomach problems (terrible back lower pain, or gastritis even when I take enzyme during dinner time ( Raw enzyme of Garden of life) doesn't help at all.could u please help
    me….Thank u and have a beautiful day. 😨

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