Treating Advanced Prostate Cancer with Diet: Part 1


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  • Dear Dr Gregor,
    Please now, after a presentation like this, please recognize Charlotte Gerson's work keeping alive her father Dr. Max Gerson's protocol. There is data waiting for you to address in their San Diego office. If not there, then across the border in Tijuana at her hospital. Here in the US she would be imprisoned for promoting what you point out above. Please.

  • Nutrient-dense whole-foods plant-based diet + intravenous vitamin C + turmeric/curcumin + Rick Simpson's cannabis oil + green tea + flax seed + cooked tomato + optimum exercise + optimum sleep + optimum hydration =
    prostate cancer has NO chance.

  • Plant based diet bullshit that could apparently reverse the progression of prostate cancer. Talk about blind faith and nutritional stupidity. Let's see some exact measured nutrient intake and exact toxicity cause and let's skip the Greger bullshit of could, maybe, perhaps, apparently and I don't know song and dance…. Typical allopathetic drug doctor mentality riding a plant based diet religion. LOL.

  • Of course! This is a FOREGONE conclusion. The kidneys will ACTUALLY be filtering sediment if you are eating HIGH LEVELS of fruits and veggies therefore the lymph that moves acidic cancer cell waste is moving out through the kidneys and into your pee. WHY this is such a revelation is beyond me…someone like dr Gregory SHOULD know this already. But I guess he does and is trying to dumb it down for the dumb ass public.

  • Dr.Greger , you are making such a seminal contribution to increasing awareness of plant based whole foods diet in the world. You are such a humorous but equally rigorous advocate – inspiring! Thank you Sir

  • 1) Dr. Gregor most likely already knew this information before he posted it
    2) He doesn't post what he doesn't know, he posts what is new in plant based research
    3) it is research and studies, all of which have actual numbers and data to back it up.

    These aren't speculations or theories. This is actual research and conclusions. What you do with it is your own business.

  • It was interesting to watch this video after reading an article in this morning's paper, which warned the "Idea of food as medicine is harmful"; an article written by an instructor/researcher at the university I attend studying nutrition…needless to say I was furious (and concerned about my education to boot).

    No doubt the recent spat of films such a What the Health and Eating You Alive will cause some to "debunk" critical information the public needs to hear (as RWS does below in this thread) but how can this be something doctors and academics not be on board with? I moved to this city temporarily to care for my parents, who are now plant-based, and their health improves daily, along with weight loss and a reduction of medication, of course. Attending university and getting a degree in nutrition "should" help keep me from losing my mind but I am unsure they are going to be able to teach me anything as I get more into it, it doesn't appear they appreciate evidence based nutrition at all. Should I be surprised? We have a Monsanto Canada Breeding Centre and SmartPark (oxy-morons) on campus and the faculty is also responsible for animal agriculture education so there's a big interest in keeping us eating meat here in the centre of the Canadian prairies. Our papers are complicit in this, with almost daily articles denouncing proper nutrition while promoting pork and poultry.

    Media aside, it angers me that doctors and educators are actually creating a harmful environment where people are not only denied the best choice of care, but are being told it's nonsense and quackery. Eating vegetables, whose only side effects seems to be regular bowel movements (something you warned about lol) and ridicule from those who want us to stay on medication for the rest of our lives…

    One day, I hope, we will be able to sue these individuals for not only lying, but perpetuating the disease states which have become the new normal. Thanks again for your work doc, you've helped save not only my life, but have allowed me to enjoy more (quality) time with my family…

  • FYI, GoldCart vape pen will have men peeing PAIN FREE again within 2 weeks to 1 month. Due to drug testing, they would have to be exempt until their treatment is finished. My Dad has had several prostate surgeries; something men does NOT want to go through!

  • Thanks for natural medicine information. When are doctor's allowed to believe in alternative medicine in 'the states'? When will 'the states' catch up to other countries in other parts of the world?

  • Hi Dr G! I love your book and videos. I have a nutrition topic I'd like you to address please. We all know that the foods we crave and find most appealing are not always the healthiest 😥😂 the draw to foods can be attributable to everything from chemical manipulations, nutritional deficiencies and the well know proven addictive reaction in the brain to sugar and dairy products. What I would like to know specifically is how do we explain the draw to eating fat? Do any of the factors I mentioned apply? I have realized that our natural need(want?) for fat seems to be a prevalent issue. For me it's the only issue that proves a bit difficult as I'm transitioning to vegan because I like to have a little bit of coconut oil on toast ( I'm switching that to nut butter or avacado ) I like having French fries or garlic bread on occasion, I like cooking onions and garlic with a little oil to carmalize- also a drizzle when roasting veggies 😅 if I give all of this up is it really going to be that huge of difference to my health, is it worth it? Also is this a connection to our brains needing fat because they are fat…. so much to cover! But I have successfully been able to go vegan, largely thanks to YOU!! Thanks 😄👍 I have many reasons based on animals and planet/environment toi make the choice but ultimately the health reasons are the ultimate driving force. Once you learn this stuff you can't just unlearn it, I know too much to turn back now! 😄🤗😃 Thanks again!! ✌

  • My father had a partial prostectomy at age 77 for BPH. Unfortunately two years later cancer (Gleason 6-7) was found in the part of the prostate that was not removed less than two years after a very difficult surgery. By the way, there was a dramatic decline in cognitive function immediately after surgery. No explanation was given by any doctor including the attending neurologist for this decline that got much worse before eventually most of the cognitive function returned, but not all. PSA two years after the surgery reached 49 before Lupron hormonal treatment began (continuous, not interment). One year later on Lupron injections and the PSA is now at zero but the hormonal treatment has has brought on some significant cognitive decline (not sure if correlation or causation). We have cut out high methionine foods and introduced organic soy milk to aid in suppressing testosterone. I'd like to know if the patients in this study did similarly. My concern with a whole food vegan diet is that testosterone is typically higher than non-vegan diet which would fuel cancer growth.

  • In some years we'll start to see a wave of naturist fanatics dying of all kind of treatable deseases after choosing to have "food as medicine" and refusing tradicional treatments.
    Some would say that those who profit from dumb people's gullibility like this guy does should be jailed, but I say everybody's responsible for their own actions and anyone who chooses soy milk over chemotherapy after following some vegan guru's advices and dies, well, they had it coming.

  • This is how Big Pharma with their fucking minions that are bullying you to take Chemo

    Chemotherapy is so poisonous that leaking a few drops of the drug onto
    your hand can severely burn it. If drops fall on a concrete floor, they
    can burn holes into it. Spilling any chemotherapeutic drug in the
    hospital or anywhere en route is classified as a major biohazard and it
    requires specialists with space-suits to dispose of it. Just imagine the
    holes chemotherapy creates inside your blood
    vessels, lymphatic ducts, and organ tissues when you undergo infusion
    after infusion! I have looked at the irises of patients (using
    iridology) who have gone through chemotherapy, and I saw the
    considerable erosion and damage of tissues throughout the body. Yes,
    this drug destroys cancer cells, but along with them, many of your
    healthy cells, too. Your entire body becomes inflamed.

    For this reason, your hair falls out when you undergo chemotherapy or radiation, and you
    cannot digest food anymore. Many patients develop anorexia – the loss of
    appetite or desire to eat. But this is not the only risk you can expect
    from modern cancer therapies.

    “Chemotherapy and radiation can increase the risk of developing a second cancer by up to 100 times,” according to Dr. Samuel S. Epstein ~ Congressional Record, Sept. 9, 1987. Given the extreme suffering cancer patients are being subjected to by undergoing
    cancer treatments, people like Jackie Onassis were fortunate to have
    died quickly, although unnecessarily.Tim O'Shea wrote in To The Cancer
    Patient: “…Chemo drugs are some of the most toxic substances ever
    designed to go into a human body, their effects are very serious, and
    are often the direct cause of death. Like the case of Jackie Onassis,
    who underwent chemo for one of the rare diseases in which it generally
    has some beneficial results: non-Hodgkins lymphoma.She went into the
    hospital on Friday and was dead by Tuesday.” I have personally seen
    cancer patients who successfully and naturally reversed their cancers
    but were then talked into taking a round of chemotherapy just to be sure
    to “get it all.” They all died within a day or two of the first

    The methods of modern medicine don’t fight disease, they fight
    the body. Disease is the body’s way of healing itself, and modern
    treatment is a sure way to impair or even destroy this ability.
    Taken from the book "Cancer is not a Disease"

  • RWS Troll What scientific evidence supports your belief ?? Υοu said ''Your associations omitted so many essential nutrients''' Bullshit, it is NOT …my association IT IS THE American Dietetic Association , you are biased moron .
    Eating too much red meat, which raises brain levels of iron, may heighten the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, researchers from the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at UCLA reported in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease. As background information, the authors explained that iron can accelerate the damaging reactions of free radicals. Over time, iron builds up in brain gray matter regions and appears to contribute to the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and other age-related illnesses.

  • It's ****** ridiculous that they only try a plant based diet + MBSR approach on people POST surgery !!! I just witnessed a neighbour dying from cancer "treatment", the meds made her look all swole up and then she died within a few days. Terrible. Stay away from doctors!

  • Absolutely amazing. My mom's friend has cancer and refused to give up meat. My mom has been suffering from pain and depression, made the switch and is rapidly getting better. Everyone has a choice

  • Sample size of 10 and no control group? In my field (economics), a sample size that small would be considered a joke and would never get published. I am surprised it is published in a medical journal. It is likely that men who complied with treatment also did other beneficial changes in their lives or were very different from the start. I really believe a plant based diet can have beneficial effects but we need studies with adequate sample size and control group to make these claims.

  • Thank you and thank you dr. Michael Greger information such as this is life-changing I am so humbled and so appreciative of folks like you and your staff providing such information for the General Public I thank you from the bottom of my heart thank you

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