Treating ADHD Without Stimulants


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  • While your comment makes a lot of sense and has truth to it…their creativity wasn't focused enough without the ritalin, so their natural creativity is hampered because it's not very focused anyway…However, another thing to think about is the dosage may be too strong. ~ My sis was forced to be medicated as a child, and we panicked prematurely when we saw her change drastically into a zombie. Later, took her off meds. She ended up a high school drop out. The meds help…they're only a tool tho

  • As someone with ADD, its the most effective non stimulant route ive found. screw your gym clothes and shower, get up, do some pushups, squats, go on a quick job, then get back to your homework, who cares if youre sweaty?

  • I know all about the benefits of exercising and agree with ya. My motto or chant if "energy burns energy"…which is what you are referring to. When I don't exercise I get lazier and lazier, when I do exercise, I have more energy. Again, there's tons of benefits to working out…but after 8+ yrs of doing this, I don't just workout I RUN. Running causes injuries. So i'm merely pointing out, the side effects of exercise, to say there are ZERO, is, well, not 100% being honest here…

  • Jack Russels need: rules, boundaries & limitations…as well as daily exercise :P. I love Cesar Millan, but that's a whole 'nother topic. ~ LOL. There's actually a pretty scary episode done with them on his show (it's on YT), where one was raised a 'hunter'….(one of the few shows that doesn't end well).

  • Wow. Maybe you could start with a 1/2 hour walk in the morning after breakfast but before your shower. Maybe 15 min. light calisthenics while you eat your lunch. Most people would not need to shower but maybe you have powerful sweat, just sayin'. Dr. Greger actually has a computer set up so he can work while he walks on his treadmill at the same time. Go for a walk and start thinking outside the box.

  • I was raised on a farm and worked in the fields every day…but now I don't. So what is your point and how does your comment make this a valid approach for kids in school or the bulk of adults on the planet who don't work in fields? I am glad you got the sarcasm…it was intended!

  • I walk for an hour every morning at 4:45 am and do a workout at 5 pm. My comment was based on this doctors statement that exercise can counter the effects of ADHD with only healthy side effects. Yet he says the positive effects of an "acute and chronic" physical activity (his words) only last 60 – 90 minutes so my interpretation is that you would have to work out every 60 – 90 minutes to sustain this benefit. What is your definition of an acute and chronic physical activity?

  • I always kind of love the phrase …
    0:27 — "the drugs are thought to act …."
    implies a bit between the lines they have no idea what these drugs are doing at all.
    How did this way of doing business develop in the medical industry and how does the public really know is going on with these drugs and patients?

  • "Exercise does have side effects, but they're all good."

    Did you hear that Jim Fixx?
    Did you hear that Isaac Hayes?
    Did you hear that John Hughes?

    Physical activity has a cost and should be meaningful, not another refined supplement.

  • Does it make sense to prescribe a stimulant to someone who is already hyperactive? Maybe I'm just one of those stupid common sense people? Next I think the words common sense will probably be removed from the dictionary & ban from school curriculum.   

  • Had Add my whole life and yes exercise does help minimize some aspects of it and helps with circulation in the brain etc, but make no mistake about it exercise is not a replacement for Adderall or other meds. Sorry but many people also have fatigue which means that they cannot physically exert themselves either so pretty much it's almost impossible on (work, school days) or when focusing on important tasks are needed which is depressing and downright impossible to accomplish for any duration. These so called experts or doctors are just babbling fools reading from textbooks and don't have first hand knowledge living with Adhd so they are not the authority on what works and what can replace your medication. Everyone handles or copes differently but mostly for me and other adhd sufferers I would say sun, ocean, outdoors in general helps out a lot and working out but this gets harder to do as one ages. Medication can never completely be replaced as long as we live in this fast pace left brain dominated world of fast thinking and logic minded individuals where you are on the clock so to speak. Off the clock or a world without time and being one with nature is the only remedy for adhd ers

  • I had ratline once as part of therapy, but it didn't do anything.

    Now, as far as exercise is concerned, IF it comes with BACON I can get with it.  No BACON, no exercise, but than you anyway.

  • Certified ADHD as adult. Exercise is everything.  I "took some time off" whilst in the throes of new-dating last year (brain flooded by other means eh)  and eventually wound up in a state of depression.  Ride Forrest Ride!!!  The only benefit i've found to time off the bike (not riding) is that it takes less time to get a "good" workout when you return.  Ride Forrest Ride! 

  • Just wanted to point out that yes, you're right, within minutes of exercise, you will see an increase in those chemicals. Also, the effects are very short lived. It's not like I can just jump out of my desk and start doing push-ups every class hour. If humans were still hunting for their food and fighting off predators 24/7, attention deficit hyperactivity WOULDN'T be a "disorder". The world is different these days, I don't fear for something eating me. I fear that someone is going to rob me, or that I'll get in a car accident.

  • The real answer to treatment is a combination of many things: exercise, practice, therapy, medicine, as well as working on one's will power or learning to controll your brain through meditative thought. Believe it or not, you can improve, and adapt just by practice. I'll stop ranting soon ;P … a few other major points:

    mis-diagnosing patients with anxiety or depression

    Most children have some amount of ADHD, severity changed though.

    You shouldn't depend on medicine long term.
    If you can get by without medicine, I believe you're more likely to out grow it. Just my observation with friends and family..

    Lastly, is ADHD hurting you more than helping? Sometimes it can actually be beneficial in life. I feel like ADHD people usually have a certain brilliance to them, like an advantage over everyone else. Maybe it's because they are experiencing and cognitively analyzing more actively… Just some thoughts on the topic, sorry to write so much. I hope you found my comments useful

  • Well said Nic,
    Maybe back when dinosaurs roamed the earth everyone had Adhd by default? Lol

    If I go spearfishing or diving it's almost like taking an stimulant medication. Lol

    Unfortunately for most of us we can't do those outdoor hunting sessions everyday anymore or even have time to do them but it's true about the hunter & gatherers gene having a close resemblance. As for these mothers that say things like: (I took my child off Dairy, Gluten and sugar and he was normal after that) my message to you is that for one your child never had Adhd to begin with and secondly Adhd (hyperactivity) Is much different from those with adult ADD , or ADD in younger ones. With ADD there is not enough dopamine to pull from for instant action in organizing or even completing small tasks that require attention. Most kids are naturally high and super active so the diets the parents use on them is there own creation if it's good healthy or fast food it's all usually the parents or food they eat at schools etc…Most of these kids are not true adhd, add.

    The fact remains Adderall , dex, Ritalin work and trying to cycle them properly and use as needed can save your career or bring hope to the otherwise hopeless. I am just happy for Adderall opening my eyes to what I was really capable of doing and now I use essential oils and other methods to keep my dosage at a minimum with constant detoxification methods being used in the process.

  • i have adhd and i cannot sit still without my medication and focus at all exercise can not be done while i am trying to study as it is a distraction and all i need is a tiny distraction and im put off my work thats what you should really be looking at is distractions PS i am on a very high dose

  • I have add and this is great and all, and could likely help a lot of kids, but exercise alone isn't going to work for everyone, and I feel that should be noted as well or else some kids who need it might not get it

  • Seriously? My son is very active and it does nothing for his ADHD. When my son is failing in school what should he do, go run around the classroom? What about when he has a meltdown? Smh

  • Intense exercise is a mildly effective for treatment of ADHD, but the science says the benefits last about 45 minutes, so how can I exercise all day …that's an unrealistic form of treatment. Not to mention at that intensity I would destroy my joints in the process!

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