Treating Acne with Barberries


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  • 1:28 I think cannabis is a better herbal remedy than this fruit, there is also evidence that we have been growing cannabis for as many as 10 thousand years ago. Also magic mushrooms are the best and people should know how good those plants are for us.

  • I'm 22, have been vegan for almost 7 months now, and lately have been increasingly losing hair. My hairline has also been receding, hair is thinning, and for the record I have always had the widow's peak hairline if that matters.

    Basically anybody who reads this and doesn't mind giving some advice… Any tips on what I can do, remedies to try, or certain foods or nutrients to eat that can help me slow down or even reverse this annoying balding pattern?

    My family has no history with balding by the way. Super appreciative of any advice from really anybody at all. Thanks.

  • Well! Headed to the Middle Eastern grocer after work now! My cystic acne disappeared when I went vegan seven years ago. (Likely the drop in dairy consumption. I was a gallon-a-day offender vomit) Now it's time to tidy up further and, cross fingers, limit/eliminate my dependence on benzoyl peroxide and glycolic acid. Barberries are worth a try. Thank you.

  • looking into purchasing these I came across many products labeled Barberry or Berberine (berberine could be extracted from barberries or other things including bark or root). I am a bit confused because some reviewers mentioned that it can cause diarrhea or low blood sugar. Not sure how this relates to eating the dried berries…how much dried berries compares to the amount in the extracts or capsules sold? Also is it ONLY the berries themselves that benefit the skin, or do the products with bark or root as benefit?

  • these things are not cheap…..On Amazon they are about $25 a lb for dried organic berries. Not sure where he got his for cheap…,.maybe his criteria for "cheap" is different than mine? I generally get dried organic goji berries and other types of dried berries for under $20/lb. I feel like organic is important for berries as otherwise they get hit with a lot of pesticides.

  • Any information regarding the similarities/differences in effectiveness of barberry root powder and the dried berries?
    Or, has anyone encountered an affordable barberry berry powder?

  • I had acne for more than forty years. It didn't go away when I went vegan or WFPB. It didn't respond to anything several dermatologists suggested. I never used Isotretinoin because it's mechanism was never known and I reasoned all those side effects had to be metabolic or physiological bad news. Then last year to placate my GP I started supplementing more vitamin D, from 3500 IU per week from a multivitamin to 7500 IU per week total with added supplement pills. No more acne.

  • I'm 15 and I've had progressively bad acne for the 8 past months, I went nearly WFPB Vegan, my acne hardly improved on this diet, I eat pretty clean with the exception of some dark chocolate sometimes or little bit of oil… Can anyone give me some solid advice about clearing up acne and acne remedies

  • Been vegan for 2 years and still have a problem with bacne (acne on the back only). I've eliminated soy from my diet completely, and so far I've had fewer breakouts. Is it possible that soy causes acne in certain people? Maybe I'm allergic to it? I've also eliminated oil completely, but even before I ate very little oil. Gonna try the barberries if doesn't completely go away in a month…

  • I'm beyond appreciative of the the gift you offer us all through your videos!! If I may make a request…. please please please consider making a video on colon hydrotherapy/ colonics. I've tried compiling information but am constantly diverted because of the FDA's limits on what claims can be made. I and many others would greatly appreciate your knowledge and views
    Thank you!

    Plant Balanced

  • I'm on the hunt for these berries now. Even if they don't work, they sound tasty. There is only one Iranian grocery store around here so I really hope they have it! Otherwise I'll have to order online and they are kind of expensive. If anyone knows a good place to find these let me know.

  • Is it okay for the dried barberries to be black? On google images all photos show them red, in poland I found only one place to buy them online, and they are black. I bought 1kg there are like pieces of twig and stuff, should I wash them before eating? I know they supposed to be very sour, they need a while to chew them they also I think have hard seeds, is that okay to my teeth?

  • I can't believe that really worked! After almost a year of struggling with really bad acne because I stopped to take the pill, it is finally getting better just by eating barberries every day. After two weeks now some red dots are all that's left but they're so flat that you can easily cover them with make up already. Thank you so much!

  • Just bought a 200g bag of dried barberries from a middle eastern grocery store here in Toronto and it cost only $2.99! Love the sour taste. Hope it works.

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