Topical Honey for Canker Sores


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  • My son used to have mouth ulcers very regularly and a lot of them. He would be in agony and sometimes miss school. Then someone recommended zinc and, hey presto, no more mouth ulcers for a year!!

  • My honey story: I had severely sprained my outer ankle & put a 4"x6" frozen cold pack on it for 20min every 4 hours, as instructed by my doctor. By the next day, I had a 4×6 3rd degree "freezer burn" of necrotic skin. It turns out this is not an uncommon injury in runners. The skin is so thin and there's so little circulation it's very easy to get frostbite if the cold pack is frozen. Due to the size of the burn, my Doc got me an appointment at the nearest burn center. While waiting, I happened to take my dog to the vet. He asked what happened and after giving the details, he recommended a Manuka honey dressing. He said he'd seen burned horses grow skin back at the rate of about 1"/month. When the burn unit told me treatment would be $6000 and take 6 months, I bought the honey. I changed dressings every other day and in 3.5 months, the burn was completely healed!! The "inside" 25% of the 4×6 rectangle is a bad scar, but the rest doesn't even looked damaged! I ended up having to get 24 oz of honey. Total cost of honey and dressings (human large non-stick pads and horse anklewrap that sticks to itself…for only $2/roll, which was 80% less than the equivalent human wrap) was about $275. Vs $6000 at the burn center! Anyway, that's how honey healed my 4"x6" frostbite/burn.

  • I get that it's all unbiased and just presented science but it's pretty sad that this can't be relied for ethics, too… Unnecessary exploitation of animals is wrong – and it's unnecessary, just how it was pointed out in the video. The healing agents probably come from the plants anyways.
    and it would be really nice to hear all of the nutrition science about the consumption of honey as well.

  • I used to get a few canker sores a year. I wish I knew to try honey. I'm curious how the honey was able to stay in place in the mouth long enough to be effective. Some OTC goop I was using created a film over the sore that stayed in place. On a side note, I don't get them anymore, and I'm really not sure why.

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