Tomato Sauce vs. Prostate Cancer


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  • It sure is interesting this food synergy mentioned in many videos about plant based nutrition, sure sounds similar with dragonball characters becoming far stronger when they do the fusion compared to just fighting together, not to mention some saiyans are named after vegetables lol just saiyan

  • Despite following a mediterranean diet my father developed a benign chronic prostate inflammation…but then if you look better at his diet, it was high on tomatoes indeed but it was also VERY high on milk (0,5L everyday) and cheese. So you can say that it could all go worse.

  • I wonder if tomato powder has ever been tested. The powder is the whole tomato, minus the water. You can make capsules and get the equivalent of quite a lot of fresh tomatoes. The capsules can be taken by those who don't like tomatoes.

  • Is consuming canned Tomato Paste OK?¬† Of course in a new, Non BPA can lining some tomato paste company's are decent enough to provide for caring consumers. But, does Dr. G ever talk about too much Citric Acid in the delicious cans of Tomato Paste?¬†¬† Luckily, I love Tomato Paste, (In Cans) and for different health reasons, eat and really enjoy it. ¬†But is too much Citric Acid in anyway unhealthy? I can't find Dr. G commenting on it……Thanks friends!

  • For what it is worth, I watched this video and since I love eating tomatoes, I decided that I should consume more of them, be they in juices, sauces, or whole form, but I mainly focussed on drinking a daily "Virgin" Mary. I enjoyed a daily drink of tomato juice and looked forward to the possibility of even the slightest hint of results described in this video. What I didn't know and should have known, is that tomatoes are quite high on the list of vegetables that can trigger Gout Attacks. After being Gout free and medicine free for many years, after two weeks of drinking tomato juices I had a minor gout-like attack on my left foot big toe joint. This was not nearly as intense an attack as I had experienced many years ago, but it was very uncomfortable and caused me to limp around cautiously for several days. The ONLY thing I had changed in my daily eating routine ¬†(I am a dedicated WFPBnOil eater) ¬†over the last few weekswas increasing the amount of tomatoes I was consuming, and since I hadn't had an attack of any intensity for a couple years, I think it fair to say the tomatoes were a contributing factor. I have sinc e stopped consuming tomatoes, and finally today the arthritic condition has eased almost completely. I realise that tomatoes are acidic in varying ¬†degrees as determined by whether they are cooked and how they are processed, but no matter, I am very retiscent to start drinking tomato juice again.¬†
    I am disclosing this experience as a warning to anyone who has a history of gout attacks and I would be interested to hear about anyone else's experience.

  • My father who had prostate cancer and a slipping memory doesn't have it anymore. He also goes to the gym everyday now also.
    This is what he eats now:

    Oatmeal ( with flax, chia, hemp seeds grounded with honey and blueberries/strawberries/ black cherries in morning with a side of white tea ( green tea he is out) and tap of coconut oil

    Lunch kale/red cabbage salad with the flax/hemp and chia with some apple cider vinegar and coconut oil with some olives and a cut tomato with some canned beans on top.

    Dinner: I forgot how he does dinner but i do know it involves steamed sweet potato. I'll try to remember to post back once I get the info.

  • I saw another video on youtube by Dr. Gundry about lectin in Tomatoes. He suggests to avoid Tomatoes, especially men over 40+ years. I am curious what is your take about lectin in Tomatoes that may promote Prostate Cancer

  • so how much salsa to get the 30mg of lycopene .. the patients got in their pasta dish?
    and at the end of the video.. should it be glutten free cheese less pizza?

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