Thousands of Vegans Studied


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  • Probably not, you know why? Because all diets are compromises. They have their pros and cons, and we all have to die of something. "Also the claim unlimited cholesterol, saturated fat and meat" is healthy, is still just an opinion, they need to run clinical trials on it. So far if you believe in Science, the body of evidence stacks against that. Wich means, your nutrient profile might be fine, but you might be putting yourself at more risk for certain types of cancers, and atherosclerosis

  • Exactly! If you haven't seen it search, "Low Carb Paleo, and LDL is Soaring – Help!"
    "Larry Eshelman emailed me last December with this problem. His LDL history:
    103 mg/dl (1990-2002, eating a low fat diet)
    115 mg/dl (2002-2007, eating a low carb diet)
    195 mg/dl (2007-2009, after reading Gary Taubes and adding saturated fat)
    254 mg/dl (Dec 2009, very low-carb Paleo for 5 weeks)
    295 mg/dl (Jun 2010, very low-carb Paleo for 7 months)"

  • It's got to be the case because if you look at when Chinese people for example go from there traditional diet which does have some meat of course but mostly grains and vegetables just whole foods to a Western diet they instantly get fatter.

  • To aimee valle, you must be doing something wrong, caus there is almost no fat in things like lentils, whole wheat pasta or rice, learn to buy proper foods and not already made SHIT:

  • I would gather that the "meat eaters" are heavier, because they often suppliment their meat with high starch, high carb food like potatoes. Also, someone not watching their diet, which I would surmise meat eaters doing, would partake in high sugar foods, and down sugary drinks. So this video, IMO, doesn't tell the whole story.

  • Yeah but do vegans eat as much as the other groups?  When you eliminate a whole category of foods (wether it's carbs for paleo people or animal products for vegans) you tend to eat less

  • Lots of off the shelf candy and chocolate contain milk or gelatin – also most pastries and cakes are made with milk or eggs. So I'm guessing vegans eat A LOT less junk food – if any at all.

  • Well there is some other correlation, for example vegans are more health conscious than meat eaters in general, and the availability of vegan processed foods is lower.

  • Great . Well I am not disagree with you about whole food plant based diet is healthiest diet in the world . Maybe they can't lose weight because they consume too much high carbs diet . My recommendation not cut out the carbs but reduce the amount of carbs

  • I love Dr Greger's stuff but I do have to point out that most vegetarians will avoid eating meat at all costs, which includes subbing in cheese and eggs for their protein. I would be interested in seeing more data on people who avoid those (high calorie, high fat, high cholesterol) foods and sub in high-nutrient, low calorie foods like oysters (zinc) and clams (b12). In epidemiological studies the Japanese continue to top the charts in life expectancy and they eat 10 a lot of vegetables and 2) a lot of seafood. Just food for thought…

  • (Tharun and despair). Both of are correct . Vegan can be chubby And genetic one the reason . Process foods should eliminate from our lifestyle without second though . Eat whole food plant based and combine food to get full protein throughout the day .

  • How much of the weight is muscle and how much is fat?
    It's theoretically possible that the two groups have the same amount of body fat but the heavier group has more muscle. In that case the heavier group would generally be considered more healthy.

  • What’s the BMI data on flexitarians (who eat Whole Foods plant based most of the time and only eat meat occasionally but no dairy, eggs, milk, processed oil etc) and vegetarians who exercise moderately in comparison to vegans with diet and little exercise?

  • India has the highest number of vegetarian. But the people are still not just overweight but fat and have high blood pressure and are diabetic. Reducing meat consumption or becoming vegetarian or vegan might be a good to avoid many diseases but what and how you eat also makes a lot of difference. Like the vegetarians eat lot of carbs and fats from oils and lesser amount of veggies and fruits won’t make any difference. We should know what we eat. In your country being vegetarian or vegan started as a healthy life style and people who are following this are trying to be healthy so they choose healthy food. And it’s not easy to go vegan just like that I guess. Which means vegans or vegetarians have good chances of being healthier in average as compared to others because of their persuasion for healthy lifestyle.

  • I find it so frustrating , I would love to have a discussion with Dr Gregor. Part of my degree was experimental psychology . I have so many questions about this study. What socio-economic group are the vegans ? What is the ages split amongst the vegans ? ( beginners is very trendy now are there a lot of fit young people in the vegan group? what is their educational level ? What exercises do these two groups do? what about the phenomena of people adding to their health . If they are already fit , doing exercise and yoga they will pay particular attention to their diet . The meat eaters are liable to include a large section of people that don't care about what they eat all their health . So this extreme bad population could throw of all the figures. Is it contaminations in meat and dairy causing the obesity?

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