The Wrong Way to Boost Serotonin


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  • Well the deaths from trytophan were eventually tied to contamination but producing serotonin naturally by eating the proper amount of tryptophan and having the right cofactors in your body is the best route. For people who are truly serotonin low tryptophan conversion MAY be the real issue. There is a simple test to see if it is actually a serotonin issue, serotonin is generally not the problem though although it can occur. I generally enjoy your videos…


  • people may be more interested in entering into quality conversations on the site, however, i am a firm believer in sticking with the more "mainstream" YT for balance purposes

  • ironically enough, diet recommendation "triangles" that include meat & dairy still list plant based foods as the type of food that should be eaten the majority of the time… it is highly likely that the historical USDA recommendations that include meat & dairy have been heavily influenced by industry… frankly, i dont think those industries have much to worry about because most people don't even try to follow even the USDA recommendations & over-consume plenty of undisputed dietary no nos

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  • The information is presented  here is slightly inaccurate. The deaths that occurred where from people ingesting a GMO version of L-Tryptophan which turned out to be impure and ultimately fatal to 100 plus individuals. If you Youtube "Nutritionist Nearly Killed by Natural Supplement", a Nutritionist and survivor of the fatal ailment acquired by the GMO L-Tryptophan explains this incident in greater detail. I'm neither pro nor against this supplement, just a regular guy doing some "Youtube research" before I decide to take this or not, so my opinion isn't colored. I felt I needed to point this out since it discussed information that I had just recently heard.  

  • Dr. Greger, I hope you are not as lackadaisical in your other videos as you have been in this one.

    This situation is very well documented in a new book called "Altered Genes, Twisted Truth: How the Venture to Genetically Engineer Our Food Has Subverted Science, Corrupted Government, and Systematically Deceived the Public"

    The issue was that a Japanese company called Showa Denko, you can find videos from them on You-Tube, genetically engineered a bacteria to try to produce more L-Tryptophan than the normal bacteria used to produce it.

    The evidence points to GENETIC ENGINEERING as the cause of this because no other company was using genetic engineering, and as the variety of bacteria the Showa Denko used to produce the L-Tryptophan produced more L-Tryptophan the incidence of these poisonings went up proportionately.

  • This was due to genetically engineered bacteria added to L-Tryptophan by ONE Japanese manufacturer named Showa Denko in the 80's. People please do your research this product is found in turkey and is totally safe!

  • Nothing will work as well as the bottom line building block of serotonin, please remove this video Dr. Gregor. Tryptophan is the least abundant amino acid in our diets. You telling people to completely avoid supplementing it is just completely wrong. You know exactly what caused the EMS, so please again, remove this video.

  • the contamination of l-tryptophan was strange the time when they wanted to start to promote SSRI / ZOLOFT & other SHIT …. you think they are not shady enough to cause something, to get it banned because of one voluntary infection and then start their ADVERTISEMENTS?

  • I thought the scientific consensus was that serotonin played a role in mood, but Dr Gregor is saying it doesn't since it doesn't cross the blood/brain barrier. So Dr Gregor is saying the scientific community is wrong?

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