The Tomato Effect


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  • Its not science? Check NutritionFacts . org and official sources. You dont want to believe its science, because its telling something that you dont want to hear. I care only about my health, if eating meat would be good for my health, i would eat it! Good luck anyways.

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    Your analogy is petulant and fallacious to it's core.

    Cookies and alcoholic beverages are the complete product of humans. These items were engineered and designed to be pleasing to our senses. What deer or buffalo designed itself to be pleasing to human senses? Or are all wildlife animals manipulated by man to taste good in your opinion?

    Humans have been consuming meat long long before the dawn of the agricultural revolution. (cont.)

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    Evolution orchestrated man's tastebuds to like the taste of meat for a reason.

    I'm extremely hard-pressed to believe you or your ideologue up there when you say that meat is always bad for human consumption. I call shenanigans.

    And if you think ignorance of evolution on your part and the petulance that ignorance spews out is going to sway my opinion when I'm obviously more well read than you are on the topic, you've another thing coming.

  • Really? So you should enjoy meat like real meat eaters, raw! Do you enjoy the smell of dead body? Of blood? Because ex. lions does! I know that meat was a part of our evolution, we were not always able to get enough calories form other sources, so meat was a great solution, but now? Dont we get enough calories ;)? When im telling that meat now is bad for most of use, i dont believe it, i care about facts, do so research from recent studies about meat, before calling me an ignorant.

  • There are cases of cannibalism, because in some cases they had no other choices, so we should do it? Please use simple logic, usually true is simple and logic 🙂

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    Pardon the length, but this will be long:

    "Really? So you should enjoy meat like real meat eaters, raw!"

    I do in fact enjoy sushi. I'd eat it more often it it wasn't so expensive.
    That said, the point you're attempting to make, IE: using fire is cheating, is just plain ill-conceived. There's nothing "cheating" about using fire and especially tools. Tool use is found throughout the animal kingdom. From primates to even otters. Even traps are not taboo, a spiders claim to fame is… (cont.)

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    "I know that meat was a part of our evolution, we were not always able to get enough calories form other sources, so meat was a great solution, but now? Dont we get enough calories ;)?"

    Who cares? You were arguing a minute ago that consumption of meat was killing us. That's an entirely different argument.

    "When im telling that meat now is bad for most of use, i dont believe it, i care about facts, do so research from recent studies about meat, before calling me an ignorant."


  • Are you serious?

    Humans have been consuming animals since the first man set foot on this green earth. That's THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of years of adaptation in our species alone, not even counting the species we descended from, and you think that's comparable to the few case instances of tribes out in Africa or the Donner Party?

    Are you trying to make a stupid joke here or do you honestly expect anyone to take this particular stance seriously?

  • Because there are many reasions, to not eat meat, health is one of them, ppl are going to plant based diet to heal themself of what meat caused, check 30gEiweaAVQ.
    Well, but we are here, a lot more than THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of years genius…

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    "Because there are many reasions, to not eat meat, health is one of them"

    I could see that argument if it was solely levied against commercial meat in which the animals harvested are sickly, pumped full of hormones and anti-biotics, and god knows what else, but no, you're not simply satisfied with that, you'd have me believe that ALL meat, ALL THE TIME, with no exception, is an unhealthful choice of food.

    Bullshit. You are full of shit.


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    … to resort to some form of supplementation even if that diet you choose happens to be "balanced", not even you are exempt.

    "Well, but we are here"

    Yes we are, Captain Obvious.

    "a lot more than THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of years genius…"

    Are you illiterate? Honest question.

  • We have been educated to believe that human were designed to eat meat which biologically we are not. Just like cows are designed to eat grass rather than corn or blood and bone in feedlots etc. It seems to me that after watching and reading lots about people changing to a whole plant diet, the health benefits are astonishing. and in a very short time…Why? Because that is what we are designed to eat, It has nothing to do with what we like to eat or what we have eaten culturally etc. The power we have as  every single individual to have a HUGE beneficial effect on our health, eco systems in sea, forests, rivers and the air and stopping cruelty is ridiculously simple and cheap. Stop eating our animals or their products. Heck can you also imagine how hard it would be to harm another person if you cannot bring yourself to harm an animal?  It might also be the gateway to world peace.

  • 2:00 first mention of the tomato effect – slavish devotion to orthodoxy.  Imported from the new world the tomato was a staple of the Old World diet, but shunned as being "poisonous" by North Americans.  One has to wonder if the so-called "orthodoxy" is really out to just kill people?

  • Some have commented that the above reference to white rice and beriberi might be less than accurate. Visit and read "Christiaan Eijkman, Beriberi and Vitamin B1". Bless you all, Mark.

  • Humans have NOT been eating animals since the first day they appeared 220,000 years ago. Humans appeared evolved to survive happily in an Amazon like jungle which later on became the Saharan desert, where their diet consisted of plants without schedule or competition. The shift from abundance to scarcity and an unusually evolved brain —which has not changed in 220,000 years— helped the species survive by adapting instantly to all kinds of environments whereas their initial, natural environment or habitat was wiped out from the face of the earth by ash from a volcanic eruption in Asia that covered the territory of today's Sahara desert for 1000 years. This theses is still in need of evidence, difficult to obtain since human bones are completely recycled in jungle-like habitats.

  • Dear Dr. Greger, your wording in the closing sentences of this video suggest that heart disease is only caused by consumption of animal products. I'm sure you don't believe this. Please consider using wording such as the majority of heart disease or something like that.

  • meat and dairy are poison , that's even before they feed the animals rubbish and poison them with drugs and then you cook it witch makes it a lot more deadly . WAKE UP they are killing people slowly and getting richer doing it WAKE UP.

  • We need not look back as far as 'the tomato effect' to see this kind of thing. Currently cannabis is still vilified as a food and a medicine in spite of thousands of years of evidence to the contrary. Including an explosion of information in recent times.
    It is still classified as a schedule one drug.

  • Today is about 16 months as vegetarians for my wife and I. I'm 30 pounds lighter, have incredible energy, feeling fabulous. Also gave up any added sugar in our diets.

    Dr. Greger, do you have any suggestions for dietary changes that could help with my wife's arthritis? I'm putting turmeric into pretty much everything we eat and we use a lot of basil, but do you have anything else you might suggest?

  • The Trading Companies made huge profits from rice bran oil (a fat which is only found in the brown part of rice). That's why the peasants and day-laborers who only had rice had to die. (sounds familiar?)

    Beri-beri was known in Japan for more than a thousand years. It was simply cured by mixing the rice with millet in spring and barley in the summer. Well off people were known to flee to the countryside during summer, if their health was in decline in fear of the "capital-sickness".

    Beri-beri is very easy to cure but that would have meant that the companies had to make other grains, brown rice or more vegetables available to the laborers. That in turn would have reduced their profits. So they did nothing. (again: sounds familiar?)

  • Okay, but why does nobody ever say "Do not eat sugar."?
    It matters a great deal, and everybody knows it's good advice, but nobody ever says, "Do not eat sugar."
    If you smoke a cigarette everyone suddenly becomes an expert, doling out unwanted health advice, but if you crack open a can of Mountain Dew, nobody bats an eyelash, even though it's exactly as deadly.

  • Status quo.

    A very important concept to the medical and DRUG industries. Rapid change and new cures mean less profits. Not acceptable to them.

    The medical and DRUG industries avoid cures whenever possible. Preferring to treat symptoms instead of causes. An especially wise approach for those more interested in income than human life.

  • This is as painful to watch as reading your book, but equally as easy to rip apart with the gleaming sabre of logic and genuine knowledge. I can only conclude that you are a part of Agenda 21.

  • Same thing happened and is still happening with cannabis, sadly. The plant has been used medicinaly for 5000 years, but the medical comunity still doesn't really accept on a loud voice that this plant cures epilepsy, cancer, alzheimer, and 47 diferents conditions

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