The Saturated Fat Studies: Set Up to Fail


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  • There are ten types of commonly consumed saturated fats (Stearic acid: 18 carbon atoms long, Palmitic acid: 16 carbon atoms long, Myristic acid: 14 carbon atoms long, Lauric acid: 12 carbon atoms long, Capric acid: 10 carbon atoms long, Caprylic acid: 8 carbon atoms long, Caproic acid: 6 carbon atoms long) All chemically different. To test one, then blame the other is ridiculously poor science.

  • Regarding the cross sectional studies and how they show no correlation between dietary saturated fat intake and cholesterol, wouldn't the studies be valid if they measured variances in cholesterol? I'm trying to understand why we should disregard them. And secondly, which types of analysis did Krauss do? Did he analyse variances or total blood cholesterols?

    There is no evidence that saturated fat from animals is unhealthy. The initial study to make this claim, the Seven Continents study that Ansel Keys used as justification for his saturated fat and cholesterol being bad, was FALSIFIED! He cherry picked which countries to choose, skewing the data to his liking.

    I know all of you think that eating animal fat, saturated fat and more are bad… so answer yourself this? Since the 1970s when fat was deemed bad, idiotic inventions like vegetable oil (liquid triglycerides) became considered healthy, the obesity epidemic has exploded. in the 1960s people were not nearly as fat as they are today, and they ate more saturated fat. Why? Because it FAT FILLS YOU UP, CHOLESTEROL PRODUCED BY YOUR LIVER WHETHER YOU EAT IT IN YOUR DIET OR NOT!!!!

    It's wholesale liars and junk scientists like Dr. Greger who choose to believe in theories counter to all rational evidence. Given how fat and unhealthy America has become, why lie and make things worse? People do not effectively lose weight on these idiotic plant based diets because it's not filling enough. Telling people to eat boiled celery and run all day is a surefire recipe for failure! Nobody can reasonably keep it up so they resort to eating more crap, and the cycle continues.

  • Just like to point out that now way more studies than the ones he bashes in this support that dietary sat fat has no correlation to heart disease, and others are showing that the higher the fat consumption the lower the all cause mortality is. So the fact that a couple of pro fat studies were funded by industry is moot.

    I'd also like to point out that so many studies have now pointed their fingers squarely at fructose and high GI carbs as the main cause of heart disease that I'm amazed anyone still believes the sat-fat-as-villain story.

    Do you know what actually correlates to heart/causes disease?

    High fructose/high GI diets

    High small particle LDL (caused by high GI carbs not fat)

    High omega six (veg oils)


    Lack of exercise

    Low vitamins ; K2, C, D, B12, B6, (in fact a load vitamins and I am too lazy to type them all). This category probably explains why vegetarians have a slightly lower CVD risk, they eat way more vit C etc.

    And by far the best risk predictor for a heart attack is arterial calcification, which has to do with low K2 and D3 (mainly from animals). Cholesterol is not a great indicator.

    Want to know why older studies correlated meat eating to a shorter life? They didn't correct for the GI, sugar consumption and junk food in meat eaters. The latest work (Oxford EPIC) correcting for this shows that the meat eaters were living slightly longer… and they hadn't even corrected for the higher fruit and veg in the non meat eaters.

  • HELP! Guys I'm trying to go vegan but the keto people keep saying that saturated fat is not harmful while the vegans say that it is, and they both have studies to back them up….. ugh just want to be healthy.

  • About doubt, the following french article gave me doubts about the danger of saturated fats, which is why I came to check what Dr Greger thinks about it.

    Saturated fats are useful for our organism. But it can produce it itself from other fats.

    And I have no doubt about the ecological cost of meat industry and even less doubt about the good ethics of not killing individuals who neither want to suffer nor die when you don't have to in order to survive.

    So I know veganism is the way to go. And I hope I can spend the rest of my life following it.

  • I'm not understanding how the lack of statistical power in cross-sectional studies leads to no correlation between saturated fat and cholesterol. Can someone direct me to an explanation? Intuitively, it seems that if people who eat more saturated fat in a population do not have statistically higher cholesterol, then there are more important factors that influence cholesterol. Wouldn't those factors be more salient (if they could be controlled)?

  • Okay video. Why only okay? He hasn’t proved the papers wrong or tested anything himself. Nothing has been debunked except him pointing out the financial bias of that man near the end of the video and highlighting the flaws of testing…

  • Scientific America 2010 article “Refined Carbohydrates, not Fats, Threaten the Heart." Saturated fat from natural food is good. Saturated fat from processed foods is bad.

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