The Saturated Fat Studies: Buttering Up the Public


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  • "Low Fat Diet darn near killed me!!!! After my heart scan in 1998 my cardiologist put me on low fat diet and 80 mg Lipitor per day

    After that I had only 2 pieces of red meat a year, for me it was skim milk, whole grains, no butter, eggs, or cheese, I ate chicken without skin, lots of fish and pasta – Dr said I should have 5 stars as I got my LDL down to 90 – Diagnosed type 2 diabetic spring 2002 told to stay on AHA-ADA low fat diet diet – I did have trouble controlling blood sugar and blood pressure –

    In July of 2003 Dr. was so pleased with my cholesterol numbers he wrote me a letter congratulating me and went on to say that if I kept up following his recommendations I probably would not have to worry about any cardiovascular problems – 2 MONTHS LATER I HAD A QUADRUPLE BYPASS!!! WHAT THE HECK????


    After the bypass I started doing my own research – and switched to low carb high fat and gained control of blood pressure and sugar."

    To read more reviews…

    The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet

  • The American Heart Association, the American Medical Association, The USDA, Mayo Clinic all still say that saturated fat is bad for you.  The US government subsidizes studied to prove saturated fat is bad, to no avail.
    Most doctors still believe the dogma. 
    My belief that saturated fats are good is based on the evidence, not what the miniscule promotional campaigns of the dairy industry say.

  • You guys are not good scientists at all.  You all believe that a plant based diet is good, and base all your beliefs on that theory.
    A good scientist believes what the real evidence says, and does not cherry pick evidence to support an existing belief or mindset.
    Believe me, if the real evidence supported a vegetarian or low fat lifestyle, I would agree with you all.  I have studies both sides of this argument like a good scientist should with an open mind.  The vegetarian and low fat anti saturated fat arguments just do not stand up to real scientific scrutiny or common sense in my opinion.
    If I am wrong, provide some real evidence.  You can change my mind because it is open.

  • I don't care about editorials. I want the science. Why saturated fat is good or bad. That would be much more helpful than pushing an opinion one way or another.

  • I'm listening to this and the points seem to be 1) It's a conspiracy by the dairy producers, err, ok… 2) Reducing saturated fats reduces trans fats.. well, not really: 100g of butter is only 3% trans fat and over 50% saturated fat 3) Rest talks about cheese, pizza, sausages etc – I believe it is true for those, but seems irrelevant as the the research/articles quoted are focusing on butter

  • In the 1970s, obesity rates were only about 2% in Britain and people ate a high fat diet. By 2014, and following over thirty years of dodgy low-fat advice, obesity had soared to a massive 28.5%. The facts speak for themselves.

  • I'm confused by this. I increased my saturated fat intake – including eating butter and full fat milk. I also reduced my carb intake quite significantly. The result is that my bad cholesterol has gone down, my HDL cholesterol has gone up and I've lost weight – Why?

  • This is just more left wing faggot bullshit. Dr. Bernstein has no connection to the meat or dairy industry is an impecable scientist and can either cite or has developed a great deal of compelling evidence that shows there is no link between fats and heart attack or any other chronic disease but shows that their is link between high blood sugars, diabetes, and a host of other chronic illnesses including heart disease, obesity and cancer. Dr. Bernstein and a number of other scientists over the past two millenia have conclusively proven that high carbo vegan diets that faggots, animal rights activists, and other left wing secular religionists including the communist homosexuals at the Center for Scientists and the Public Interest are pushing on the American people cause diabetes and high blood sugars. The faggot asshole fuckers at the Center for Science and Public Interests need to pour themselves a nice big cup of shut the fuck up and the all the sheeples and lemming need to stop being mesmerized and hypnotized every time atheist left wing pro homosexual groups like the Center for Science in the Public Interest use the word science. Their positions aren't scientific just because they don't believe God and believe fucking other people up the ass is good for you. Saturated fats don't cause heart attacks. Cows don't cause global warming. You don't pick your gender but you do pick you have sex with unless you are being raped. Sticking your cock up someone's ass isn't love, its abuse.

  • Buttering up the public? The author of this video seems to be so bent against fat that he does not bear in mind that 80% of the human brain is made up of SATURATED FAT AND CHOLESTEROL as the nerve cell threadlike extensions (axons) is covered by a myelin layer. What is myelin? SATURATED FAT!! Why multiple sclerosis patients can not walk and Alzheimer patients lose their memories? because the myelin layer on their nerve cell projections start to melt down, that is to say, their brain start to lose the vital saturated fat and cholesterol! Human kind evolved eating meat and saturated fat from the prey the hunted! We are designed by evolution to consume animal products!!!! Wise up!!

  • I disagree strongly. If you look at history, it tells a different story..  before 1900 the American diet was loaded (!) with saturated fatty acids e.g. butter, eggs, cream, meat, organ meats, bonebrothes, raw (!) milk and ALL the western disseases where uncommon. I agree there are a lot of cofounders for the horrible health situations we are in now (like sugar, processed carbohydrates, physical activity, stress, poisonous additives, trans fatty acids, oxided fatty acids, general pollution etc.)

  • You're right dairy industry pamphlet, milk is nature's most perfect food–if you're a baby cow! I know dairy as an industry had to come from some where, but it just baffles me how they make milk out to be this product designed to improve human health went it is the completely opposite. There is a way better case for saying that about meat because people actually used it to survive at one point. Yet milk is entirely superfluous for humans but it's touted as the most wholesome healthy thing ever!

  • Thanks for clearing it up. I read The China Study seven years ago (as a lifelong vegetarian considering going vegan) and felt convinced, but then I saw internet trolls talking about how 'everyone knows that has been debunked', and I wondered if I was biased. That's happened many times since. I consume quality content such as Nutrition Facts videos, which are obviously evidence-based, that support a plant-based diet, and then I see all this counter-media that claims the opposite. I am a vegan now primarily because it feels right, and so I want to be aware of my own bias, but my critical thinking also supports the decision. Then I hear intelligent people I know talking about how now "we" know eggs and cheese are good for us and I wonder if I'm deluded? Anyway, thanks!

  • OK, the major vegan doctors tell us it's ALL fat whether saturated or otherwise in excess of 10% of calories that causes heart disease, and they've got studies to prove it. But then who doesn't have studies to prove anything they want? So, nuts and seeds along with oils are ALMOST as bad as is saturated fat. Is that so? One has to wonder why our mom's milk has more saturated fat than cow's milk? Is her and nature's function to start us on the road to heart disease from the day we're born? OR maybe for six months and up to two years we've been given a special dispensation by God to make all that saturated fat in breast milk temporarily harmless? Then, we also have to wonder WHY every single excess calorie that we eat from carbohydrates is turned into saturated fat and fed back to us on a daily basis during low level activities , between meals and while we sleep. Has God decided to give us heart disease? You would have thought that maybe those carbs should have been turned into omega three fat instead of saturated fat. I guess millions of years of natural selection isn't working that well? So, it isn't just big pharma, big food, and our doctors in a conspiracy trying to kill us. Somehow the powers that be have also gotten to mom, our body and God in order for them to participate in trying to kill us with a lifetime ingestion of saturated fat.

  • Another nonsensical bias video from preachy vegans ! Veganism is a religion NOT a science!

    Debunking of :Dr Michael Greger is a strident vegan. The first article claims “Yes, this really is food to help you LIVE LONGER!” book is called “The How Not to Die Cookbook.”

    1977 McGovern commission report – The birth of the rubbish USDA food pyramid!

    How Big Government Backed Bad Science and Made Americans Fat: New at Reason

    The differences between plant and animal proteins

    A brief history of why we get fat, why we hate it

    Associations of fats and carbohydrate intake with cardiovascular disease and mortality in 18 countries from five continents (PURE): a prospective cohort study

    The cholesterol and calorie hypotheses are both dead — it is time to focus on the real culprit: insulin resistance ++

    The cholesterol corundum and root cause solution( technical talk) **

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