The Safety of Tarragon


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  • ya you said it man. he's trying to destroy the incredibly profitable nutmeg and tarragon industry… what the hell are you talking about. he's just presenting relevant information and interpreting it objectively for his audience.

  • Please be more precise. To give your statement of the video being "laced full of doubt and indecision" some credibility, at least give an example of what you're referring to.

  • Even though i like tarragon, i am happy to know about potentially dangerous properties of foods, and avoid them, especially because of the many toxic assaults to health that we're probably unaware of, and these being accumulative. So, thank-you, once again, Dr. Greger.

  • SERIOUS DISINFORMATION SPREAD HERE. I juice for people who have various stages of cancer, and this herb is quite healing and regenerating. In France it is know as "The King of Herbs" This info is cherry picked from one single component taken out of the tarragon and using it in an unnatural way as to flavor preservative laden items( alcoholic beverages, and canned tuna???? I mean are you kidding me with this. He also promotes caffeine? No. Obvious Agenda here with him. Tarragon is divine for all it stands for. This study was based on taking ONE isolated compound out (Unnaturally mind you), modifying it for it to be used as a flavoring agent,  in canned foods laden w preservatives, and then you spout it causes cancer.  NO. We need to look at the whole herb here.  The ORAC value of this herb is OFF the charts, It is divine healing in every single way, when consumed raw and included in juices. We  are consuming the whole herb, just as it grows and just as nature intended. Tarragon helps many, many w cancer. And certainly DOES NOT CAUSE IT, as it is a very POTENT FREE RADICAL SCAVENGER. And that second study (that prompted you to"look into the case again") from 2013 was funded by whom? Of course they will spread this agenda. Plants and Essential oils of plants resonate in vibrations of approx 52Hz- 450 Hz. This is AC vibrations/frequencies, not DC like the dirty electricity that is harmful EMF pollution. Plants and Essential oils have the ability to cross the BLOOD BRAIN BARRIER, and they stimulate APOPTOSIS, which is the cell death of cancerous cells. THIS VIDEO NEEDS TO BE REMOVED. Wake up to this, and this nonsense. So frustrating to me, bc this herb provides healing on all levels for cancer victims, is wonderful for diabetics to regulate blood sugar, boost the immune, aids in digestion, acts as a natural sedative, stimulates appetite, rids gas/bloating,  etc.  I will stop now, haha, stuff like this just gets me all worked up so sorry for rambling, but thanks for reading. I wish everyone a glorious vibratory day, BUT do not listen to this regarding this ONE herb, he may have other great videos in which do not have an agenda and are not cherry picked, but based off of this ONE video I would unsub if I were you. Thank you all!!! Peace to you all!!!

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