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  • I love my cinnamon. Ceylon TASTES the best. Its got a nice earthy bite and balances floral herbs in savoury dishes. We're pretty lucky in the UK to mostly only have Ceylon but I have seen Cassia in a few Chinese shops. My American friends should also note that a lot of "cinnamon" we eat in the West is actually artificial flavouring. I'd definitely stay away from that.

  • Dear……….

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  • I'm from Ceylon(Sri Lanka) and Cinnamon is so cheap here. I bite on cinnamon sticks just for fun and it's a good way to clean the teeth after a meal. But too much can make ur teeth yellow.

  • if you don't drink coffee, like me… cinnamon is actually good in a salad dressing of lemon or lime, fresh minced garlic & a good oil like olive, avacado, grapeseed etc… i also use it in my steel cut oats

  • Good News for me Dr.Greger 🙂 .I'm originally from Ceylon(Sri Lanka),glad to hear that Ceylon cinnamon is the one safest. I love my cinnamon :-). Unfortunately though I don't have access to Ceylon cinnamon anymore as i'm living here in the US. :-(.

  • I use a Full Spectrum True Cinnamon (From Ceylon) 600 MG Capsules,Two A day from Swansons Vitamins,This works better for me than the powder,You could open the capsules if that worked better for you,Great company to deal with.

  • I use Saigon cinnamon. It is the best cinnamon I have ever tasted! I literally eat 1/4 cup a day at least. I mix it with purevia sweetener and eat it. Omg I know I sound weird but it is extremely addictive.

  • Well fuck… my grocery store sells just "cinnamon" or "saigon" no ceylon. Thanks for the video. I know there's websites I can get stuff from like amazon but personally I am tired of going on treasure hunts.  I read a lot about ceylon cinnamon online being better but f it I'm tired of hunting things down. I'll just buy the saigon cinnamon since that's the only other option I have vs regular and it tastes a little better. I don't get why hunting down healthy or organic food in a grocery store is a pain. The food in USA is so damn fake. Everything from table salt to bread has hidden additives in it. You go to a 3rd world country and guess what? Organic food does not exist you know what they call organic food in 3rd world countries? FOOD! They have tons less obese people regardless of what they eat. Some 3rd world countries might have near a fat 40% / slim 60% ratio of fat at worse here in this USA 1st world country you can't even get real food and the obesity rates skyrocket especially with doctors over loading ppls diets with carbs. What type of democracy is this? The countries USA blow up and bomb are actually healthier than this country.

  • UK Cinnamon might have all been Ceylon in the past, but every Cinnamon that I can find in our Supermarkets is Cassia, the only way I could get Ceylon Cinnamon was to buy online

  • So angry. I'm having liver problems now for years, and have continually used cinnamon. I did hear this video a while ago, and remember checking my supermarket was stocking the safe type. I realize now it seems they've changed, or never were stocking the safe version…I think this could be a missing key in why my neuropathy and pain is getting bad at night…

    I do live in the UK, but I don't think we always have Ceylon.. in fact I'm certain I've seen Cassia here. I see others have noticed this, this may have been what led me to complacency but I've really had a lightbulb moment with my neuropathy. I eat the damn stuff every day. Fruit salads, my oatmeal, sometimes soups or even on an apple…. I'll update this comment if my neuropathy goes away when I take it out… I think there are other causes but this may exacerbate it…

  • Hate China. They make everything fake. Meat, eggs, cabbage, rice, cassia ect.
    They are the Agg &Maggage people. Loosers live money. May God(Allah) curse the ones who make fake foods that effects humans health.

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