The Role of the Gut Microbiome in Autism


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  • toss out ur nutrional yeast garbage and exchange it for another yellow substance called sulfur
    it may make u stink like u r an egg-addict but it fucks up everything that needs to be fucked in ur gut

  • The mouse parasite theory is Bogus.
    You can't evolve something in one generation.
    After being eaten by a bobcat how does the parasite's next generation go back to the mice?

  • My 6 y/o is severely autistic and non verbal. I’ve always had a feeling it’s related to diet and c section. I haven’t tried the antibiotics please keep us updated if any knew studies come out.

    On a note regarding c-section, my wife and other moms (10 total women) at an autism function, were chatting and it came up that every single one of them had a c-section. I have no idea about their sedation method.

  • My son saw a drastic improvement when he took nystatin. It was just like how he described the antibiotics though. Spiked up then shot right back down. Tried nystatin again and not much of a difference. I believe Autism starts in the gut. I beg any researcher watching this video to start more in depth studies on this.

  • why no repopulate the gut with "good" bacteria after wiping out everything? aren't most neurotransmitters found in the gut as well like serotonin?

  • Same things happen with IBD and IBS. Gerger get to the bottom of this, fight the pharma! Probiotics don't work, FMT and antibiotics only work for a little while, that's why we need constant FMT frozen poop pills.
    Eating wfpbv doesn't work either, this is more complicated than that, and gut bacteria are linked to every disease, just do your research on sci hub or wherever, visit reddit's humanmicrobiome, it's big but we have no clue about it and theres very little research on the topic.

  • I'm on the spectrum .
    I thought that autism was caused by improper autophagy in the developing brain , leaving too many synapses on the neurons . How could a person induce proper brain autophagy and improve symptoms ? I don't get it. Surely its irreversible since we don't replace neurons ?

  • I would like some advice (this is not related to the video).

    I have a MASSIVE problem with mosquitoes, where if I go outside I will be consistently attacked by them. I could be in a group of people and be the only one getting bitten.

    I have very sensitive skin so one bit is hell for me and I uncontrollably and unconsciously scratch the bits until they bleed (as that is the only time they stop being itchy), so you can imagine what its like when I'm covered in bits.

    I have struggled with this problem since I was a child (I'm 26 now). I have talked to Dr's multiple time but they always turn me away saying its not a problem. My parents, partner and friends always get up me for scratching, I know they are trying to help but honestly it just makes me feel worse (they even do this when I have acne, but I'm working on it thanks to the clear skin diet).

    I eat a hclf semi vegan diet but have absolutely no citrus fruit as I am allergic to oranges (yes its weird), I also limit my banana intake as the mosquitoes like me even more when I have more then 2 bananas a day. I have tryed loads of home remedies and mosquito bit stuff from the pharmaceuticals but all do not work.

    I have small to mediume scars from old bits that where very bad. Is there anyway I can make myself less desirable to mosquitoes or any way to get rid of them for good? As I am to ashamed to show my arms and legs in public as people give me a look that makes me think I must be diseasesed or something and I become very depressed about it.
    Please help me.

  • Great video, I have known about the amazing relationship between the gut and different diseases. Japan has a lot of research on the subject. However, you really should research molecular hydrogen and it's effects on autism and the prevention of it. Especially when considering that the gut bacteria are responsible for making essential hydrogen for our survival. This is all scientifically backed info, I look forward to you making a video about hydrogen, as it has so many benefits, it's almost unbelievable. Love your channel, keep up the good work!!!

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