The Role of Soy Foods in Prostate Cancer Prevention and Treatment


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  • Anyone drink Bonsoy? Is it GMO free? there is no label but claim they are and organic its the best tasting soy milk ever imo others suck, only if i found the recipe to make it the same taste and texture i would make my own.

  • Thanks. This should put an ends to the Soy feminizes men! and Soy gives you moobs! complaints of people in comments, but it won't. [sigh]

  • Tofu is a traditional food in Africa. It goes by various names. I sometimes buy it locally. However, I haven't met anyone in my ethnic group who makes it as part of a traditional dish.

  • Always comparing to dairy, is that conventional dairy or grass fed raw dairy???
    HUGE difference as one is ridden with massive quantities of synthetic hormones, antibiotics and fed nothing but GMO corn AND soy! The other is one of the healthiest foods on the planet!
    I'm guessing the former just so he can exploit the distinction.

  • I love your videos but please do one about Coconut Water companies that create 100% coconut water with no added sugars or artificial color flavors, or preservatives, completely natural!

  • super meat isn't vegan. biospys without pain killer hurt. it's theft like taking eggs. impossible burger and beyond burger are better. cultured meat reportedly doesn't taste the same and it still has its own risk of contamination to cause food born illness. make a video taking back your support for supermeat now.

  • Love me some tempeh. Man, I live for soy foods and other beans as well. About to marinate some tempeh slices, make a chick pea curry and a lentil stew for meal prep this week <3

  • Phytoestrogen is safe – bovine estrogen is so similar to ours – it is a poison in human bodies. Cows: not your mother, not your milk. Our parents did not know nutrition – they believed the hype from the food cartel. Don't make the same mistake – it's deadly. You don't have to eat tofu – edamame is the whole bean and delicious.

  • Awesome video, Dr. Greger. Any, let me repeat that, any outside added estrogen (even birth control pills), increases your risk of cancer in the areas that develop through puberty. So even grass fed organic mammalian mammary juice, is going to promote cancer growth in the breasts, prostate, ovaries, cervix, and testicles of anyone who consumes a baby calf's food. It was great to learn that the phytoestrogens actually bond with the same receptors in the body that estrogen would normally join with, signaling cancer cells to grow.

  • I've scanned the Comments here and I see some references to Soy and its potential effects on male testosterone and estrogen levels. Can Dr. Greger comment/point us to, the science on THIS controversy. I don't know or have a 'position' on the matter, but I have heard suggestions that soy is potentially detrimental for males, increasing estrogen levels and adversely affecting testosterone. Would love to get the facts on this !

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