The Role of Dairy and Gluten in Canker Sores


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  • When I discovered that milk put in tea destroys antioxidants I wondered what else does milk negatively affect, thusly no milk in the fridge for 22 years.

  • 😆 Whoa! I have a canker sore today and was just googling about them and then I come to YouTube and this is in my feed! I am vegan, I don't eat a lot of gluten, but some… Hmmmm… Thanks for the idea!

  • Canker Sores for me are not caused by dairy or gluten . Honestly its very sweet/sour fruit that does it to me like pineapple , or grapefruit. If I have like 4 or more pieces of pineapple i will undoubtedly get a canker soar the next morning. Relay sugary foods and sour candy will do it as well . I could not imagine bread or dairy causing canker sores because it seems like he cause is linked to acidic/ harsh foods. At least to me bread and milk is pretty easy on your mouth tho its awful for your gut

  • So why is it that every time I accidentally bite or even pinch the corners of my mouth/lips, get a tongue abrasion from sneezing, or have too much juice I get cancer sores?  I stopped dairy almost 3 years ago and still get them from eating accidents resulting in blood.

  • What about coldsores? I eat a plant based diet and decided to splurge on some pizza after a horrible day. Worst decision ever. 2 days later I broke out in a coldsore and my digestion has been off track. I wondered if the dairy had anything to do with it or if it was just a coincidence. Regardless I really don't want to do that again.

  • My whole life I suffered from canker sores. I’d get one or two every month. Back in 2009 when I came to Germany the first time, it was the same but in Jan 2010 I got my first three canker sores at the same time. After that I got to the point that I’d get 8 at a time. I couldn’t even speak from the pain.
    Doctors told me I should quit citrus fruits, or that it was a virus that would come whenever it wanted.
    In 2015 someone mentioned how a friend of his quit gluten for a year and then it was fine. (I was already vegan, since 2013). It. Got. Better. I had trouble because gluten is hidden everywhere and sometimes I didn’t even suspect it’d be in certain food items (like spices, for example).
    I cannot even toast gluten free bread in a toaster that has had normal bread in it, or I will not kiss my boyfriend in the mouth if he has eaten gluten. I am that sensitive.
    Doctors kinda “laughed” at me for making this association.

  • Is there any information connecting cold sores and nuts and seeds. Last year I had one after another, more than I've had in my whole 46 years of life, I've been getting them since I was 5 yr old. I always got them from peanut butter, but was able to eat nuts and seeds without a problem. Last year I started getting them from peanuts, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, chia seeds, sunflower seeds and quinoa. It took a while to realize what was causing them and since cutting the nuts and seeds I haven't had a cold sore for a few months.

  • O M G I Actually forgot that suffered from stomatitis before vegan, even didn't notice that I did not have it for about 5 years so far OMG. How people would be healthier if cut out animals products.

  • I had canker sores for 30 years. Every day. It was so painful, and because of it I was always in a bad mood. I became vegan 3 years ago, to become healthier and notice that I never had a canker sore anymore. It is sad to think about how much I suffered because someone had the stupid idea that cow's milk is suitable for humans.

  • i suffered with canker sores since i was a child and when i stopped bread and lots of processed foods then switched to whole foods mixed with fasting havent got one since even if i ate some pizza or bread here and there

  • I had pizza cooked without cheese and no oil, I felt ok. Next I tried the same pizza on a different day that had been cooked with cheese. I removed the cheese and ate and bam! Even though it had no cheese I had a big reaction bc the cheese had been there. Lots of gas, bloating, diarrhea the same and next day. If continued I get the painful canker sores. The doctors' tests always said I'm not lactose intolerant, so I unknowingly lived with this painful condition for many years and it contributed to or even caused Crohn's disease!!!

  • Who the hell cares about canker sorez when you will debunk all keto diet advocates. Alot of people do keto and their blood sugar and cholesterol get better. Same with plant based. Explain why someone should choose high carb whole food plant based diet over keto?

  • Had them growing up, horribly when under severe stress-I couldn't even talk sometimes.
    But after i left the u.s. [my diet changed-less meat/milk & processed foods] to Israel/Germany for 17 yrs. they stopped.

  • I am having trouble finding studies against dairy on NIH website. I am trying to find concrete, studies from big health orginzations to show some fellow moms that are "shaming" moms that are dairy free. They will only accept articles from big health org. (its a mom FB group). Can you please assist me in the right direction of concrete evidence/articles to show them? Thank you!

  • For me, the solution was changing toothpaste! I use the ones without sls and canke sores are now very rare! Only when i'm sick or stressed! SO, THANK YOU! <3 <3 <3 😀

  • I had the same chronic ulceration as that 17 year old but mine began after i developed Ulcerative Colitis. It stayed that way until my parents pointed out that everytime i went on a milk or ice cream binge i would coincidentally start complaining about ulcers in the following weeks (At one point i counted about 21 ulcers covering the entirety of my lower lip where i couldn't even speak; it was summer and I'd been having milkshakes and ice cream almost every day). I decided to give my parents the benefit of the doubt and reduced my dairy consumption and on cue my ulcers decreased dramatically. But since I've gone vegan (although i did it for ethical purposes) that has changed and they have now gone away COMPLETELY. I'm saying NOT A SINGLE ONE. I wish I had access to these studies before; would have saved me so much unnecessary pain. But it's okay better late than never. God bless Veganism. Anyone suffering from health issues even if you don't want to go 100% vegan please at least give a plant based diet a TRY. Your issues will get much much better if not go away completely.

  • I was a 100% whole food plant based vegan for three and a half years. Not one iota of dairy. Canker sores only got worse to the point that I was getting them one after another with no relief in between. So I can say with great certainty that they are absolutely NOT caused by dairy. So for the last four months I also gave up gluten. I actually gave up all grains entirely. Just got a canker sore. It's not dairy or gluten. The fact that no one in the history of humanity has figured out the cause of canker sores would be funny if they didn't hurt so much.

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