The Risks of Oil Pulling


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  • I'm confused.. how would the oil get in my lungs if I don't inhale it, and just swoosh it out of my mouth?… maybe that woman from the research was doing it wrong?

  • Barely anything about actual oil pulling in this video. And you're not supposed to stick vaseline up your nose if you have a stuffy nose – just rub small smear under your nostrils. Simple.

  • A lab test showed when squirrels were given 3 marijuana cigarettes per day they started playing with their nuts instead of hidding them. Equally useful info as found in this video.

  • I resently had two teeth that were giving me trouble. Both had root canals and crowns from dental work done years ago. Oil pulling with coconut oil fixed the problem. The only teeth that give me problems are the two that were worked on by a dentist.

  • I'm not gonna believe anything you say about oil pulling when you talk shit about vaporub that isn't even true. Sure if you stick your finger in it and glob it in your nose, that's just stupid for one. but if you're putting a very light amount in your nose, there's no concern.

  • I am a medical doctor and I do oil pulling with great benefits including white teeth, no bad breath and improved skin. Obviously people with swallowing issues or at risk of aspiration should not do this. Of course not for children too. That's common sense.

  • let me get this sraight.. so you're telling that its not safe because i might get a drop down my lungs? lmaoooo what a tool. how about i do it looking down with the help of gravity and at a smooth pace. i only assume you're mad coz you got less clients turning up at your practice. all you did was give some credibility to this method in my opinion

  • 35 year old woman here with zero cavities or any other dental health issues. I haven't been to a dentist in 17 years. Haven't brushed with fluoride in over 12…i oil pull every day and have for nearly 5 years. We also don't drink the tap water.

    My 8 year old son follows these practices and when we took him to the dentist just to see if his adult teeth were coming in properly she said he had the cleanest mouth of any 8 year old she'd seen.

    Can't make money off people with healthy teeth!

  • This video like most of yours I've watched is pathetic! Are there people who have died eating or drinking because the food or drink went the wrong way? I think you will do well to talk about the sponsors of your studies. Looks to me like you start out with an agenda, then you look for studies that line up with your agenda.

  • Naturally, for those like you who are trying to sell toothpaste or other treatments, natural remedy like oil pulling is dangerous. That, itself alone, makes me now believe in oil pulling although I'm just beginning to look into it. You did a great job of citing a reason as ridiculous as choking and pneumonia. BTW, thanks for the data showing that desensitizing paste only showed improvement in 40% of patients so does oil pulling.

  • Fluoride is a byproduct of melting metal. If you pour fluoride unto your skin it would burn and melt through your skin and bone. It cost corporations millions to dispose of. So they decided to find a benefit of it. Fluoride does bad things to you brain. Why pay millions to dispose when you can just sell it to people?

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