The Recommended Daily Added Sugar Intake


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  • Actually, percentage #s are confusing. Especially for people who don't plan their own meals & don't know if their sugar intake will meet the percentage guidelines or exceed them.

    I saw a BBC documentary about sugar intake in the past few years. The recommendation was no more than 24 grams (6 teaspoons) of added sugar for women & no more than 32 grams (8 teaspoons) for men. I've been following those guidelines (mostly) since. Gotta satisfy my sweet tooth sometimes so I don't turn into the sweet monster. (Like cookie monster, but encompasses all things sweet).

  • My added sugar is Brer Rabbit (no relation) Blackstrap Molasses, is a tiny bit in my whole wheat yeast breads, and pancakes. My "added sugar" is a cooked, blended banana/raisin syrup I indulge in from time to time. I have little desire for refined sugar, because sweet whole plant foods taste better.

  • That last argument about the WHO only being concerned with health… they can just as well be corrupted. They've demonstrated that pretty neatly in the last month.

  • They use candy as a reward in school, even Kindergarten. Every year I talk with the teachers and my kids are the ones eating a healthy snack from home while the other little kids feast on mounds of sugar and food dyes at parties or other nasty processed snacks daily. I’m sure everyone thinks I’m mean. When it’s our turn to bring snack to Kindergarten, I love being able to provide something real and all but one child actually likes it and eats it!

  • 10% is still a lot. That's 200 kilo calories. I can almost drink 2 small cans of coca-cola for that amount. (2×25 gram sugar)
    So under 10%, 9% maximum, is definitely doable. It's ADDED sugars. Just cook yourself and don't use packages and cans for everything and you're fine.

  • I am surprised that you did not mention the upper limit established by the Institute of medicine for added sugar is being 25% of total calories. It should be that the UL is 10%. I can't imagine consuming that much sugar I never add sugar to anything and eat almost entirely Whole Foods at home. As soon as I eat something with added sugar in it I can feel it eating away at my gums. I'm curious about Sugar's role in cancer here lately. I have a friend who may have cancer I discovered recently and he was inquiring with me about it. I know back in 2016 there was a lot of talk about starving cancer by restricting sugar intake. I haven't looked into it very deep yet but I'm planning on it, all I'm seeing thus far is metabolic complications such as dyslipidemia, insulin resistance which really doesn't make sense, and increased visceral adiposity, a form of corpulence, a fancy way of saying obesity, an attempt at politely saying super fat. That's one thing I like about McDougal, he sure is blunt, lol. But you're my all-time hero man keep up the great work as always and look forward to seeing you this month in Charlotte and maybe even Savannah!

  • 2 months ago I started whole food plant based diet and started daily exercise. Got my blood work today and LDL and triglycerides were amazingly improved. Try 231 to 113 and ldl went from 121 to 76. But my good cholesterol went from 38 to 34. Thank you dr Greger. Any recommendations on raising good cholesterol?

  • 'Sugar is bad but fruit is good!!' What a blatant contradiction lol. What next? Arsenic in food is ok but added arsenic is bad! No wonder greger fans are so out of shape and confused.

  • I love when you’re also present in person on screen! Not that we’re not fond of your voice, of course. But seeing I’m you in person is better 😊 cheers from Italy

  • Dr. Greger, could you make a video about the difference (if any) between refined sugar and sugar from other sources like dates, figs, fruits etc.? That would be great! Thank you.

  • Why can you not talk CLEARLY?
    You drag your vowels, mumble the spaces between words, etc.
    PLEASE!!! I love your channel but if I could only understand it

  • If the sugar industry has so much power to ask US government to remove funding to WHO imagine the power of meat and dairy industry! No wonder FAO dropped their numbers of the impacts of animal agriculture on environment!
    It's all about lobbying!
    Adding deforestation, 50% makes more sense!

  • Thanks for the info Dr. Greger. My husband has been having sugar addiction, I call it , because he wants to eat a dessert/bread/sweet around 30-40g of sugar each serving. Drink Alcohol with sweet too lately. He did Laser Surgery for enlarging Prostate in 2019 . and my have been trying my best to educate him about the sugar and Alcohol negative affect to his health ,such as aging , damage cells, liver and bad for his Prostate….however; he refused to listen. Would you please make a video regarding sugar addiction, it’s It’s damaging property and Prostate health? He already became Incompetent ; he said it himself because we used to make love 2-4 times a day, whereas after the Surgery I am lucky if he can preform 8-10times a year. And it only last about 1-2 minutes . I need your help. Thanks!

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