The Protein Combining Myth


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  • Jesus, i was in nutrition class and hearing my teacher telling all the jokes i mean jocks about protein combining just made me wanna flip a table, i have many regrets

  • I knew about the fact that it is not necessary to combine food at each meal.

    But still i'm confused about something, according to the video i don't need to worry about combining my food like… AT ALL? Like let's say that for a week, i don't feel like eating any whole grain food… It's okay to just eat lentils, beans, vegetables without worrying about that 'combine whole grain and beans' argument?

    Hope i'm clear enough, i'm not english native, it is not even my second language.

  • I've been eating a plant-based diet for about a year now. I recently went to a lab for nutritional testing, and they report that I'm low in a number of essential amino acids, specifically, tryptophan (33 μmol/L), isoleucine (30 μmol/L), leucine (67 μmol/L), valine (140 μmol/L), and histidine (44 μmol/L). Has anyone else done any testing, and/or know if this is really a concern? Thanks in advance.

  • hi doctor can u make a video about PDCAAS .

    I am a vegan powerlifter since 2 months and I don't feel like I am recovering after my workout like before. I am eating the same amount of protein but they are from plants. so bioavailability of them is not as high as meat or animal protein.

  • Isn't lysine typically hard to get enough of if you don't eat beans? So, then, minus beans, it seems fairly easy to design a diet that is deficient. I mean, if you eat less lysine than is needed every day, the "pools" of amino acids that the body has access to is going to be deficient in lysine. Isn't this true? If the RDAs are correct that is?

  • Get fucking rekt flesh eaters. You're getting heart disease for nothing, for a taste, for a texture. Dumb monkeys, the lot of you. No better than the worst heroin addict or alcoholic. BUT BUT BUT I LIKE THE TASTE OF SUFFERING

  • Oh wow. I have been vegan for a year and I didn't know up until now that the protein combining was a myth. So many misinformed vegan advocates out there that don't even give the right advice. Thank you dr Greger!!!!!

  • Phenylalanine was found exclusively in animal products prior to the agricultural era. Had it not been for thousands of years of cultivation and trade allowing people from all over the world to eat man-made nutritional 'powerhouses', most of humanity would have died eradicating meat from their diet.

    You can live off of plants NOW, but even then you run into problems sourcing your amino acids from specific foods (estrogenic properties, raw veganism being a myth (soy is poisonous raw), consumption of phytic acid, and still tons of vitamin deficiencies). We didn't get our B12 from water; Veganism is still bullshit.

  • My biology teacher was teaching us about how plant proteins are incomplete. I wish I knew this at the time. It sucks how much we are miseducated because of all the myths that have gone mainstream, and now people don't know how to eat healthy.

  • I just took an online course, allegedly supported by Stanford university, and it had that protein myth about combining proteins in it! I guess I knew the course was a low quality one when they preached healthy eating and then proceeded to promote recipes full of eggs, diary and oils….
    Thanks Dr. Greger and Team

  • The other day somebody asked me to show the evidence, since Harvard “proved” this and no science has proven otherwise.
    I feel like that seagull at the very end when I hear the word “protein” 😑
    /plantbased for 15 yrs and counting

  • This video is a complete joke. You know people can READ right? Especially at 2:50 and 3:07 The bullshit you're saying doesn't match the science papers you're showing. Especially at 3:07 you say with condescension "no need to combine" .. when the fucking statement clearly reads "as long as sources are — VARIED"

    The response from AHA is NOT that any single plant has complete protein, as it doesn't, but infact that IF you're eating rich DIET of varied vegan based foods, then you'll end up with enough protein.

    That CONFIRMS protein combining.

  • Isn't the idea behind incomplete proteins the ratio of certain amino acids to others or even absence of some amino acids? (like essentials vs non-essential)
    So saying they are incomplete may technically be wrong, but if you take incomplete to mean not optimal human use or not containing all of our essential and semi-essential amino acids, would that also be a myth, or does that interpretation actually have some validity?
    It could very well be the case that proteins from meat are more optimized for say muscle growth, because it's already a muscle, whereas plant-bodies are very different from our bodies in terms of structure. I haven't looked into the research on this, but if anyone who has cares to comment on this, I would be very interested to know if what I just said holds any truth.

  • So i don't have to combine meats? Any meat will give me all the proteins my body needs?
    Great, because eating meat has been a tradition in my family for millions of years.

  • Sun, cholesterol and a series of skin interactions that can be easily interrupted by washing / water / sun-blocker provides vitamin D to the body. Let's hear it for cholesterol, which if we have too little actually shortens our lives or even kills us. Our body actually produces a lot of cholesterol, unlike vitamin C (which almost every other creature out there does make). We can survive without much vitamin C, but apparently we cannot survive without cholesterol. Perhaps we can fix the gene that is supposed to make vitamin C, but I have not heard anyone propose that.

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