The Problem With the Paleo Diet Argument


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  • Humans have the highest EQ (encephalization quotient) because we were the apes that figured out how to hunt prey and eat animal flesh. Eating like our great ape ancestors from 25 million years ago (or our chimp and bonobo cousins of today) is a terrible idea, they have huge guts and much smaller brains. If you want to thrive eat like a predator. This guys channel and website should be called NutrtitionFraud. He's obviously out to promote and agenda and doesn't mind being completely dishonest in the process.

  • Followed Dr. Geiger's diet for 6 months due to obesity and hypertension. Strictly plants, no processed foods, no sugars, no animal products. Six months later- same weight but blood pressure even higher. I got scared. Went on a LCHF diet, as recommended by Dr. Jason Fung, on You Tube and in books. Four weeks later- lost 12 pounds and blood pressure normal. I also have added intermittent fasting. I feel amazing, and I know from listening to my body that I am on the right track. Low-carb, high-fat, with intermittent fasting has allowed me to take control of my weight, health, and destiny. Dr. Geiger's diet would have landed me in the hospital or morgue if I'd stuck to it. It's crazy!

  • Does anybody ever look at the industrial chemicals, vaccines, hormones, etc? Instead of constantly focusing on diet alone? I bet a lot of those rural populations are in better health just from the simple fact that they aren't exposed to all this toxic junk like the rest of us are

  • I have fatty liver and gallbladder polyps (Cholesterolosis) what diet is good for my condition? In the past I was diagnosed with Gilberts syndrome which just means the liver or gallbladder is a bit sluggish so my ears perked up when Dr Greger said that humans may have developed a very good system of re-cycling cholesterol and holding onto whatever cholesterol we ingest, I always though that the more cholesterol you eat the less the body makes in order to keep balance, so by eating less then wouldn't the body up cholesterol production?
    The Gallbladder needs fats I read, and the purpose of the gallbladder is to store and then sqeeze out bile to emulsify fats, if one stops fat then I worry about bile stasis.

  • the human digestive system was designed to eat fruit. fresh fruit right off the tree is very high in vitamin C. it has been shown that Vitamin C protects against atherosclerosis and can even reverse it. dogs don't get atherosclerosis because they make their own vitamin C. dogs make more vitamin C than humans can eat from a mainly fruit based diet milligrams per kg.

  • I completely disagree with the opportunistic logic that the diet of the 20 million years before the last 2 million years is somehow more important than the last 2 million. If our diet was different in the last 2 million years from what it was before, then we should ignore what came before, as 2 million is plenty of time to adapt to the new reality. Besides, when we look at primitive tribes in South America, Africa or Oceania, we find that they ALL eat meat and other animal products.

  • what vegetables did they have in the stoneage!! hunting, fishing and berries and some green leafs and roots I guess was the diet…what ever they came across..depending on the seasons….and no chemicals sugar and other shit…

  • People should always pre-qualify the "average life expectancy" to tell people to take into consideration that included NUMEROuS children dying after or during childbirth as there were no incubation units back then. However children that lived past age five mostly lived to a ripe old age of 80 – 100+ and died healthy in their sleep. UNLIKE they do today. I have ancestors from the 1600s that lived well into their 90s and early 100s.

  • Why appeal to origins? First, origins do not dictate the current state of affairs. Second, there is no way to test the origins "theory". Finally, current studies and test have shown strong evidence to support a plant based diet. Stay away from theory and stick w/ the fact!!! Btw if you must appeal to origins just take a look at the book of Genesis, 6,000 years ago was a full plant based diet!

  • We are omnivores, that is why we have incisors, that is why we have a complex digestive system, which btw has a hard time digesting cellose from plants, plus plants have their own anti-nutrients designed to protect the plants and seeds. This issue is complex, and hopefully people will not read into this and become vegans, who have their own set of health problems,

  • Forget what our ancestors ate. There is only one question you need to ask. If cholesterol and fat causes heart disease why considering that both these items are floating around our entire circulatory system don't our veins block up, while our arteries do? After all, it's the same fat and cholesterol floating around in both. Second, since the best on average a low fat vegan can do is reduce cholesterol from an average of 200 to 150 (which we are told will make us heart attack proof) which is a 25% reduction did the other 75% of cholesterol still floating around the circulatory system suddenly become benign? And not just benign, but that 75% left over is scrubbing and reversing heart disease. The vegan doctors need to come up with a better theory. This one simply doesn't hold water. And is a low fat vegan diet the only diet that has been shown to reverse heart disease? Not anymore. Finally, researchers at a major university in Israel have reversed heart disease with three different diets, none of them vegan and none actually low fat (none under 10%). Thanks to them we now know the mechanism for heart disease reversal. It's a drop in systolic blood pressure. It turns out there is a direct correlation between a drop in systolic blood pressure and reversal. The greater the reduction in systolic blood pressure, the greater the reversal of heart disease. How did they achieve the reduction in blood pressure? Weight loss. And it turns out that Dr. Essy's study subjects dropped an average of twenty two pounds and the Ornish folks the same. So, it wasn't the low fat, and it wasn't the vegan diet. It turned out to be the same way science has discovered to extend life in so many species. It's all about calorie reduction no matter how you achieve it. Surprise? No!!!!

  • Why do people watch (or not watch) videos and comment when they clearly don't agree with the subject matter? Is this the forum where they expect to have an in depth discussion and then reach a consensus with everyone?
    If you don't "believe" scientific facts about nutrition, then just move on; you're not going to change anyone's mind and there's no point in feeling as threatened as you obviously do.

  • Avishek Saha,
    Sir, you are truly an idiot. You have very limited knowledge about how evolution works. After all, to individuals like you, evolution is just a theory.

  • All I will say is that if we we’re suppose to eat meat like ALL other meat eaters, we would be able to eat it raw like they do. We CANNOT!!. Oh sure, a little sushi here and there or some steak tar tar. But I mean taking an animal and ripping the flesh off it’s bones and eating it raw. Meat eating animals do that. We DON’T do that and never have. We have to cook it. Yet, we can eat just about any fruit or vegetable without cooking it. Some may be a little hard like potato’s but we could eat it raw with no problem.

  • A major flaw with this argument is the notion that cholesterol is the problem and cause of atherosclerosis. The arteries become INFLAMED and the body sends cholesterol to the inflammation as a "patch" and this is what causes the clogging. This would also occur even if no cholesterol was eaten, because the body produces it. The cause is the inflammation NOT the cholesterol. What causes the inflammation? Sugar, seed oils and grains.

  • I turned Vegan for environmental reasons and quickly became worried about how my health would be. Where will I get my Iron my Protein etc? It's almost Karma that this new Vegan diet has significantly improved my health my eczema and asthma symptoms have dropped radically, I gained more energy and to just to use it up I began to exercise more. I'm now in the best shape and health of my life. And now seeing the truth of factory farming and slaughterhouses it was Karma that eating animals made me so unhealthy. The thing that makes me want to scream is that no one I tell about the benefits of a Vegan diet wants to hear me out not environmentally, ethically or healthfully… Steak, Bacon and Fried Chicken are more important somehow.

  • While I can absolutely agree with this my question would be about b12, Iron etc? I also read a study that suggested people in Europe have adapted more to a Meat eating diet and we have a harder time acquiring essential fats etc from plant based sources, at least it seems reasonable to me we might see some variation if there have been historic trends?

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