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  • You recommend flax seeds a lot, but the National Food Agency here in sweden recommend not eating it at all.

    "NFA believes that one should not eat crushed flaxseed at all, even if they are heat-treated . We do not yet have enough knowledge to say how much crushed flaxseed to eat without the risk of damage to health. Therefore our advice to consumers not to eat crushed flaxseed."
    "Flax seed contains substances which can give rise to hydrogen cyanide. Colloquially known as hydrogen cyanide sometimes prussic acid . Hydrogen cyanide is a poison that can cause serious symptoms in excessive doses. The amount of hydrogen cyanide which can be released by the common use of whole flaxseed , one to two tablespoons per day , are considered risk-free."
    "We do not yet have enough knowledge to say how much crushed flaxseed to eat without the risk of damage to health. Therefore, our advice is not to eat crushed flaxseed ."

    Could you comment on this?

  • Will you please give us your opinion about coconuts? We enjoy the coconut water most days of the week and have been making yogurt and pies with the young coconut meat for awhile now. Wondering if this is as good for us as we think it is.

  • The health stuff and valid science is all well and good, but what do you think of animals and what people put them through in treating them as products and property? Do you still ridicule those of us opposed to animal-abuse derived, risky vaccines, especially mandatory vaccines (which is the real industry goal, make no mistake)? If you've seen it, what do you think of the documentary VAXXED? Hope you'll reply, thanks.

  • 2 points ! 1) i think what you do is brilliant and have made a lot of food/lifestyle choices based on your findings.
    2) Blue and green should never be seen ! lol.
    Keep up the good word Dr Gregor, i think you and the work you do is amazing and i just wish more people took notice.

  • Followed Dr. Greger's advice for 6 months, to the letter, because my physician warned me about my weight and blood pressure. After 6 months of eating plants- weight same and bp higher. Got scared and went low-carb high-fat. Results- after 4 weeks have lost 12 pounds and bp back to normal. Feel better, never hungry, I'm on it for life.

  • Would love to see you make a video for TedEd to get some science for those low-carb, high-animal product lunatics. Thousands of people are following their advice because they are supposed to educate people 🙁

  • Hi Dr. Greger, have you ever done any research for Stearidonic acid? What is the most effective and optimal way for humans to get stearidonic acid from? Thank you for all of your videos and work, you're inspiring and interesting.

  • Dear Dr. Gregor,

    I have been vegan for two years, and in those two years my gums have receded drastically from my front bottom teeth. Are there any studies on nutrition and receding gums? Thank you.

  • What is your final advice on taking 2 teaspoons of vinegar 3 times a day? I have been taking Organic Balsamic Vinegar with grape musts but you also cited a study taking Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

    Should I take 1 Tablespoon of Organic Cider Vinegar and 1 Tablespoon of Organic Balsamic Vinegar daily? Or should I just continue taking the Balsamic?

  • I really love this video and agree with him fully. But why doesnt he practises what he preaches?

    His website is filled with 1 sided articles and acts as if it represents science, but what science says doesnt equal what 1 scientific research says. He only shows all the negative researches regarding diary and meat, yet coincidentally forgets about the larger picture.

    I would not recommend to use his website as an only source for information as it's very biased. He is not a scam artists tho so you can still learn from him.

    This is just my 2 cents, to each his/her own.

  • The vegan story is so typical. First they become happy and feel amazing. They talk to everyone how they are cleansing their body etc. (everybody feels this way when they are oding something that they think is good. yet they dont realise its not because of them not eating healthy products)

    But then it starts getting harder and harder. Their brain is missing amino acids, vitamins, minerals, omega etc. Within a couple of years they start eating meat again and start feeling better. This happens 80-85% of the time with vegans/vegetarians. Pretty sad that the general public doesnt know that veganism is dangerous as f*ck.

    Im super energetic and feel amazing, If I start a vegan diet I will look like this Michael Greger within 3 years. LOL

  • Dr Greger, I just want to say thank you for doing all the digging I didn't have time for. I didn't really trust you at first, but the fact that you gave me a place to start not only improved my health, but also caused me to change my major to dietetics. I want to be a part of the solution. Thank you.

  • I am 33 years old and have spent the last year taking my health into my own hands, and feel I have come a long way in cutting out stress, smoking, junk-food and take-aways, fizzy drinks, refined carbs, salts and sugars, but I have also added vegetables, exercise, sleep, proven supplements and many other healthy habits.

    I am willing to bet that finding and Dr. Greger will add a few extra years to my lifespan, and a few extra decades to my health-span, I already feel much better and for that I am truly grateful.

  • I think you're one of the greatest human being on the planet! I have so much respect for your work and you time you give for the plant based and vegan mouvement! Your tips is game changing and i share as much as i can with my family, friends and other people! Thank you Dr. Greger We love you !!!

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