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  • I got under 30, I have a healthy obsession with eating healthy, often I worry too much but I don't think I'm sick. I ate a whole bag of potato chips last night at the movies, it is the worst thing in my diet but I like eating whole foods, that doesn't make me crazy does it? I worry about calories in every single thing I eat, but I'm the opposite of most, I worry about trying to eat the most calories as possible because I struggle to eat enough every day so I love calories

  • I am sure that they are currently working on a prescription drug to combat the scourge of Orthorexia Nervosa . Until then, your doctor will prescribe cheese burgers and milkshakes.

  • After reading the comments, I am glad I didn't watch this video. Eating healthy is a choice. Most people who eat very healthy slip a junk piece of food in once in a while- a processed cracker, commercial chocolate or something. They're not obsessed. It is a choice and lifestyle and doesn't warrant any sort of diagnosis because you're taking care of your body with the proper food.

  • I think the definition should be amended to people who obsess about over unfounded claims about healthy foods. Like claiming that raw foods are always better, or that they have to constantly detox with juice fasts…

  • Humans recognizing danger and seeking to avoid it for survival is not a new thing. In today's world our hand-to-mouth, self-reliant way of living is gone and leaves a whole set of new and complicated dangers to avoid. So… some of us are evolving to adapt for survival and longevity. Sorry not sorry.

    Poisons and a zillion other contaminants are all around us. Yes, this sucks and causes anxiety in those who recognize it. :-/ I think we need to reshape our world, not rationalize the insanity that is the food industry today.

    This orthorexia thing is absurd.

  • People shouldn't be drugged for haveing otherxia. Otherxia doesnt make much sense and is kinda rediculous and crazy to care if people wana be super healthy. If people wana eat healthy and care about health more than 99percent of the population then let them.

    Its better to worry about the quality of your food than if your eating choices were conditioned worries about your health.
    Everyone is mentally ill according to dsm5.
    It seems like this test wants to label people with a mental disorder if they dont fit the norm that is generally unhealthy or if they dont wana eat an unhealthy diet and if they rather be healthier than everyone else or try to choose about the healthiest options, but
    Im not saying people should be so obsessed about being healthy that the individual thinks it causes problems in their own life. Spending over an hour grocery shopping weekly and counting calories and nutrition and getting a nutrtion blood test can be helpful for individuals to eat healthier, especially at first until they figure out what they should eat, but im not saying people need to continue doing that afterwards or even do it at all.

    This test is dumb and bad.

    Plenty of people pay more for healthy food and that's a good thing.

    I dont eat super healthy and i dont try to, i usually eat cookies or chips or icecream or chocolate or earth balence buttery spread, or oil, about daily and sometimes veganaise and mock meat.
    So im probably not othorexic, but for those who r labeled as such i dont think its nessicarily wrong for them to want to eat healthy.

    it is bad for someone to eat an unhealthy diet while thinking it is healthy, such as being anorexic but thinking its healthy and adequate.

    Mental disorders r opinions, why give a group of corrupt psychiatrists the power to label like everyone with a disorder then have the gov use that excuse to lock people up and forcefully drug them simply for having what they claim is a mental disorder, even they can do this to people who dont even fit the criteria of a mental disorder and just lie or vaguely interpret the definition so much that everyone would fit it. The mental health industry is rich and they act like the thought police.
    Whats the point of having a constitution when they can come lock u up and drug u for doing almost anything, without even having any proof that u did an action they deem as bad, simple lies are enough for some of them to lock people up and drug them for years maybe for life, and its disgusting, even locking up and drugging kids agianst their will for things like being hyper.
    The mental health industry should not be allowed to force or coerce people to do anything cuz they say they have a mental disorder.

    Drugs r not the answer. People have free will. Drugs cant force someone to be happy. Being happy is a choice. Drugs r not alive, they have no soul or spirt, they cant possess someone and control them like robots, yet many mental health liars act like they do.

    People should be allowed to do what they want as long as they didnt and do not murder, abuse, kidnap, wrongfully touch, threaten w a weapon or endanger wrongfuly, or wrongfuly steal, damage, touch or endanger others property, and kno the risks and benifits of what they wana do and kno how to properly do what they wana do and kno what they r doing.
    And if they did any of those bad things and r deemed rehabed and safe enough to be in public and free then they should also be allowed to do what they want as long as it doesn't include those bad things and they kno the risks and benifits of what they wana do, and kno how to properly do what they wana do and kno what they r doing.

  • if you won't eat a potato because it has to be cooked, you have orthorexia. if you won't eat rice because "Grains are bird food" you have orthorexia. etc

  • It is irresponsible in my opinion to mock a disorder which your followers may in fact actually suffer from. You are not a mental health expert, this is pretty far afield of your wheelhouse. You seem to be almost intentionally missing the point. Orthorexia is not and never has been about actual healthy eating habits. It is about the intrusive obsession with healthy eating, to the point that it becomes disruptive to other healthful patterns in your life. It is absolutely a problem if your need to eat perfectly supersedes your relationships and your other life endeavors. If your anxiety is intense during meals, when preparing food, if worry about food dominates your thinking, then you have a problem. It is disappointing to see you give such an unbalanced and uninformed view of this issue, and not consult with actual professionals who might have more insight than you do.

    The questionnaire is problematic, I don’t dispute that. But a bad questionnaire doesn’t negate the existence of a problem. I’ve seen plenty of really poor questionnaires; I absolutely do not experience significant anxiety but according to several poorly-constructed questionnaires I have a moderate anxiety disorder. That doesn’t negate the reality of anxiety disorders, it just means I would be falsely diagnosed with one. An actual mental health professional who understands the limitations of self-reporting, especially in the case of mental health (where your ability to accurately self-report is potentially compromised by the very ailment you seek to treat), would be able to suss out the details of a person’s experience and evaluate whether an actual problem exists. It’s probably true that medication is overused (although I have seen medication for OCD be quite effective, so it isn’t entirely without benefit), but that also doesn’t negate the existence of a problem. Your bias is showing and it is quite disappointing and in fact, since your following is people who are concerned with healthy eating and you very well could attract the very people who might be in need of clinical support, I think it’s actually unethical.

  • I've witnessed people who have genuine orthorexia, and this video does not describe it. It's not about wanting to eat heathy… It's about avoiding healthy foods in the name of healthy eating.

    Someone who counts calories isn't orthorexic. Someone with a mere food preference isn't orthorexic. Someone who believes that steamed Kale and sweet potatoes are "toxic" and should be avoided at all costs would probably be orthorexic.

    I'm sorry, but I feel like this series on orthorexia is poking fun in a condescending way at a dangerous eating disorder without even knowing what that disorder is actually about.

  • Why is there new diseases like these popping up everywhere 😂 orthorexia to me is a type of ocd translated into food, a coping mechanism from anxiety, or rather an effect of a psychological trauma or feeling of a lack of control in life. Most mental illnesses are like that

    This test actually made me laugh because who in their right mind goes “wait, I’m supposed to know what’s going on in a grocery store? I thought they were made to confuse me!”

  • I agree that the questions are a bit wack, but orthorexia falls under eating disorders and obsessive compulsive disorder. There’s a difference in the desire to eat healthy, and the obsession with eating healthy. People with orthorexia will often obsess over every morsel of food they put in their body throughout the day, and will often not allow themselves a piece of pizza or even a cupcake at a birthday party. This usually leads to binging and purging later on, extreme self-degradation, or even starvation, if the obsession is bad enough. I understand that the condition sounds like someone who “just likes eating healthy”, but it’s much more than that. It’s an obsessive eating disorder that is mostly influenced by social media and dieting fads that takes over your mind. Please be considerate.

  • Love your work Dr Greger! I wanted to add a consideration…I'm definitely not a fan of these questions but I do think Orthorexia (or tendencies) can be a problem for people with chronic illness particularly things like IBS, inflammatory diseases or autoimmune where even some fruit/veg does actually make you sicker (eg high FODMAP food).

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