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  • You mean four. However studies clearly show this isn't the case. 3 separate studies show the same increased cancer risk for fish/fish oil consumption. As confirmed, it's due to high serum levels of EPA and DHA.
    However when you consume e.g. perilla or flax seeds you don't raise your DHA serum levels which is associated with decreased risk of CVD and cancer. So apparently DHA may act as a carcinogen, a very effective one at that whereas DPA is the opposite.

    I'll send the references to your inbox

  • What does that even mean…? That's like refuting all scientific journals out there… even Meat Science journals and the dairy industry's studies..

    On that topic, I agree, there can be bias but surely independent studies show the same thing you can't deny it.

    This one from Meat Science is just hilarious though and if you read the whole study closer you'll notice a bias towards the economics of the meat industry rather than health:
    PMID: 21558046

  • man you have no idea how easy it is to get peer reviewed. Google this if you can find it, but this guy created a bogus article and sent it out to dozens of scientific article type sites and he actually got published pretty easily. They have to pay to get published right, so the sites that publish articles are invested.

  • I don't care about all this policy stuff and interest hedging of industry interests anymore. Ill-fated industries should die by consumer's rule: NO MORE DEMAND.
    Moving on!
    Any thinking individual should review the obviously ill-informed massive consumption of animal foods and come to the appropriate, life-saving and happy-making decision to refrain from the consumption of animal-origin foods altogether (they should not be seeing FOOD in animals any more than seeing "benefits" in war.)

    Peaceful living is cool, creative, and peaceful food is not only yummy but also the best choice we can make in terms of health AND conscious evolution. Amen 🙂

  • how did meat eggs and dairy get so big. Meaning there at the core must have been some mentality or direction hope to achieve at the start. Why did veg or fruit not get selected why are these so poorly funded now what happened back then to form this imbalance 

  • I would say  that the reason meat intake is associated with heart disease and cancer is because most people eat meat from fast food restaurants or prepare it incorrectly. They use vegetable oils, and hydrogenated versions (polyunsaturated fats) which really are bad. This speaker is very biased.

  • 1:45.  Suggesting that people not be deprived of what they like…  the next time I come across someone who likes meth or crack cocaine, I'll suggest they start a movement with such logic. 

  • "Diet has become increasingly rich in meat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sugar."

     Why does sugar always get a free pass? Vegans and Vegetarians, don't worry! We all know that the sugar in fruit comes with fiber and protects you, so can we please focus on refined table sugar instead? I mean that's obviously the cause of 90% of modern disease… (along with refined flour and other foods)

  • Notice how this video fails to mention a single study supporting the assertions of the McGovern Report. That's because all of the studies showing meat/fat-consumption being a cause of heart disease have been thoroughly debunked, and to this day no study has ever proven a significant correlation. Very biased video about a very biased report.

  • All scientifically unlettered and a huge mistake ! The vegans are all wrong and unscientific! IT IS CARBOHYDRATES IN ALL FORMS WHICH ARE ANTI-NUTRIENTS!

    I’ve lost 40 lbs and maintained that lose feel much better with associated blood chemistry improvements BY DOING THE EXACT OPPOSITE TO THE USDA —FAD DIET !

    Eat bacon lose weight !

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