The Leaky Gut Theory of Why Animal Products Cause Inflammation


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  • It's actually spot on. The science you seem to think is in place against excessive animal product consumption is far from so. Not only is there little to no data that can't be explained easily by alternative (such as carbohydrate) hypotheses, but the basic biochemistry of why animal products would be bad is completely missing. There isn't even a guess as to how they would be bad for you. On the other hand carbs do cause inflammation, triglycerides, and VLDL as any Biochem text will tell you.

  • Hmm. Are you sure it's the animal products and not the vegetable oils and wheat in an sausage egg mcmuffin???

    This study is bullshit and so is this video. Way to clusterfuck basic science and separation of variables.

    Logic. I has it. Maybe because I eat animal products…

  • How can you make a conclusion form the consumption of an egg mcmuffin??? Please let me know if there is a study about eating free-range eggs (without the wheat, vegetable oils and whatelse McD puts into their muffins) and inflammation of the gut, then I might come back.

  • EXACTLY. This is the M.O. of the vegan crowd: Conflate two very different things and ignore the difference between healthy sources of animal protein and sausage mcmuffins and homogenized, steroid milk. Not to mention that pork is not fit for human consumption according to all of the ancient spiritual traditions.

    One question to refute the whole claim of this video: What about people who have subsisted and even thrived on (healthy, properly prepared) animal products for thousands of years?

  • All healthy populations ate a grain-based diet, and ate animals in times of famine…. and our food is now quite different then it was thousands of years ago.

  • ???

    Where did you get this history of the world?

    There are plenty of very healthy indigenous populations that did not eat grains (or ate them infrequently) and ate animals and/or fish regularly (not just in times of famine). Examples: just about every island population on the planet.

  • Sat fat needs to watched, but is it the cause of Leaky Gut. Stress modern anti-inflammatory, and long list of possible reasons have been sited in other studies.   

  • BS.  Wow, insane how much bad info is in this vid and this whole site.  Paid by the ag industry are we?  Pushing grains. Guess what, its CARBS that cause the things this guy is attributing to meat!!  MOUSE studies are not accurate for humans, humans are not mice.  Mice are herbivores, humans are NOT.

  • You maybe not distinguishing between trans fats and fats such as coconut oil. It's attacking the gluten wrapped around those animal products. Feeding beef lard to herbivores maybe not the same as carnivores also.

  • actually, some plants can also cause leaky gut.
    saponins/glycoalkaloids in potato, tomato, eggplant, pepper.
    gluten and gliadin in wheat.
    lectins in nuts, beans, soybean.

    the best diet for treating leaky gut is a vegan diet that also avoids plant toxins.
    plants have developed these toxins to ward off predators, including insects.
    you aren't exactly educated about this subject if you think all plants are completely safe for the gut.
    it's not as simple as "avoid all animal products!"

  • I have a question, what kind of meat are we talking, exactly? Perhaps this is happening because they're using antibiotic-fed, gmo-fed, hormone-induced meat and dairy under tremendous stress that doesn't get any exercise, or sunlight

  • Sorry i dont really understand english so i sometimes find it difficult to understand some stuff but on this Video time 2:10. i want to know if Orange Juice also contribute to inflammation because i can see it among the list. someone help me if i misunderstand it.

  • 30 seoncds in…let me stop you right there. A sausage egg mcmuffin… 1. Loaded with trans fat 2. High in sodium. 3. Processed garbage. There's 3 simple variables that could easily cause the inflammation you're talking about. Stop talking about the subject as though you're objective and not trying to just sell snake oil to the health crowd.

  • Another item to think of, if humans evolved from apes, and I tend to think it maybe the case, then essentially we ate raw meat and some raw vegetation and raw fruits and cooked nothing for millions of years, maybe when we started cooking it was a result of eating animal brains and fats, which our brains used and maybe caused growth in size. None of the vegetation was sprayed with pesticides, none of the animals injected with hormones and fed modified foods. Raw fish as well. Maybe cooking it kills the good and the bad, but sometimes makes more bad? We probably ate bugs also, the idea of paleo diets seem to imply a raw diet and not much concern whether it maybe animal or plant, like most other living creatures on the planet, the big fish eat the small fish, the dinosaurs ate other dinosaurs and mammals, etc. Down to the micro organism level, killing and consuming something whether a star getting sucked into a black hole or a microorganism attacking another one inside our bodies, all of life fights and dies in a cycle and chain, plants can kill off those that feed on the wrong ones. If we were meant to only eat plants than none of them would kill us, to find meaning in life maybe like a religion.

  • The cream used in this study contained carageenan, known to cause inflammation. I'm not a scientist, but I questioned this immediately. Why are these studies so poorly done?

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  • did anybody else get that??, "sausage and egg mcmuffins were you used in the original study". Uhh, please give me another study, please, that shows these same results of inflammation with quality meat (antibiotic-free, grass-fed, free-range cattle).

    It's preposterous to conclude all animal meat causes inflammation from the study used, trust me, I am open to the possibility, but please tell me there are other, better tailored studies that this!

  • it's really no surprise so many people report huge benefits from intermittent fasting when most of the meals they are skipping would be high in animal fats. If they'd try eating plant based, they'd realize that the fasting part is redundant, especially considering plant based food can easily be nearly calorie free.

  • this video is so upside down
    "the body doesnt consider plants a threat"
    yeaa right lul
    in one of his newest videos he pushed lectins under the rug
    and he did with phytic acid too
    if 95% of ppl are alright with lectins and phytates it doesnt mean there r 5% that get bloated/inflamed guts from them

    probably if one would process these properly (soak+ferment+pressure cook) one could make nice grain products that dont trigger pretty much any1 on this planet….but no one does that lol

    however the fact that he says animal protein messes with leaky gut is simply just…so wrong
    best food i accidentally found to healing leaky gut is a gulasch soup variation i came up with
    fried onion "juice" (discarding the onion solids for possible weak stomachs)+ a cup of red wine (to deglaze) + fried up beef meat(A LOT OF MEAT…preferably the really fatty kind) + tomatoes (like 10 tomatoes/kg meat) + salt + pepper + paprika powder + chilli powder + teaspoon bicarbonate: LET SIMMER FOR 2 HOURS

    instead of serving this with rice or noodles (ffffffuck those) u use a mixture of 1:1 chia:flax (like 5 tablespoons of flax + 5 tablespoons of chia for example…) and then u put hot water to the seeds put salt into it and stir (i know these do contain similar anti-nutrients too….but somehow this works… least for me…maybe cuz of low carb or maybe because of their goeyness)
    it turns super slimy withing 3-5 minutes

    then u simply put the gulasch soup ontop of it and mix it all well

    before u eat drink a lot of water since the seeds r probably not fully soaked up
    eat until u feel full (its a bit strange with this "seed instead of grain" substitute garnish but i find it actually pretty yummy)

    i feel significantly better within 2 hours
    hope someone tries this "odd" low carb paleo like dish and sees improvements

  • Really? McMuffins? And all animal foods are to blame for inflammation? Sugar, excess carbs and trans fats (AKA hydrogenated vegetable oils) are the main causes of inflammation and heart disease.

  • Why in the world would anyone do a study using a sausage and egg McMuffin? How would you know what was actually causing the problem? Maybe it was the muffin! (Not saying that's the case, just that this study proves nothing except don't eat sausage and egg McMuffins, lol.) Very bad, sloppy science.

  • I turned vegan and got a leaky gut, I'm guessing it was caused by the hi fruit content I was consuming, know I'm am healing my self through animal protein, I think the world's gone vegan crazy now a days, u need a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, and animal protein, simple.

  • There was a Dr Greger video specifically talking about the positive impact of having orange juice with meals. It showed graphs indicating a reduction in inflammation.
    Anyone know where it is?

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